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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date22 February 1988 — 9:30
LocationCanmore Nordic Centre, Canmore
Participants64 from 16 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 108 m
Maximum Climb: 50 m
Total Climbing: 440 m

The three medalists at the 1987 World Championships had been, in order, Sweden, Soviet Union, and Norway. They were the favorites as no other country had won the Worlds since East Germany back in 1974. Norway was never a factor, in fifth place after the opening leg, and eventually placing sixth. The leader at the first exchange was Switzerland, which had placed Andi Grünenfelder, later a bronze medalist in the 50 km, on their opening leg. But by the end of the second leg, Sweden and the Soviet Union had established themselves as the class of the race, almost in a tie for the lead, with Czechoslovakia another 30 seconds back. But Gunde Svan skied the third leg for Sweden, and he opened up a 27-second lead on Mikhail Devyatyarov, who had fallen while trying to chase Svan. The lead was safe and Torgny Mogren secured the gold medal for Sweden, although Aleksey Prokurorov close the gap to 12.7 seconds, although he had also fallen late in his leg. Czechoslovakia was a distant third. The next four Olympic relays would see Norway and Italy fight out the gold and silver medals.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
1-1Jan Ottosson26:18.826:18.8 (2)
1-2Thomas Wassberg25:50.552:09.3 (2)
1-3Gunde Svan25:38.81-17:48.1 (1)
1-4Torgny Mogren26:10.51-43:58.6 (1)
22Soviet UnionURS1-44:11.3Silver
2-1Vladimir Smirnov26:20.526:20.5 (3)
2-2Vladimir Sakhnov25:48.252:08.7 (1)
2-3Mikhail Devyatyarov26:06.41-18:15.1 (2)
2-4Aleksey Prokurorov25:56.21-44:11.3 (2)
14-1Radim Nyč26:27.426:27.4 (6)
14-2Václav Korunka26:12.852:40.2 (3)
14-3Pavel Benc26:28.81-19:09.0 (3)
14-4Ladislav Švanda26:13.71-45:22.7 (3)
5-1Andi Grünenfelder26:09.726:09.7 (1)
5-2Jürg Capol26:31.452:41.1 (4)
5-3Giachem Guidon26:35.11-19:16.2 (4)
5-4Jeremias Wigger27:00.11-46:16.3 (4)
7-1Silvano Barco26:47.726:47.7 (7)
7-2Albert Walder27:26.454:14.1 (8)
7-3Giorgio Vanzetta25:53.11-20:07.2 (6)
7-4Maurilio De Zolt26:09.51-46:16.7 (5)
4-1Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass26:26.526:26.5 (5)
4-2Oddvar Brå27:29.753:56.2 (6)
4-3Vegard Ulvang26:10.31-20:06.5 (5)
4-4Terje Langli26:42.21-46:48.7 (6)
76West GermanyFRG1-48:05.0
6-1Walter Kuß27:06.227:06.2 (8)
6-2Georg Fischer26:54.654:00.8 (7)
6-3Jochen Behle26:35.01-20:35.8 (7)
6-4Herbert Fritzenwenger27:29.21-48:05.0 (7)
3-1Jari Laukkanen28:24.628:24.6 (13)
3-2Harri Kirvesniemi26:43.855:08.4 (14)
3-3Jari Räsänen26:51.21-21:59.6 (9)
3-4Kari Ristanen26:24.41-48:24.0 (8)
13-1Yves Bilodeau27:25.027:25.0 (11)
13-2Al Pilcher27:42.255:07.2 (12)
13-3Pierre Harvey26:16.31-21:23.5 (8)
13-4Dennis Lawrence27:36.21-48:59.7 (9)
10-1André Blatter26:25.326:25.3 (4)
10-2Alois Schwarz26:26.152:51.4 (5)
10-3Johann Standmann29:21.31-22:12.7 (10)
10-4Alois Stadlober27:01.81-49:14.5 (10)
16-1Patrick Remy28:25.828:25.8 (14)
16-2Jean-Luc Thomas26:40.755:06.5 (11)
16-3Dominique Locatelli27:20.11-22:26.6 (11)
16-4Guy Balland26:49.31-49:15.9 (11)
9-1Svetoslav Atanasov27:21.227:21.2 (10)
9-2Ivan Smilenov27:19.454:40.6 (9)
9-3Atanas Simitchiev27:47.21-22:27.8 (12)
9-4Todor Mahov27:00.11-49:27.9 (12)
138United StatesUSA1-50:27.6
8-1Todd Boonstra27:49.927:49.9 (12)
8-2Dan Simoneau27:17.855:07.7 (13)
8-3Bill Spencer27:30.41-22:38.1 (13)
8-4Joe Galanes27:49.51-50:27.6 (13)
11-1Atsushi Egawa27:19.927:19.9 (9)
11-2Kazunari Sasaki27:35.654:55.5 (10)
11-3Tanayuki Yuki27:52.81-22:48.3 (14)
11-4Masaharu Yamazaki28:22.41-51:10.7 (14)
1515Republic of KoreaKOR1-59:00.4
15-1Hong Kun-Pyo28:54.628:54.6 (15)
15-2Park Ki-Ho30:29.159:23.7 (15)
15-3Cho Sung-Hoon30:24.11-29:47.8 (15)
15-4Jun Jeung-Hae29:12.61-59:00.4 (15)
1612Great BritainGBR1-59:39.3
12-1John Spotswood30:25.230:25.2 (16)
12-2Ewan McKenzie30:05.91-00:31.1 (16)
12-3Marty Watkins29:31.01-30:02.1 (16)
12-4Andrew Wylie29:37.21-59:39.3 (16)