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Middle-Heavyweight (≤91 kilograms), Men

Date27 July 1996
LocationGeorgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia (Hall E)
Participants25 from 22 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

Aleksey Petrov had won the 1994 World Championships, held the world record in this class, and seemed to win the 1995 Worlds. However, he tested positive after that competition for anabolic steroids, and received a lifetime ban in March 1996. Petrov appealed the penalty, and a girlfriend appeared who admitted to spiking his food with steroids prior to the competition. His ban was lifted and Petrov was allowed to compete in Atlanta. He opened with a world record 187.5 kg in the snatch and tied for the best lift in the clean & jerk to win the gold medal. The defending champion in this class was K’akhi K’akhiashvili, a Georgian who competed for the Unified Team in 1996. He changed allegiance to Greece and competed in 1996 as Akakios Kakiasvili, and won another gold medal in heavyweight I class. In 2000 Kakiasvili moved back to middle-heavyweight, winning his third gold medal, and second in this division.

1Aleksey PetrovRUS402.5ORGold
2Leonidas KokasGRE390.0Silver
3Oliver CarusoGER390.0Bronze
4Sunay BulutTUR390.0
5Igor AlekseyevRUS387.5
6Carlos HernándezCUB382.5
7Oleh ChumakUKR380.0
8Plamen BratoychevBUL380.0
9Julio César LunaVEN375.0
10Martin TešovičSVK372.5
11Marek MaślanyPOL370.0
12Enrique SabariCUB370.0
13Aleksan KarapetyanARM367.5
14Tom GoughUSA367.5
15Uladzimir KhludBLR360.0
16Harvey GoodmanAUS357.5
17Viktar BeliatskiBLR357.5
18Andrey MakarovKAZ355.0
19Cédric PlançonFRA345.0
20Im Dong-GiKOR345.0
21Raffaele MancinoITA340.0
22Eric BrownASA330.0
23Ramūnas VyšniauskasLTU315.0
24Gerard GarabwanNRU265.0
ACViliami TapaatoutaiTGA105.0