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Sabre, Individual, Women

Date 9 August 2008
LocationGuojia Huiyi Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants39 from 21 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

At the 2004 Olympics Mariel Zagunis had recorded a shock victory in this event for the USA. Since then the American team had made further progress by winning the world team title in 2005 and winning gold, silver and bronze in the individual event at the 2006 World Championships. Despite a lean 2007, hopes were still high that America could make a mark at the Beijing Olympics but what happened next was surely beyond their wildest dreams. When reigning world champion Yelena Nechayeva exited early the American trio took advantage and went through to the semi-final along with Russia’s Sofiya Velikaya whose victory over China’s Tan Xue had removed another major threat to US glory. The first semi-final saw Velikaya fall to Sada Jacobson to ensure an all-American final where Jacobson would be joined by defending champion Zagunis. Zagunis went on to defend her crown in straightforward fashion and was never headed in her 15-8 win over Jacobson. The bronze medal bout was more competitive and was only decided in favour of American Becca Ward when officials made a video review of a hit with the scores level at 14 all. After deliberations Ward was deemed to have struck the winning score fractionally before Velikaya landed her blow. This was the first time since 1988 that a country had swept the medals in Olympic fencing and the first time for the USA since the long abandoned discipline of single sticks was held in 1904.

15Mariel ZagunisUSAGold
21Sada JacobsonUSASilver
32Becca WardUSABronze
46Sofya VelikayaRUS
53Tan XueCHN
613Bao YingyingCHN
725Azza BesbesTUN
826Olena KhomrovaUKR
910Yekaterina DyachenkoRUS
1011Bogna JóźwiakPOL
1112Ilaria BiancoITA
1214Kim Geum-HwaKOR
1315Olha KharlanUKR
1418Orsolya NagyHUN
1523Olga OvtchinnikovaCAN
1630Irena WięckowskaPOL
174Yelena NechayevaRUS
187Aleksandra SochaPOL
198Léonore PerrusFRA
209Lee Sin-MiKOR
2116Anne-Lise TouyaFRA
2217Gioia MarzoccaITA
2319Chow Tsz KiHKG
2420Carole VergneFRA
2521Huang HaiyangCHN
2622Alejandra BenítezVEN
2724Madoka HisagaeJPN
2827Sandra SassineCAN
2928Halyna PundykUKR
3029Alexandra BujdosoGER
3131Mailyn GonzálezCUB
3234Araceli NavarroESP
3332Angélica LariosMEX
3433Nafi TouréSEN
3535Julie CloutierCAN
3636Siobhan ByrneIRL
3737Adele du PlooyRSA
3838Elvira WoodRSA
3939Jyoti ChettyRSA

Round One

Date9 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #109 AugSada Jacobson (1)USAbye
Bout #209 Aug 10:00Piste YellowMailyn González (31)CUB15 – 7Nafi Touré (33)SEN
Bout #309 AugGioia Marzocca (17)ITAbye
Bout #409 AugOlha Kharlan (15)UKRbye
Bout #509 AugYekaterina Dyachenko (10)RUSbye
Bout #609 AugMadoka Hisagae (24)JPNbye
Bout #709 AugOlena Khomrova (26)UKRbye
Bout #809 AugAleksandra Socha (7)POLbye
Bout #909 AugSofya Velikaya (6)RUSbye
Bout #1009 Aug 10:00Piste RedHalyna Pundyk (28)UKR15 – 7Adele du Plooy (37)RSA
Bout #1109 AugHuang Haiyang (21)CHNbye
Bout #1209 AugIlaria Bianco (12)ITAbye
Bout #1309 AugKim Geum-Hwa (14)KORbye
Bout #1409 AugCarole Vergne (20)FRAbye
Bout #1509 Aug 10:00Piste RedAlexandra Bujdoso (29)GER15 – 2Julie Cloutier (35)CAN
Bout #1609 AugTan Xue (3)CHNbye
Bout #1709 AugYelena Nechayeva (4)RUSbye
Bout #1809 Aug 10:20Piste BlueIrena Więckowska (30)POL15 – 8Siobhan Byrne (36)IRL
Bout #1909 AugChow Tsz Ki (19)HKGbye
Bout #2009 AugBao Yingying (13)CHNbye
Bout #2109 AugBogna Jóźwiak (11)POLbye
Bout #2209 AugAlejandra Benítez (22)VENbye
Bout #2309 Aug 10:20Piste BlueSandra Sassine (27)CAN15 – 2Elvira Wood (38)RSA
Bout #2409 AugMariel Zagunis (5)USAbye
Bout #2509 AugLéonore Perrus (8)FRAbye
Bout #2609 Aug 10:20Piste GreenAzza Besbes (25)TUN15 – 2Jyoti Chetty (39)RSA
Bout #2709 AugOlga Ovtchinnikova (23)CANbye
Bout #2809 AugLee Sin-Mi (9)KORbye
Bout #2909 AugAnne-Lise Touya (16)FRAbye
Bout #3009 AugOrsolya Nagy (18)HUNbye
Bout #3109 Aug 10:20Piste GreenAraceli Navarro (34)ESP15 – 4Angélica Larios (32)MEX
Bout #3209 AugBecca Ward (2)USAbye

