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Canadian Doubles, 1,000 metres, Men

Date20 – 22 October 1964
LocationSagami-ko, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Participants24 from 12 countries

The Soviet Union was the reigning Olympic champion and World runner-up in the C-2 1000 and sent Andriy Khimich and Stepan Oshchepkov to the 1964 Summer Olympics, the latter of whom was a 1961 European runner-up. Romania was the other strong nation, having won the 1961 and 1963 European Championships and the 1963 World Championships, and sent Igor Lipalit and Achim Sidorov to Tokyo, the latter of whom was one of the most recent World Champions. Hungary was another contender, having come in third at the 1963 European and World Championships with Árpád Soltész, who travelled to the Games with Antal Hajba. The opening heats were won by the Soviets and the German duo of Detlef Lewe and Klaus Böhle, the former of whom did so in Olympic record time. Khimich and Oshchepkov set another Olympic record in the final, winning gold with ease, while both Hungary and Romania were left off the podium thanks to strong drives from France’s Jean Boudehen and Michel Chapuis and Denmark’s Peer Norrbohm and John Rungsted Sørensen, who took silver and bronze respectively with time to spare.

1155/158Andrey Khimich / Stepan OshchepkovURS4:08.05 (1 h1)4:04.64 (1)GoldOB
249/50Jean Boudehen / Michel ChapuisFRA4:10.26 (2 h1)4:06.52 (2)Silver
343/44Peer Norrbohm / John Rungsted SørensenDEN4:11.34 (3 h1)4:07.48 (3)Bronze
467/76Antal Hajba / Árpád SoltészHUN4:12.54 (4 h1)4:35.30 (1)4:08.97 (4)
5121/125Igor Lipalit / Achim SidorovROU4:12.81 (2 h2)4:09.88 (5)
651/57Klaus Böhle / Detlef LeweGER4:12.37 (1 h2)4:13.18 (6)
730/31Andor Elbert / Fred HeeseCAN4:23.40 (4 h2)4:38.18 (2)4:21.99 (7)
835/38Miloslav Houzim / Rudolf PěnkavaTCH4:28.81 (5 h1)4:38.79 (3)4:22.89 (8)
946/47Kari Mäkinen / Rudolf NärjänenFIN4:21.41 (3 h2)4:23.02 (9)
4 h1 r2/388/87Shunichi Iwamura / Daisaburo HondaJPN4:25.86 (5 h2)4:40.54 (4)
5 h1 r2/3143/138James O'Rourke, Jr. / Joe DronzekUSA4:51.65 (6 h1)4:51.98 (5)
6 h1 r2/311/6Fred Wasmer / Vid JuricskayAUS4:45.23 (6 h2)5:04.05 (6)

Round One

Date20 October 1964
FormatTop three in each heat advanced to the final. All others advanced to the Repêchage.

Heat #1

1Andrey Khimich / Stepan OshchepkovURS4:08.05QOB
2Jean Boudehen / Michel ChapuisFRA4:10.26Q
3Peer Norrbohm / John Rungsted SørensenDEN4:11.34Q
4Antal Hajba / Árpád SoltészHUN4:12.54
5Miloslav Houzim / Rudolf PěnkavaTCH4:28.81
6James O'Rourke, Jr. / Joe DronzekUSA4:51.65

Heat #2

1Klaus Böhle / Detlef LeweGER4:12.37Q
2Igor Lipalit / Achim SidorovROU4:12.81Q
3Kari Mäkinen / Rudolf NärjänenFIN4:21.41Q
4Andor Elbert / Fred HeeseCAN4:23.40
5Shunichi Iwamura / Daisaburo HondaJPN4:25.86
6Fred Wasmer / Vid JuricskayAUS4:45.23


Date21 October 1964 — 15:00
FormatTop three in each heat advanced to the final.
1Antal Hajba / Árpád SoltészHUN4:35.30Q
2Andor Elbert / Fred HeeseCAN4:38.18Q
3Miloslav Houzim / Rudolf PěnkavaTCH4:38.79Q
4Shunichi Iwamura / Daisaburo HondaJPN4:40.54
5James O'Rourke, Jr. / Joe DronzekUSA4:51.98
6Fred Wasmer / Vid JuricskayAUS5:04.05

Final Round

Date22 October 1964 — 15:24
18Andrey Khimich / Stepan OshchepkovURS4:04.64OB
29Jean Boudehen / Michel ChapuisFRA4:06.52
37Peer Norrbohm / John Rungsted SørensenDEN4:07.48
43Antal Hajba / Árpád SoltészHUN4:08.97
51Igor Lipalit / Achim SidorovROU4:09.88
66Klaus Böhle / Detlef LeweGER4:13.18
74Andor Elbert / Fred HeeseCAN4:21.99
85Miloslav Houzim / Rudolf PěnkavaTCH4:22.89
92Kari Mäkinen / Rudolf NärjänenFIN4:23.02