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Normal Hill, Individual, Women

Date 5 February 2022 — 18:45
LocationZhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Centre, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants40 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 110.0 / Maren Lundby NOR / 12 February 2018
Judge ADan MattoonUSA
Judge BVadim LisovskyRUS
Judge CLiang BingCHN
Judge DJørn LarsenNOR
Judge EJürgen WinklerAUT
Judge SCStanislav SlavíkCZE
DetailsHill Size : 106 m
Inrun Angle : 35°
Inrun Length : 100.0 m
K-Point : 95 m
Landing Angle : 34.1°
Take-Off Angle : 11°
Take-Off Height : 2.37 m
Total Height : 114.7 m

The defending Olympic champion and 2019 World Champion in the women’s normal hill, Maren Lundby of Norway, elected not to compete at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, which left an element of uncertainty for the podium. At the 2021 World Championships she had been bested by Ema Klinec of Slovenia, who had also won the event at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, but finished only 14th in 2018. The runner-up in 2018 had been Germany’s Katharina Althaus, while Sara Takanashi of Japan was the most recent Olympic and World bronze medalist.

The surprise winner of the event was another Slovenian, Urša Bogataj, who had never before won an individual event as a senior, yet had the furthest jump of the entire competition in round one. Although she had collected medals at the 2012 Youth Winter Olympics, she had placed only 30th in the normal hill at the 2018 PyeongChang Games, and her only other medal was silver in the team normal hill at the most recent World Championships. Her victory made her only the second Slovenian Winter Olympic champion, after Alpine skier Tina Maze.

Bogataj’s compatriot Nika Križnar, who had been seventh in 2018, took bronze, after ranking third and second in rounds one and two respectively, making it the first time that two Olympians from the same country had stood on the podium in a women’s ski jumping event. Križnar was also a team silver medalist from the 2021 Worlds and had taken bronze individually that year in the large hill. Althaus, who was ahead in round one, dropped to third in round two and repeated her silver medal performance from 2018. Takanashi and Klinec, meanwhile, placed fourth and fifth respectively.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1Urša BogatajSLO239.0118.0 (2)121.0 (1)Gold
2Katharina AlthausGER236.8121.1 (1)115.7 (3)Silver
3Nika KrižnarSLO232.0113.9 (3)118.1 (2)Bronze
4Sara TakanashiJPN224.1108.7 (5)115.4 (4)
5Ema KlinecSLO215.4112.1 (4)103.3 (6)
6Silje OpsethNOR200.594.7 (12)105.8 (5)
7Irina AvvakumovaROC196.399.6 (9)96.7 (8)
8Lisa EderAUT193.492.3 (15)101.1 (7)
9Špela RogeljSLO184.2101.7 (8)82.5 (18)
10Irma MakhinyaROC180.985.4 (17)95.5 (9)
11Joséphine PagnierFRA179.5102.1 (7)77.4 (22)
12Daniela Iraschko-StolzAUT178.094.1 (14)83.9 (16)
13Yuki ItoJPN176.795.5 (10)81.2 (20)
14Yuka SetoJPN176.594.6 (13)81.9 (19)
15Anna Odine StrømNOR176.091.5 (16)84.5 (15)
16Frida WestmanSWE175.580.9 (=21)94.6 (10)
17Aleksandra KustovaROC171.481.4 (20)90.0 (13)
18Kaori IwabuchiJPN169.694.8 (11)74.8 (24)
19Juliane SeyfarthGER168.678.7 (23)89.9 (14)
20Eva PinkelnigAUT166.583.9 (18)82.6 (17)
21Thea Minyan BjørsethNOR164.0104.1 (6)59.9 (29)
22Selina FreitagGER163.069.8 (28)93.2 (11)
23Abigail StrateCAN161.971.7 (26)90.2 (12)
24Pauline HeßlerGER161.680.9 (=21)80.7 (21)
25Daniela HaralambieROU156.283.0 (19)73.2 (25)
26Sofya TikhonovaROC146.870.3 (27)76.5 (23)
27Julia KykkänenFIN140.172.6 (25)67.5 (26)
28Karolína IndráčkováCZE130.777.4 (24)53.3 (30)
29Jessica MalsinerITA124.462.0 (30)62.4 (27)
30Anežka IndráčkováCZE123.362.8 (29)60.5 (28)
31Dong BingCHN57.357.3 (31)
32Jenny RautionahoFIN48.548.5 (32)
33Klára UlrichováCZE48.248.2 (33)
34Julia ClairFRA43.343.3 (34)
35Kinga RajdaPOL40.940.9 (35)
36Nicole KonderlaPOL37.837.8 (36)
37Anna HoffmannUSA36.236.2 (37)
38Peng QingyueCHN31.331.3 (38)
DQAlexandria LoutittCAN– (DQ)1
DQSophie SorschagAUT– (DQ)2