Round Two

Date9 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #109 Aug 11:00Piste YellowSada Jacobson (1)USA15 – 11Mailyn González (31)CUB
Bout #209 Aug 11:00Piste YellowOlha Kharlan (15)UKR15 – 8Gioia Marzocca (17)ITA
Bout #309 Aug 11:00Piste YellowYekaterina Dyachenko (10)RUS15 – 10Madoka Hisagae (24)JPN
Bout #409 Aug 11:00Piste YellowOlena Khomrova (26)UKR15 – 11Aleksandra Socha (7)POL
Bout #509 Aug 11:20Piste RedSofya Velikaya (6)RUS15 – 7Halyna Pundyk (28)UKR
Bout #609 Aug 11:20Piste RedIlaria Bianco (12)ITA15 – 12Huang Haiyang (21)CHN
Bout #709 Aug 11:20Piste RedKim Geum-Hwa (14)KOR15 – 14Carole Vergne (20)FRA
Bout #809 Aug 11:20Piste RedTan Xue (3)CHN15 – 6Alexandra Bujdoso (29)GER
Bout #909 Aug 11:40Piste BlueIrena Więckowska (30)POL15 – 12Yelena Nechayeva (4)RUS
Bout #1009 Aug 11:40Piste BlueBao Yingying (13)CHN15 – 5Chow Tsz Ki (19)HKG
Bout #1109 Aug 11:40Piste BlueBogna Jóźwiak (11)POL15 – 11Alejandra Benítez (22)VEN
Bout #1209 Aug 11:40Piste BlueMariel Zagunis (5)USA15 – 10Sandra Sassine (27)CAN
Bout #1309 Aug 12:00Piste GreenAzza Besbes (25)TUN15 – 11Léonore Perrus (8)FRA
Bout #1409 Aug 12:00Piste GreenOlga Ovtchinnikova (23)CAN15 – 13Lee Sin-Mi (9)KOR
Bout #1509 Aug 12:00Piste GreenOrsolya Nagy (18)HUN15 – 13Anne-Lise Touya (16)FRA
Bout #1609 Aug 12:00Piste GreenBecca Ward (2)USA12 – 7Araceli Navarro (34)ESP

Round Three

Date9 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #109 Aug 12:30Piste YellowSada Jacobson (1)USA15 – 13Olha Kharlan (15)UKR
Bout #209 Aug 12:30Piste YellowOlena Khomrova (26)UKR15 – 14Yekaterina Dyachenko (10)RUS
Bout #309 Aug 12:30Piste RedSofya Velikaya (6)RUS15 – 6Ilaria Bianco (12)ITA
Bout #409 Aug 12:30Piste RedTan Xue (3)CHN15 – 8Kim Geum-Hwa (14)KOR
Bout #509 Aug 12:50Piste BlueBao Yingying (13)CHN15 – 6Irena Więckowska (30)POL
Bout #609 Aug 12:50Piste BlueMariel Zagunis (5)USA15 – 13Bogna Jóźwiak (11)POL
Bout #709 Aug 12:50Piste GreenAzza Besbes (25)TUN15 – 12Olga Ovtchinnikova (23)CAN
Bout #809 Aug 12:50Piste GreenBecca Ward (2)USA15 – 5Orsolya Nagy (18)HUN


Date9 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #109 Aug 13:20Piste YellowSada Jacobson (1)USA15 – 11Olena Khomrova (26)UKR
Bout #209 Aug 13:20Piste RedSofya Velikaya (6)RUS15 – 9Tan Xue (3)CHN
Bout #309 Aug 13:20Piste BlueMariel Zagunis (5)USA15 – 9Bao Yingying (13)CHN
Bout #409 Aug 13:20Piste GreenBecca Ward (2)USA15 – 14Azza Besbes (25)TUN


Date9 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final pool.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #109 Aug 19:00Piste FinalSada Jacobson (1)USA15 – 11Sofya Velikaya (6)RUS
Bout #209 Aug 19:20Piste FinalMariel Zagunis (5)USA15 – 11Becca Ward (2)USA

Final Round

Date9 August 2008
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/209 Aug 19:50Piste FinalMariel Zagunis (5)USA15 – 8Sada Jacobson (1)USA
Bout 3/409 Aug 20:10Piste FinalBecca Ward (2)USA15 – 14Sofya Velikaya (6)RUS