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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date27 July 1996 — 10:00-13:30
LocationOcoee Whitewater Center, Polk County, Tennessee
Participants30 from 18 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.

All three medalists from the previous edition’s women’s K-1 slalom, Elisabeth Micheler-Jones of Germany, Danielle Woodward of Australia, and Dana Chladek of the United States, returned to the Olympics in 1996 to compete once again. The Czech Republic’s Marcela Sadilová was the reigning European champion, while Myriam Fox of France and Lynn Simpson of Great Britain were the 1993 and 1995 World Champions respectively. None of these women, however, were in the top three after the first run: Fox was fourth, Micheler-Jones was fifth, and the next best was Sadilová, who was 18th. Occupying the first three positions were Štěpánka Hilgertová of the Czech Republic, Anne Boixel of France, and Cathy Hearn of the United States. Of the top five, only Fox improved her score in the second run, although Hilgertová’s remained good enough to earn the gold medal. Chladek, however, who had been last after the first round (save for Latvia’s Dzintra Blūma, who failed to complete the course), had an amazing run in the second portion of the tournament and managed to tie the Czech’s gold medal-winning mark, although her low first-round score left her with silver. Fox’s improvement, meanwhile, was good enough to take bronze over Italy’s Maria Cristina Giai Pron, who was third in the second round and fourth overall.

PosNrBoatNOCTotal TimeRun OneRun Two
13Štěpánka HilgertováCZE169.49169.49 (1)171.97 (4)Gold
230Dana ChladekUSA169.49386.60 (29)169.49 (1)Silver
312Myriam FoxFRA171.00175.22 (4)171.00 (2)Bronze
44Maria Cristina Giai PronITA171.84326.86 (25)171.84 (3)
519Gabriela BroskováSVK172.57230.67 (17)172.57 (5)
610Anne BoixelFRA172.79172.79 (2)267.88 (25)
715Cathy HearnUSA173.03173.03 (3)229.93 (20)
814Margaret LangfordCAN173.59193.49 (11)173.59 (6)
97Marcela SadilováCZE174.47236.22 (18)174.47 (7)
109Elisabeth Micheler-JonesGER176.56176.56 (5)461.73 (29)
111Kordula StriepeckeGER176.98326.63 (24)176.98 (8)
1218Danielle WoodwardAUS177.60286.05 (22)177.60 (9)
1316Sandra FriedliSUI177.90177.90 (6)231.01 (21)
1417Mia FarranceAUS180.30192.58 (10)180.30 (10)
158Barbara NadalinITA181.14306.04 (23)181.14 (11)
165Irena PavelkováCZE181.89239.45 (19)181.89 (12)
1722Hiroko KobayashiJPN183.66183.66 (7)191.01 (14)
1813Rachel CrosbeeGBR190.24190.24 (8)193.94 (15)
196Elena KaliskáSVK190.45229.85 (16)190.45 (13)
2011María EizmendiESP191.49191.49 (9)204.83 (16)
2127Bogusława KnapczykPOL200.20200.20 (12)209.45 (18)
2225Florence FernandesPOR208.20212.19 (13)208.20 (17)
232Lynn SimpsonGBR211.71337.07 (26)211.71 (19)
2424Cristina MartínezESP224.09224.09 (14)280.91 (26)
2529Alena KurzinaBLR225.14225.14 (15)284.37 (27)
2623Nagwa El DesoukiSUI235.68240.39 (20)235.68 (22)
2721Sheryl BoyleCAN242.89242.89 (21)244.41 (23)
2826Gilda MontenegroCRC265.93371.97 (28)265.93 (24)
2928Ana UgrinovskaMKD346.93346.93 (27)483.17 (30)
3020Dzintra BlūmaLAT372.81– (DNF)372.81 (28)