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Featherweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date31 July 1984 — 14:00-18:00
LocationAlbert Gersten Pavilion, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, USA
Participants21 from 17 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

The featherweight division were the only weightlifting event in which a medallist from the 1983 World Championships was competing. That honor went to Gelu Radu of Romania, who had won bronze in Moscow, and was therefore one of the favorites. Defending world champion was Yuri Sarkisyan, the 1980 silver medallist in the bantamweight who would later represent Australia. Runner-up had been Stefan Topurov, who would break the world record in the event with 322.5 kg at the Friendship Games, the communist alternative to the LA Olympics. Even more impressively, Topurov lifted three times his own bodyweight in the clean & jerk, for a total of 185 kg.

The competition opened with a close first event, as Chen Weiqiang, Radu and Tsai Wen-Yee all snatched 125 kg. Tsai was the first to fail in the clean & jerk, lifting only 147.5 kg, although that would eventually suffice for bronze. Radu managed a 155, but this was topped with 157.5 by Chen. This result meant that Chen (of the People’s Republic of China) and Tsai (of the Republic of China, but representing Chinese Taipei at the Olympics) would be standing on the podium together. This did not prove a problem, and the athletes waved to the crowd hand-in-hand.

1Chen WeiqiangCHN282.5Gold
2Gelu RaduROU280.0Silver
3Tsai Wen-YeeTPE272.5Bronze
4Kaoru WabikoJPN270.0
5Yosuke Muraki-IwataJPN267.5
6Lee Myeong-SuKOR267.5
7Sori Enda NasutionINA267.5
8Uolevi KahelinFIN267.5
9Mircea TuliROU265.0
10Mohamed YoussefEGY252.5
11Tomás RodríguezPAN250.0
12Geoffrey LawsGBR250.0
13Óscar PalmaCOL245.0
14Lawrence IquaibomNGR237.5
15Kamalakanta SantraIND225.0
16Héctor HurtadoECU220.0
17Alfredo PalmaNCA210.0
ACJoaquín ValleESP110.0
ACWang GuofengCHN117.5
ACNoureddine BekkoucheALG137.5