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Half-Heavyweight (≤78 kilograms), Women

Date11 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants18 from 18 countries

US judoka Kayla Harrison became the first American, and one of only 11 athletes in the sport, to successfully defend an Olympic judo title by winning her second gold in Rio. The enigmatic Harrison had suffered years of sexual abuse by one of her previous coaches. Later she founded Fearless, an organization helping other victims of sexual abuse, and after her second gold medal, the media speculated that she would exploit her popularity to become a Mixed Martial Arts professional, which she did in October 2016.

Although she was the lightest competitor in the field, it took Harrison, the world and Pan American Games champion, a total of only 8:04 min of fighting to win her four bouts, all prematurely by an Ippon (full point) with hold down and lock techniques. In the final she held second-seeded Audrey Tcheumeo of France just seconds before the four minutes elapsed in an Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame (cross lock) forcing her to tap out. In the semi-final, London 2012 bronze medalist Tcheumeo eliminated home favorite Mayra da Silva, who was also a 2012 bronze medalist. Da Silva, Harrison’s toughest rival over the years, won her second bronze medal while Slovenia’s Ana Velenšek,who fell victim to Harrison in the semi-final, won her first Olympic bronze. The reigning World Champion, Mami Umeki from Japan already dropped out after the first bout.

1Kayla HarrisonUSAGold
2Audrey TcheuméoFRASilver
=3Mayra AguiarBRABronze
=3Ana VelenšekSLOBronze
=5Yalennis CastilloCUB
=5Luise MalzahnGER
=7Abigél JoóHUN
=7Natalie PowellGBR
=9Zhang ZhehuiCHN
=9Mami UmekiJPN
=9Marhinde VerkerkNED
=9Viktoriya TurksUKR
=9Sol KyongPRK
=9Sarah MazouzGAB
=9Miranda GiambelliAUS
=9Daria PogorzelecPOL
=17Pürevjargalyn LkhamdegdMGL
=17Vanessa MballaCMR

Round One (11 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Kayla HarrisonUSA bye
Match 2 Zhang ZhehuiCHN bye
Match 3 Mami UmekiJPN bye
Match 4 Abigél JoóHUN Pürevjargalyn LkhamdegdMGL 1112/0001 KIK 3:06
Match 5 Marhinde VerkerkNED bye
Match 6 Yalennis CastilloCUB bye
Match 7 Ana VelenšekSLO bye
Match 8 Viktoriya TurksUKR bye
Match 9 Audrey TcheuméoFRA bye
Match 10 Sol KyongPRK bye
Match 11 Natalie PowellGBR bye
Match 12 Sarah MazouzGAB bye
Match 13 Mayra AguiarBRA bye
Match 14 Miranda GiambelliAUS bye
Match 15 Luise MalzahnGER bye
Match 16 Daria PogorzelecPOL Vanessa MballaCMR 0000/0003 P12 4:00

Round Two (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Kayla HarrisonUSA Zhang ZhehuiCHN 1000/0000 KKE 0:42
Match 2 Abigél JoóHUN Mami UmekiJPN 0022/0002 UMA 4:00
Match 3 Yalennis CastilloCUB Marhinde VerkerkNED 0001/0002 P29 6:57 GS
Match 4 Ana VelenšekSLO Viktoriya TurksUKR 0010/0001 UNN 4:00
Match 5 Audrey TcheuméoFRA Sol KyongPRK 1001/0000 HRG 2:43
Match 6 Natalie PowellGBR Sarah MazouzGAB 1001/0002 HRG 2:11
Match 7 Mayra AguiarBRA Miranda GiambelliAUS 1000/0000 KEG 0:39
Match 8 Luise MalzahnGER Daria PogorzelecPOL 0001/0002 P29 4:00

Quarter-Finals (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Kayla HarrisonUSA Abigél JoóHUN 1000/0001 KKS 1:45
Match 2 Ana VelenšekSLO Yalennis CastilloCUB 1000/0000 JGT 1:01
Match 3 Audrey TcheuméoFRA Natalie PowellGBR 0000/0002 P29 4:00
Match 4 Mayra AguiarBRA Luise MalzahnGER 0000/0001 P12 4:00

Repêchage (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Yalennis CastilloCUB Abigél JoóHUN 0012/0000 YGU 4:00
Match 2 Luise MalzahnGER Natalie PowellGBR 1001/0000 TNO 2:25

Semi-Finals (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Kayla HarrisonUSA Ana VelenšekSLO 1000/0000 JGT 1:43
Match 2 Audrey TcheuméoFRA Mayra AguiarBRA 0001/0002 P27 4:00

Final Round (11 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Mayra AguiarBRA Yalennis CastilloCUB 0010/0001 TOS 4:00
Match 3/5 Ana VelenšekSLO Luise MalzahnGER 1000/0001 OEJ 2:59
Match 1/2 Kayla HarrisonUSA Audrey TcheuméoFRA 1000/0002 JGT 3:54