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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Men

Date27 July 1996 — 11:45-15:15
LocationOcoee Whitewater Center, Polk County, Tennessee
Participants30 from 18 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.
DetailsDownstream gates: 18
Total gates: 25
Upstream gates: 7

Lukáš Pollert, now representing the Czech Republic, was the defending Olympic champion in the C-1 slalom and travelled to the 1996 Summer Olympics to defend his crown. To do so, he would have to fend off challenges from Great Britain’s Gareth Marriott, the most recent Olympic runner-up, Slovenia’s Simon Hočevar, the reigning European champion, and Martin Lang of Germany and Davey Hearn of the United States, the 1993 and 1995 World Champions respectively. Pollert was leading after the first round, with France’s Patrice Estanguet in second, Marriot in third, Lang in fifth, Hearn in tenth, and Hočevar in 26th after a disastrous, penalty-laden run. Of these men, only Hearn and Hočevar were able to improve their performances in the second run, but neither by enough to come within striking distance of the podium. Slovakia’s Michal Martikán, meanwhile, who had been in sixth after the first round, had an excellent second run and captured the gold medal with 0.14 more points than Pollert, who was forced to settle for silver. Estanguet was bumped down to bronze, while Marriott was knocked off the podium entirely.

PosNrBoatNOCTotal TimeRun OneRun Two
13Michal MartikánSVK151.03160.88 (6)151.03 (1)Gold
22Lukáš PollertCZE151.17151.17 (1)178.25 (16)Silver
37Patrice EstanguetFRA152.84152.84 (2)160.89 (4)Bronze
48Gareth MarriottGBR155.83155.83 (3)159.14 (3)
529Hervé DelamarreFRA155.98155.98 (4)178.77 (17)
61Emmanuel BrugvinFRA156.71163.28 (9)156.71 (2)
74Martin LangGER159.91159.91 (5)167.24 (11)
828Ryszard MordarskiPOL161.00161.00 (7)161.86 (5)
96Davey HearnUSA162.51164.07 (10)162.51 (6)
1011Mike CorcoranIRL162.90162.90 (8)173.61 (13)
1121Mariusz WieczorekPOL164.21164.21 (11)181.17 (18)
1212Vitus HusekGER164.29167.48 (14)164.29 (7)
1313Renato De MontiITA165.03218.75 (25)165.03 (8)
1419Mark DelaneyGBR165.67166.52 (12)165.67 (9)
1518Juraj MinčíkSVK166.45182.60 (20)166.45 (10)
1610Justin BoocockAUS166.96166.96 (13)175.08 (14)
175Sören KaufmannGER168.43168.43 (15)177.25 (15)
1817Larry NormanCAN170.12186.57 (21)170.12 (12)
1922Adam ClawsonUSA172.53172.53 (16)265.74 (27)
2016Pavel JandaCZE177.71177.71 (17)240.87 (26)
2130Toni HerrerosESP179.38179.38 (18)298.83 (29)
2227Masanari MochidaJPN180.45180.45 (19)215.69 (22)
2324Leonardo SelbachBRA184.54216.51 (24)184.54 (19)
2414Gregor TerdičSLO187.79187.79 (22)199.08 (21)
2523Stephen O'FlahertyIRL188.65188.65 (23)220.73 (23)
2620Francesco StefaniITA189.60462.63 (29)189.60 (20)
2725Danila KuznetsovRUS226.06273.36 (27)226.06 (24)
289Simeon HočevarSLO231.00252.90 (26)231.00 (25)
2915Danko HercegCRO275.94468.07 (30)275.94 (28)
3026Nenad TrpovskiMKD316.19316.19 (28)– (AC)