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Bantamweight (≤118 pounds), Men

Date15 – 20 July 1924
LocationVélodrome d'Hiver, Paris
Participants21 from 15 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Willie Smith of South Africa, like flyweight champion LaBarba, was a mere 19 years old when he became Olympic champion. Smith, who learned boxing at the orphanage where he was raised, fought with a cautious approach to outpoint Al Tripoli of the USA in the final. As a professional he went to win a version of the World bantamweight title. Frenchman Jean Ces’ bronze medal was the only boxing medal won by the host nation in 1924.

Of the 20 bouts contested in the division all bar one were decided by judges’ decision. The American Joseph Lazarus was the unlucky victim of disqualification in his bout against Oscar Andrén of Sweden. The Swede was knocked out but the referee, Sigel of France, ruled Lazarus had struck his opponent illegally, disobeying instructions to step back from a clinch. Sigel would later apologize to US team officials for his mistaken decision but despite the urging of Andrén and Swedish team officials, no appeal was made.

1Willie SmithRSAGold
2Al TripoliUSASilver
3Jean CesFRABronze
4Oscar AndrénSWE
=5Antonio SánchezESP
=5Alf BarberGBR
=5Jacques LemoutonFRA
=5Benito PertuzzoARG
=9José PastorESP
=9Joseph LazarusUSA
=9Robert HilliardIRL
=9Arij SmitNED
=9François SybilleBEL
=9Harry WolffSWE
=9Les TarrantGBR
=9Johann WeidelSUI
=17Domenico BernasconiITA
=17Armando RicciardiITA
=17Franz BartaAUT
=17Carlos UzabeagaCHI
=17Mario GonzálezURU
DNSArthur GoomGBR
DNSA. AdelaarNED
DNSDan FlahertyIRL
DNSF. FerrandFRA
DNSFridtjof AndersenNOR
DNSHans PedersenNOR
DNSHarry MarcusUSA
DNSJackie JohnstonCAN
DNSJ. I. S. LópezESP
DNSMario GaleazziITA
DNSJoseph CharpentierBEL

Round One (15 July 1924)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Willie SmithRSA Bye
Match #2 Harry WolffSWE Bye
Match #3 Jacques LemoutonFRA Bye
Match #4 José PastorESP Bye
Match #5 Alf BarberGBR Bye
Match #6 Arij SmitNED Bye
Match #7 Jean CesFRA Domenico BernasconiITA Decision (– - –)
Match #8 François SybilleBEL Franz BartaAUT Decision (– - –)
Match #9 Antonio SánchezESP Bye
Match #10 Johann WeidelSUI Bye
Match #11 Joseph LazarusUSA Bye
Match #12 Oscar AndrénSWE Mario GonzálezURU Decision (– - –)
Match #13 Robert HilliardIRL Bye
Match #14 Benito PertuzzoARG Armando RicciardiITA Decision (– - –)
Match #15 Al TripoliUSA Carlos UzabeagaCHI Decision (– - –)
Match #16 Les TarrantGBR Bye

Round Two (16 July 1924)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Willie SmithRSA Harry WolffSWE Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Jacques LemoutonFRA José PastorESP Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Alf BarberGBR Arij SmitNED Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Jean CesFRA François SybilleBEL Decision (– - –)
Match #5 Antonio SánchezESP Johann WeidelSUI Decision (– - –)
Match #6 1 Oscar AndrénSWE Joseph LazarusUSA 2Disqualified (Round 2)
Match #7 Benito PertuzzoARG Robert HilliardIRL Decision (– - –)
Match #8 Al TripoliUSA Les TarrantGBR Decision (– - –)

Quarter-Finals (18 July 1924)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Willie SmithRSA Jacques LemoutonFRA Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Jean CesFRA Alf BarberGBR Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Oscar AndrénSWE Antonio SánchezESP Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Al TripoliUSA Benito PertuzzoARG Decision (– - –)

Semi-Finals (19 July 1924)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Willie SmithRSA Jean CesFRA Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Al TripoliUSA Oscar AndrénSWE Decision (– - –)

Final Round (20 July 1924)

Match 1/2 Willie SmithRSA Al TripoliUSA Decision (– - –)
Match 3/4 Jean CesFRA Oscar AndrénSWE Decision (– - –)