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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date2 – 3 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants43 from 36 countries

The 2008 Olympic version of this race had been one of the closest races in Olympic history with Michael Phelps out-touching Serbian Milorad Čavić by only 1/100th of a second. Both were back in London and both made the final. Phelps’ best stroke was the butterfly and he had won the 100 and 200 butterfly at the 2011 World Championships, as he had done at the 2004 and 2008 World Championships. But he had earlier faltered in the 200 fly in London, winning “only” silver behind South African Chad le Clos.

The final saw the early lead taken by Čavić and German Steffen Deibler, with Phelps seventh at 50 metres, leading only Le Clos. But the final lap was all Phelps as he finished in 51.21 to three-peat in the event, with Le Clos also coming on strong to finish in a second-place tie with Russian Yevgeny Korotyshkin. Fourth-place was also a dead-heat between Deibler and Čavić.

For Phelps this was his final individual gold medal of a vaunted Olympic career. It was his 11th individual gold medal and 17th gold medal in all – he would later win #18 in the 4×100 medley relay. His three-peat in this event followed a similar three-peat he had just completed in the 200 IM, making him the first man to three-peat in a swimming event at the Olympics, and only the third person ever, following Australian Dawn Fraser in the 100 freestyle in 1956-64, and Hungarian Krisztina Egerszegi in the 100 backstroke in 1988-96.

1Michael PhelpsUSA51.72 (1 h6)50.86 (1 h1)51.21 (1)Gold
=2Chad le ClosRSA51.54 (1 h5)51.42 (1 h2)51.44 (=2)Silver
=2Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS51.84 (1 h4)51.85 (5 h2)51.44 (=2)Silver
=4Milorad ČavićSRB51.90 (2 h6)51.66 (3 h2)51.81 (=4)
=4Steffen DeiblerGER51.92 (3 h5)51.76 (2 h1)51.81 (=4)
6Joeri VerlindenNED52.07 (3 h6)51.75 (4 h2)51.82 (6)
7Tyler McGillUSA51.95 (2 h4)51.61 (2 h2)51.88 (7)
8Konrad CzerniakPOL51.85 (2 h5)51.78 (3 h1)52.05 (8)
9Dinko JukicAUT52.22 (2 h3)51.99 (6 h2)
10Nikolay SkvortsovRUS52.12 (5 h6)52.03 (7 h2)
11Chris WrightAUS52.11 (4 h6)52.11 (4 h1)
12Jason DunfordKEN52.23 (4 h5)52.16 (8 h2)
13Zhou JiaweiCHN52.06 (3 h4)52.30 (5 h1)
=14Benjamin StarkeGER52.36 (4 h4)52.40 (=6 h1)
=14Bence PulaiHUN52.19 (1 h3)52.40 (=6 h1)
16François HeersbrandtBEL52.22 (6 h6)52.71 (8 h1)
17Takeshi MatsudaJPN52.36 (7 h6)
18Ivan LenđerSRB52.40 (5 h5)
19Peter MankočSLO52.44 (3 h3)
20Lars FrölanderSWE52.47 (5 h4)
21Takuro FujiiJPN52.49 (6 h5)
22Matteo RivoltaITA52.50 (6 h4)
23Jayden HadlerAUS52.52 (7 h5)
24Michael RockGBR52.56 (7 h4)
25Ryan PiniPNG52.68 (4 h3)
26Jang Gyu-CheolKOR52.69 (5 h3)
27Joe BartochCAN53.09 (6 h3)
28 Kaio MárcioBRA53.14 (8 h4)
29Albert SubiratsVEN53.18 (8 h5)
30Clément LefertFRA53.22 (7 h3)
31Antony JamesGBR53.25 (8 h6)
32Simão MorgadoPOR53.26 (8 h3)
33Dominik MeichtrySUI53.40 (1 h2)
34Paval SankovichBLR53.47 (2 h2)
35Joseph SchoolingSGP53.63 (3 h2)
36Ben HockinPAR53.65 (4 h2)
37Daniel BellNZL53.76 (5 h2)
38Yevgeni LazukaAZE53.86 (6 h2)
39Vytautas JanušaitisLTU54.17 (7 h2)
40Stefanos DimitriadisGRE54.20 (8 h2)
41Sofyan El-GadiLBA56.99 (1 h1)
42Mohanad Al-AzzawiIRQ1:00.71 (2 h1)
43Khalid BabaBRN1:04.05 (3 h1)

