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400 metres Freestyle, Women

Date29 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants35 from 27 countries

All of Britain put their hopes on the defending gold medalist, Becky Adlington, but realists looked towards Italy’s Federica Pellegrini, the 2011 World Champion in both the 200 and 400 free, or France’s Camille Muffat, bronze medalist at the 2011 Worlds. As the final started Muffat took the early lead accompanied by American Allison Schmitt, with Pellegrini in third and Adlington well back early. Muffat and Schmitt were the class of the field and were never really separated, with Muffat winning the gold medal just ahead of the American, 4:01.45 to 4:01.77. Adlington finished the strongest of any swimmer but she had left herself too large a gap to make up and could only come back for the bronze medal. Pellegrini was never in the medal race and placed fifth. A few days later, Muffat and Schmitt would go at it again in the 200, with Schmitt winning that one.

1Camille MuffatFRA04:03.3 (1 h5)4:01.45 (1)Gold
2Allison SchmittUSA04:03.3 (2 h5)4:01.77 (2)Silver
3Becky AdlingtonGBR04:05.7 (1 h3)4:03.01 (3)Bronze
4Lotte FriisDEN04:04.2 (4 h5)4:03.98 (4)
5Federica PellegriniITA04:05.3 (3 h4)4:04.50 (5)
6Coralie BalmyFRA04:03.6 (1 h4)4:05.95 (6)
7Brittany MacLeanCAN04:05.1 (2 h4)4:06.24 (7)
8Lauren BoyleNZL04:03.6 (3 h5)4:06.25 (8)
9Melani CostaESP04:06.8 (5 h5)
10Chloe SuttonUSA04:07.1 (2 h3)
11Kylie PalmerAUS04:07.3 (4 h4)
12Bronte BarrattAUS04:08.0 (6 h5)
13Mireia BelmonteESP04:08.2 (3 h3)
14Shao YiwenCHN04:08.4 (5 h4)
15Andreína PintoVEN04:08.4 (6 h4)
16Éva RisztovHUN04:09.1 (4 h3)
17Boglárka KapásHUN04:10.0 (7 h5)
18Savannah KingCAN04:10.9 (7 h4)
19Li XuanxuCHN04:10.9 (5 h3)
20Camelia PotecROU04:11.4 (6 h3)
21Jo JacksonGBR04:11.5 (7 h3)
22Wendy TrottRSA04:11.6 (8 h3)
23Nina RangelovaBUL04:11.7 (1 h2)
24Kristel KöbrichCHI04:12.0 (2 h2)
25Yelena SokolovaRUS04:12.2 (8 h5)
26Aya TakanoJPN04:12.3 (3 h2)
27Julia HasslerLIE04:13.0 (4 h2)
28Susana EscobarMEX04:14.8 (5 h2)
29Natthanan ChankrajangTHA04:16.5 (6 h2)
30Lynette LimSGP04:18.6 (7 h2)
31Gráinne MurphyIRL04:19.1 (8 h4)
32Mojca SagmeisterSLO04:21.5 (1 h1)
33Andrea CedrónPER04:24.2 (2 h1)
34Kim Ga-EulKOR04:43.5 (8 h2)
35Jennet SaryýewaTKM05:40.3 (3 h1)

Round One (29 July 2012 — 11:23)

Heat One (11:23)

14Mojca SagmeisterSLO04:21.50.72
25Andrea CedrónPER04:24.20.79
33Jennet SaryýewaTKM05:40.30.80

Heat Two (11:31)

13Nina RangelovaBUL04:11.70.79
25Kristel KöbrichCHI04:12.00.80
34Aya TakanoJPN04:12.30.74
42Julia HasslerLIE04:13.00.76
56Susana EscobarMEX04:14.80.73
68Natthanan ChankrajangTHA04:16.50.70
71Lynette LimSGP04:18.60.65
87Kim Ga-EulKOR04:43.50.69

Heat Three (11:37)

14Becky AdlingtonGBR04:05.70.76Q
25Chloe SuttonUSA04:07.10.70
36Mireia BelmonteESP04:08.20.71
47Éva RisztovHUN04:09.10.83
53Li XuanxuCHN04:10.90.80
61Camelia PotecROU04:11.40.82
72Jo JacksonGBR04:11.50.78
88Wendy TrottRSA04:11.60.76

Heat Four (11:43)

16Coralie BalmyFRA04:03.60.77Q
22Brittany MacLeanCAN04:05.10.70Q
34Federica PellegriniITA04:05.30.69Q
45Kylie PalmerAUS04:07.30.72
53Shao YiwenCHN04:08.40.73
61Andreína PintoVEN04:08.40.78
77Savannah KingCAN04:10.90.79
88Gráinne MurphyIRL04:19.10.78

Heat Five (11:49)

14Camille MuffatFRA04:03.30.70Q
25Allison SchmittUSA04:03.30.75Q
32Lauren BoyleNZL04:03.60.77Q
46Lotte FriisDEN04:04.20.77Q
57Melani CostaESP04:06.80.70
63Bronte BarrattAUS04:08.00.70
71Boglárka KapásHUN04:10.00.71
88Yelena SokolovaRUS04:12.20.77

Final (29 July 2012 — 20:18)

14Camille MuffatFRA4:01.450.69OR
25Allison SchmittUSA4:01.770.75
38Becky AdlingtonGBR4:03.010.74
42Lotte FriisDEN4:03.980.75
51Federica PellegriniITA4:04.500.69
63Coralie BalmyFRA4:05.950.73
77Brittany MacLeanCAN4:06.240.72
86Lauren BoyleNZL4:06.250.79