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Middleweight (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date14 – 23 October 1964
LocationKorakuen Horu, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Participants20 from 20 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Another boxer from the production line of champions that was Soviet amateur boxing in the sixties, Valery Popenchenko had already won four successive national titles and a European Championship gold by the time he arrived in Tokyo for the Olympic boxing tournament. He left Japan having advanced his reputation by winning three of his bouts by stoppage and winning every round of the other on all judges’ scorecards. Popenchenko faced off against old rival Emil Schulz of Germany in the final and cleared him out in a little over two minutes of the first round. For these displays he was awarded the Val Barker Trophy which is awarded to the most stylish boxer at an Olympic Games. He became the first Soviet boxer to receive the award. Popenchenko retired from boxing in 1965 with a record of 200 wins in 213 bouts. He died in a bizarre accident on a construction site in 1975.

1Valery PopenchenkoURSGold
2Emil SchulzGERSilver
=3Franco ValleITABronze
=3Tadeusz WalasekPOLBronze
=5Ion MoneaROU
=5Guillermo SalinasCHI
=5Joe DarkeyGHA
=5Ahmed MahirEGY
=9Willie StackGBR
=9Kim Deok-PalKOR
=9Luiz CézarBRA
=9Lahcen AhidousMAR
=9Sultan MahmoudPAK
=9Jimmy RosetteUSA
=9Juan AguilarARG
=9Peter OdhiamboUGA
=17Hitoshi TenmaJPN
=17John BukowskiAUS
=17Franz FrauenlobAUT
=17Jacques MartyFRA

Round One

Date14 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #114 OctWillie StackGBR
Match #214 OctEmil SchulzGER
Match #314 OctIon MoneaROU
Match #414 OctKim Deok-PalKOR
Match #514 OctLuiz CézarBRA
Match #614 OctFranco ValleITA
Match #714 OctLahcen AhidousMAR
Match #814 OctGuillermo SalinasCHI
Match #914 OctValery PopenchenkoURS
Match #1014 OctSultan MahmoudPAK
Match #1114 OctJimmy RosetteUSA
Match #1214 OctJoe DarkeyGHA
Match #1314 OctJuan AguilarARGDecisionHitoshi TenmaJPN
Match #1414 OctTadeusz WalasekPOLDecisionJohn BukowskiAUS
Match #1514 OctAhmed MahirEGYDecisionFranz FrauenlobAUT
Match #1614 OctPeter OdhiamboUGADecisionJacques MartyFRA

Round Two

Date18 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #118 OctEmil SchulzGERReferee stops contestWillie StackGBR
Match #218 OctIon MoneaROUDecisionKim Deok-PalKOR
Match #318 OctFranco ValleITADecisionLuiz CézarBRA
Match #418 OctGuillermo SalinasCHIReferee stops contestLahcen AhidousMAR
Match #518 OctValery PopenchenkoURSReferee stops contestSultan MahmoudPAK
Match #618 OctJoe DarkeyGHADecisionJimmy RosetteUSA
Match #718 OctTadeusz WalasekPOLDecisionJuan AguilarARG
Match #818 OctAhmed MahirEGYDecisionPeter OdhiamboUGA


Date20 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #120 OctEmil SchulzGERDecisionIon MoneaROU
Match #220 OctFranco ValleITADecisionGuillermo SalinasCHI
Match #320 OctValery PopenchenkoURSDecisionJoe DarkeyGHA
Match #420 OctTadeusz WalasekPOLDecisionAhmed MahirEGY


Date21 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #121 OctEmil SchulzGERDecisionFranco ValleITA
Match #221 OctValery PopenchenkoURSKnock-outTadeusz WalasekPOL

Final Round

Date23 October 1964
Match 1/223 OctValery PopenchenkoURSReferee stops contestEmil SchulzGER