Round One (2 August 2012 — 11:14)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (11:14)

14Sofyan El-GadiLBA56.990.71
25Mohanad Al-AzzawiIRQ1:00.710.81
33Khalid BabaBRN1:04.050.67

Heat Two (11:17)

17Dominik MeichtrySUI53.400.65
24Paval SankovichBLR53.470.79
35Joseph SchoolingSGP53.630.66
43Ben HockinPAR53.650.80
51Daniel BellNZL53.760.64
68Yevgeni LazukaAZE53.860.72
76Vytautas JanušaitisLTU54.170.76
82Stefanos DimitriadisGRE54.200.79

Heat Three (11:19)

16Bence PulaiHUN52.190.68Q
27Dinko JukicAUT52.220.70Q
35Peter MankočSLO52.440.66
42Ryan PiniPNG52.680.70
54Jang Gyu-CheolKOR52.690.64
61Joe BartochCAN53.090.67
73Clément LefertFRA53.220.64
88Simão MorgadoPOR53.260.63

Heat Four (11:22)

13Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS51.840.73Q
24Tyler McGillUSA51.950.62Q
37Zhou JiaweiCHN52.060.71Q
45Benjamin StarkeGER52.360.75Q1
51Lars FrölanderSWE52.470.66
68Matteo RivoltaITA52.500.70
76Michael RockGBR52.560.64
82 Kaio MárcioBRA53.140.65

Heat Five (11:25)

17Chad le ClosRSA51.540.72Q
24Konrad CzerniakPOL51.850.76Q
36Steffen DeiblerGER51.920.69Q
45Jason DunfordKEN52.230.69Q
51Ivan LenđerSRB52.400.70
63Takuro FujiiJPN52.490.64
72Jayden HadlerAUS52.520.63
88Albert SubiratsVEN53.180.70

Heat Six (11:27)

14Michael PhelpsUSA51.720.70Q
25Milorad ČavićSRB51.900.75Q
36Joeri VerlindenNED52.070.71Q
43Chris WrightAUS52.110.69Q
52Nikolay SkvortsovRUS52.120.71Q
61François HeersbrandtBEL52.220.69Q
78Takeshi MatsudaJPN52.360.682
87Antony JamesGBR53.250.65

Semi-Finals (2 August 2012 — 20:56)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:56)

14Michael PhelpsUSA50.860.71Q
23Steffen DeiblerGER51.760.68Q
35Konrad CzerniakPOL51.780.77Q
42Chris WrightAUS52.110.72
56Zhou JiaweiCHN52.300.72
=68Benjamin StarkeGER52.400.80
=67Bence PulaiHUN52.400.68
81François HeersbrandtBEL52.710.76

Heat Two (21:01)

14Chad le ClosRSA51.420.72Q
26Tyler McGillUSA51.610.60Q
33Milorad ČavićSRB51.660.73Q
42Joeri VerlindenNED51.750.71Q
55Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS51.850.65Q
61Dinko JukicAUT51.990.70
77Nikolay SkvortsovRUS52.030.72
88Jason DunfordKEN52.160.67

Final (3 August 2012 — 19:38)

14Michael PhelpsUSA51.210.73
=25Chad le ClosRSA51.440.72
=28Yevgeny KorotyshkinRUS51.440.68
=46Milorad ČavićSRB51.810.74
=47Steffen DeiblerGER51.810.67
62Joeri VerlindenNED51.820.71
73Tyler McGillUSA51.880.61
81Konrad CzerniakPOL52.050.77