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Team All-Around, Women

Date29 – 31 July 2012
LocationNorth Greenwich Arena, Greenwich, London
Participants60 from 12 countries

As the reigning World Champions, the women’s gymnastics team from the United States was favored for the gold medal in the all-around event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The defending Olympic champions, China, were also a threat, having won bronze at the last two World Championships, as were the Russians, 2010 World Champions and 2011 runners-up. The Romanian team, Olympic champions from 2000 and 2004, were another potential challenger, completing a foursome of squads that were in a class of their own in Olympic competition. In fact, if the 1992 Unified Team and the Soviet Union are considered precursors to the Russian team, then these four nations had won the event in every edition of the Olympic Games since 1948, when Czechoslovakia had taken the gold before the Soviet Union began competing at the Olympics.

The qualification round went as expected, with the United States, Russia, China, and Romania placing first through fourth. Rounding out the bottom half were Great Britain, Japan, Italy, and Canada, but they were not expected to challenge the front runners. The United States took an early lead in the finals and never relinquished it, winning gold for the first time since 1996. Russia’s chances of coming out on top, meanwhile, ended when Anastasiya Grishina stopped in the middle of her floor routine and did not complete it. The Russians finished in second, ahead of Romania, who took home the bronze medal following a series of errors by the Chinese team, most notably Deng Linlin’s fall from the balance beam.

1United StatesUSA181.863 (1)183.596 (1)Gold
Gabby DouglasMcKayla MaroneyAly RaismanKyla RossJordyn Wieber
2Russian FederationRUS180.429 (2)178.530 (2)Silver
Kseniya AfanasyevaAnastasiya GrishinaViktoriya KomovaAliya MustafinaMariya Paseka
3RomaniaROU176.264 (4)176.414 (3)Bronze
Diana BulimarDiana Maria ChelaruLarisa IordacheSandra IzbașaCătălina Ponor
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN176.637 (3)174.430 (4)
Deng LinlinHe KexinHuang QiushuangSui LuYao Jinnan
5CanadaCAN167.696 (8)170.804 (5)
Ellie BlackVictoria MoorsDominique PeggBrittany RogersKristina Vaculik
6Great BritainGBR170.656 (5)170.495 (6)
Imogen CairnsJennifer PinchesRebecca TunneyBeth TweddleHannah Whelan
7ItalyITA168.397 (7)167.930 (7)
Giorgia CampanaErika FasanaCarlotta FerlitoVanessa FerrariElisabetta Preziosa
8JapanJPN170.196 (6)166.646 (8)
Yu MinobeYuko ShintakeRie TanakaAsuka TeramotoKoko Tsurumi
9 r1/2GermanyGER167.331 (9)
Janine BergerKim BuiOksana ChusovitinaNadine JaroschElisabeth Seitz
10 r1/2AustraliaAUS166.721 (10)
Georgia BonoraAshleigh BrennanEmily LittleLarrissa MillerLauren Mitchell
11 r1/2FranceFRA164.796 (11)
Mira BoumejmajenYouna DufournetAnne KuhmAurélie MalaussenaSophia Serseri
12 r1/2BrazilBRA161.295 (12)
Daiane dos SantosEthiene FrancoBruna LealDaniele HypólitoHarumi de Freitas

Qualification (29 July 2012 — 09:30)

