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30 kilometres, Men

Date 7 February 1968
Participants66 from 22 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 275 m
Intermediate 1: 10.0 km
Intermediate 2: 20.0 km
Maximum Climb: 90 m
Total Climbing: 990 m

The defending Olympic champion Eero Mäntyranta had dominated the 30 km event in major championships for several years, winning gold at the World Championships in 1962 and 1966. He was highly favored before the first cross country event in the 1968 Games, the 30 km race. But the first intermediate times at 10 km produced some surprises. Franco Nones, a 27-year old Italian skier who had placed 6th at the distance at the 1966 World Championships, had built up a substantial lead, 22 seconds ahead of another surprise, Soviet Union’s Vladimir Voronkov, aged only 23 and originating from the Chuvash Republic in the Volga region. Mäntyranta was in third position another 7 seconds behind Voronkov, closely followed by Norwegian Odd Martinsen and Kalevi Laurila, who was second behind Mäntyranta at the 1966 Worlds.

Over the next 10 km of the race, Mäntyranta made a gallant try to catch the leading Italian, and moved up to second position at 20 km, only 4 seconds behind Nones. Martinsen had advanced to third, but was still over a half minute behind the leader. But Mäntyranta had apparently made his move too early. He faded badly over the last 10 km and lost over a minute to Nones, who secured the first cross country Olympic gold medal for a skier coming from outside the Nordic countries or Soviet Union. Martinsen passed Mäntyranta in the fight for silver, and the defending champion had to settle for the bronze medal. Another fast finishing Italian, Giulio De Florian, bronze medalist at the distance in the World Championships 1962, advanced from 8th to 5th position during the last stages of the race, finishing only two seconds behind Voronkov in 4th place. Norwegian Gjermund Eggen, the king of the 1966 World Championships in Oslo with three gold medals, was a great disappointment, placing a modest 34th in what would be his only Olympic appearance. Three weeks after the 1968 Olympics he outclassed his rivals in Falun, Sweden, winning the 30 km race 1:18 ahead of his closest rival.

126Franco NonesITA1-35:39.2Gold
252Odd MartinsenNOR1-36:28.9Silver
333Eero MäntyrantaFIN1-36:55.3Bronze
445Vladimir VoronkovURS1-37:10.8
564Giulio DeflorianITA1-37:12.9
655Kalevi LaurilaFIN1-37:29.8
746Kalevi OikarainenFIN1-37:34.4
825Gunnar LarssonSWE1-37:48.1
962Walter DemelFRG1-37:49.2
1012Anatoly AkentyevURS1-37:52.4
112Lorns SkjemstadNOR1-37:53.4
1241Jan HalvarssonSWE1-38:23.2
1350Harald GrønningenNOR1-38:26.7
1430Vyacheslav VedeninURS1-38:36.1
1547Gerhard GrimmerGDR1-38:46.0
164Arto TiainenFIN1-38:51.1
1754Valery TarakanovURS1-39:25.0
1860Karel ŠteflTCH1-39:25.7
1932Gert-Dietmar KlauseGDR1-39:30.5
208Bruno ÅvikSWE1-39:38.1
2166Ingvar SandströmSWE1-39:47.5
2235Ján FajstavrTCH1-40:05.1
2351Franco StellaITA1-40:42.0
2417Václav PeřinaTCH1-40:58.0
253Franco ManfroiITA1-41:11.8
2621Petar PankovBUL1-41:42.9
2728Mike GallagherUSA1-41:58.2
286Denis MastSUI1-41:58.8
295Mike ElliottUSA1-42:22.6
3022Konrad HischierSUI1-42:26.1
3115Karl BuhlFRG1-42:52.2
3265Flury KochSUI1-43:06.9
3340Tokio SatoJPN1-43:13.8
3424Gjermund EggenNOR1-43:29.6
3549Fritz StuessiSUI1-43:57.8
3658Axel LesserGDR1-44:16.2
3714Helmut UngerGDR1-44:47.9
3863Ernst PühringerAUT1-44:51.0
399Jean JobezFRA1-45:08.8
4020Franz VetterAUT1-45:11.2
4137Philippe BaradelFRA1-45:33.3
4216Luc ColinFRA1-45:40.7
4356Roger PiresFRA1-45:54.6
4410Alojz KerštajnYUG1-46:09.5
4553Kazuo SatoJPN1-46:12.4
4634Herbert SteinbeißerFRG1-46:31.2
4738Janez MlinarYUG1-46:43.2
481Karl-Heinz ScherzingerFRG1-47:08.7
4918Mirko BavčeYUG1-47:48.9
5042Hansjörg FarbmacherAUT1-49:43.3
5157Charlie KelloggUSA1-50:03.7
5259Nils SkulbruCAN1-50:06.1
5329Svend CarlsenDEN1-50:51.8
5448Luvsan-Ayuushiin DashdemberelMGL1-50:52.7
5536Jon LufkinUSA1-51:21.2
5661Gendgeegiin BatmönkhMGL1-51:39.1
5723Tibor HoléczyHUN1-51:42.0
5839David ReesCAN1-52:46.6
5944Miklós HollóHUN1-53:41.1
6019Ross MartinAUS1-55:17.3
6127Rolf PettersenCAN1-55:37.2
627Apollo LyngeDEN1-55:40.0
6331Kim Chun-GiKOR2-11:51.3
DNF11Dimitrios AndreadisGRE
DNF13Vít Fousek, Jr.TCH
DNF43Yun Jong-ImKOR