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Bantamweight (≤56 kilograms), Men

Date13 October 1968 — 10:00-16:00
LocationTeatro de los Insurgentes, Ciudad de México
Participants20 from 19 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

This class brought together two of the greatest small lifters of the 1960s – Hungary’s Imre Földi and Iran’s Mohammad Nassiri. There had been no World Championships in 1967 but at the 1966 meet they had finished 2-3 behind the defending champion, Aleksey Vakhonin of the Soviet Union, but he was no longer on the Soviet team because of undisclosed transgressions. In his absence Nassiri and Földi fought it out with Földi leading after the press and snatch by 10 kg, but Nassiri called for 150 kg in the clean & jerk, 9 kg above his own world record, and successfully lifted it to tie Földi with 367.5 kg, equalling the world record. Based on bodyweight, Nassiri won the gold medal and Földi silver. In 1972 at München they would reverse those positions, with Földi winning gold. Nassiri’s 150 kg lift in the clean & jerk would not be bettered at the Olympics until 1980.

1Mohammad NassiriIRI367.5=WRGold
2Imre FöldiHUN367.5=WRSilver
3Henryk TrębickiPOL357.5Bronze
4Gennady ChetinURS352.5
5Shiro IchinosekiJPN350.0
6Fernando BáezPUR345.0
7Atanas KirovBUL335.0
8Chaiya SukchindaTHA330.0
9Precious McKenzieGBR330.0
10Kurt PittnerAUT322.5
11Chun Hon ChanCAN310.0
12Tung Chye HongSGP302.5
13Alex MartínezESA267.5
ACSalvador del RosarioPHIDNF
ACCharlie DepthiosINADNF
ACArturo DandanPHIDNF
ACGuillermo BoydPANDNF
ACAnthony PhillipsBARDNF
ACMohamed HeritEGY195.0