Five-person teams, four to compete on each apparatus, with best three of four scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExerciseHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance Beam
1United StatesUSA181.86343.757 (2)47.633 (1)45.032 (4)45.441 (1)Q
Gabby Douglas13.76615.90015.33315.266
McKayla Maroney15.900
Aly Raisman15.32515.80014.16615.100
Kyla Ross13.73314.86615.075
Jordyn Wieber14.66615.83314.83314.700
2Russian FederationRUS180.42943.332 (3)46.299 (2)45.566 (2)45.232 (2)Q
Kseniya Afanasyeva14.83315.066
Anastasiya Grishina14.06614.33314.03314.900
Viktoriya Komova13.90015.63315.83315.266
Aliya Mustafina14.43315.13315.70014.700
Mariya Paseka15.5330.000
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN176.63741.641 (8)43.566 (6)46.998 (1)44.432 (4)Q
Deng Linlin13.83314.83314.16615.166
He Kexin13.73315.966
Huang Qiushuang13.57515.00015.26613.866
Sui Lu14.23315.400
Yao Jinnan13.06613.13315.76612.833
4RomaniaROU176.26443.999 (1)45.733 (3)41.833 (8)44.699 (3)Q
Diana Bulimar14.00014.866
Diana Maria Chelaru14.33314.66613.733
Larisa Iordache13.80015.10014.10014.800
Sandra Izbașa15.06615.50012.36614.600
Cătălina Ponor14.60015.13315.033
5Great BritainGBR170.65642.533 (6)43.333 (7)45.158 (3)39.632 (10)Q
Imogen Cairns14.43313.366
Jennifer Pinches14.10014.36613.70013.100
Rebecca Tunney14.00014.40014.82513.166
Beth Tweddle14.43316.133
Hannah Whelan13.93314.50014.20013.066
6JapanJPN170.19641.166 (9)42.033 (11)44.232 (5)42.765 (5)Q
Yu Minobe12.96613.06614.133
Yuko Shintake13.63313.63314.166
Rie Tanaka13.30013.00014.63313.400
Asuka Teramoto14.23314.60014.56614.466
Koko Tsurumi13.80015.033
7ItalyITA168.39742.833 (4)42.466 (10)40.974 (10)42.124 (6)Q
Giorgia Campana12.766
Erika Fasana14.03314.00013.66612.266
Carlotta Ferlito13.90014.10013.07514.425
Vanessa Ferrari14.90014.36614.23314.433
Elisabetta Preziosa13.30013.73313.266
8CanadaCAN167.69642.566 (5)43.599 (5)42.699 (7)38.832 (12)Q
Ellie Black14.23314.80013.966
Victoria Moors14.10013.83311.266
Dominique Pegg14.23314.13313.72513.566
Brittany Rogers14.66614.500
Kristina Vaculik13.80014.10014.36611.300
9GermanyGER167.33140.700 (11)43.966 (4)43.332 (6)39.333 (11)
Janine Berger13.30014.13312.866
Kim Bui13.60014.30012.433
Oksana Chusovitina15.03313.700
Nadine Jarosch13.30012.86613.86612.933
Elisabeth Seitz13.80014.80015.16612.700
10AustraliaAUS166.72142.499 (7)42.499 (9)40.724 (11)40.999 (7)
Georgia Bonora13.80013.10013.066
Ashleigh Brennan14.20013.70013.26613.066
Emily Little12.66614.76613.43313.633
Larrissa Miller13.46614.025
Lauren Mitchell14.83313.93314.300
11FranceFRA164.79639.832 (12)42.765 (8)41.333 (9)40.866 (8)
Mira Boumejmajen12.93313.30012.966
Youna Dufournet14.16614.50014.200
Anne Kuhm13.53314.46613.53312.566
Aurélie Malaussena13.36614.03313.30013.700
Sophia Serseri12.93314.133
12BrazilBRA161.29540.765 (10)41.765 (12)38.799 (12)39.966 (9)
Daiane dos Santos14.16613.93312.966
Ethiene Franco13.16613.56612.93313.000
Bruna Leal13.43314.06612.46612.800
Daniele Hypólito11.90013.76612.90014.166
Harumi de Freitas12.033

Final (31 July 2012 — 16:30)

Five-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExerciseHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance Beam
1United StatesUSA183.59645.366 (1)48.132 (1)44.799 (3)45.299 (1)
Gabby Douglas15.06615.96615.20015.233
McKayla Maroney16.233
Aly Raisman15.30014.933
Kyla Ross14.93315.133
Jordyn Wieber15.00015.93314.666
2Russian FederationRUS178.53041.599 (6)46.366 (2)46.166 (2)44.399 (3)
Kseniya Afanasyeva14.33314.833
Anastasiya Grishina12.46614.700
Viktoriya Komova15.83315.76615.033
Aliya Mustafina14.80015.23315.70014.533
Mariya Paseka15.300
3RomaniaROU176.41444.700 (2)45.000 (3)41.465 (8)45.249 (2)
Diana Bulimar14.70014.06614.533
Diana Maria Chelaru13.633
Larisa Iordache14.80013.76615.300
Sandra Izbașa15.20015.100
Cătălina Ponor14.80015.10015.416
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN174.43040.833 (7)44.266 (5)46.399 (1)42.932 (4)
Deng Linlin13.73314.90013.766
He Kexin15.766
Huang Qiushuang12.50015.03315.10013.800
Sui Lu14.60015.366
Yao Jinnan14.33315.533
5CanadaCAN170.80442.774 (3)44.499 (4)42.332 (6)41.199 (6)
Ellie Black14.20815.23314.266
Victoria Moors14.60013.700
Dominique Pegg13.96614.40013.500
Brittany Rogers14.86614.466
Kristina Vaculik14.16613.433
6Great BritainGBR170.49542.732 (4)43.965 (6)44.599 (4)39.199 (8)
Imogen Cairns14.26613.500
Jennifer Pinches14.36614.83311.833
Rebecca Tunney14.86614.766
Beth Tweddle14.16615.833
Hannah Whelan14.20014.00013.866
7ItalyITA167.93041.899 (5)42.366 (8)41.666 (7)41.999 (5)
Giorgia Campana13.900
Erika Fasana14.23313.73313.600
Carlotta Ferlito14.10014.30014.366
Vanessa Ferrari13.56614.33314.16614.800
Elisabetta Preziosa12.833
8JapanJPN166.64640.166 (8)42.882 (7)42.999 (5)40.599 (7)
Yu Minobe13.100
Yuko Shintake13.43313.266
Rie Tanaka12.83314.41614.333
Asuka Teramoto13.90014.70014.20014.233
Koko Tsurumi13.76614.466