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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date 1 August 1992 — 09:01-11:16
LocationParque Olímpico del Segre, Seo de Urgel
Participants26 from 13 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.

The Olympic program had experimented with canoe slalom events in 1972, but they did not become a permanent fixture until the 1992 Summer Games. France’s Myriam Jerusalmi and Germany’s Elisabeth Micheler had won the women’s K-1 at the 1989 and 1991 World Championships respectively, and were second and fourteenth after the first run. America’s Dana Chladek, runner-up at both tournaments, posted a significantly higher score than Micheler, while Micheler’s compatriot Kordula Striepecke, the 1991 World bronze medalist, was third. Micheler struck back in the second round, however, and had a great run that put her in the gold medal position. Chladek had no response to this, finishing 22nd, and settled for bronze after Australia’s Danielle Woodward, who had been 15th after the first run, managed to leap into second-place. Striepecke and Jerusalmi improved their times somewhat in the second portion, but not sufficiently to avoid slipping down to 6th and 21st respectively in the final rankings.

PosNrBoatNOCTotal TimeRun OneRun Two
1124Elisabeth MichelerGER126.41136.19 (2)126.41 (1)Gold
2101Danielle WoodwardAUS128.27151.54 (15)128.27 (2)Silver
3121Dana ChladekUSA131.75131.75 (1)186.46 (22)Bronze
4112Eva RothGER132.29152.53 (17)132.29 (3)
5119Marianne AgulhonFRA132.89140.44 (7)132.89 (4)
6120Kordula StriepeckeGER134.49136.51 (3)134.49 (5)
7122Zdeňka GrossmannováTCH135.79140.42 (6)135.79 (6)
8118Joanne WoodsCAN138.06138.06 (4)151.08 (16)
9125Cathy HearnUSA139.51151.99 (16)139.51 (7)
10111Lynn SimpsonGBR140.38140.38 (5)144.24 (10)
11109Anne BoixelFRA140.81203.19 (24)140.81 (8)
12126Štěpánka HilgertováTCH141.43141.43 (8)152.30 (17)
13103Karen LikeGBR142.26148.34 (11)142.26 (9)
14110María EizmendiESP143.39143.39 (9)157.64 (18)
15117Margaret LangfordCAN145.36145.36 (10)178.77 (21)
16107Rachel FoxGBR147.64148.82 (12)147.64 (11)
17102Cristina MartínezESP149.02168.14 (22)149.02 (12)
18113Maria Cristina Giai PronITA149.03155.41 (18)149.03 (13)
19116Bogusława KnapczykPOL149.59160.78 (21)149.59 (14)
20115Marcela SadilováTCH150.38150.38 (13)250.99 (24)
21123Myriam JerusalmiFRA150.76150.86 (14)150.76 (15)
22108Sheryl BoyleCAN156.09156.09 (19)166.66 (20)
23106Hiroko KobayashiJPN158.84158.84 (20)253.79 (25)
24105Dzintra BlūmaLAT160.83173.97 (23)160.83 (19)
25114Maylon HanoldUSA193.80332.75 (25)193.80 (23)
26104Gilda MontenegroCRC640.27640.27 (26)– (AC)