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High Jump, Women

Date18 – 20 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants35 from 26 countries

The women’s high jump had no clear favorite, but it did have a very large final field, as 17 jumpers succeeded at the automatic qualifying height of 1.94 metres. All 17 cleared the final’s opening height of 1.88 metres, and 12 jumpers were also successful at 1.93. At 1.97 metres the field thinned out, as only four competitors succeeded – Spain’s Ruth Beitia, Bulgarian Mirela Demireva, Croatian Blanka Vlašić, and American Chaunte Lowe, with Beitia and Demireva clearing on their first attempts, while Vlašić had one failure, and Lowe needed three attempts. Beitia was in the lead, however, as Demireva had a miss at the opening height. When all four jumpers failed at 2.00 metres, Beitia won the gold medal, with Demireva getting silver, and Vlašić bronze.

Beitia was in her fourth Olympics, winning her first medal at age 37. Vlašić was competing in her fifth Olympics, adding this bronze to the silver she had won at Beijing in 2008. Lowe was also a veteran, competing at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, and she had come back from three pregnancy leaves. One other jumper who received a lot of pre-Games publicity was American Vashti Cunningham, the 2016 World Indoor Champion. She was only 17-years-old and was also the daughter of former NFL player Randall Cunningham. She cleared 1.88 in the final, but finished in a tie for 13th.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1618Ruth BeitíaESP1.94 (=1)1.97 (1)Gold
2457Mirela DemirevaBUL1.94 (=9)1.97 (2)Silver
3566Blanka VlašićCRO1.94 (=1)1.97 (3)Bronze
41353Chaunté LoweUSA1.94 (=1)1.97 (4)
5875Alessia TrostITA1.94 (=7)1.93 (5)
6981Levern SpencerLCA1.94 (=1)1.93 (6)
=71231Sofie SkoogSWE1.94 (=7)1.93 (=7)
=7755Marie-Laurence JungfleischGER1.94 (12)1.93 (=7)
91110Kamila LićwinkoPOL1.94 (=9)1.93 (9)
=10706Morgan LakeGBR1.94 (=15)1.93 (=10)
=101358Inika McPhersonUSA1.94 (=1)1.93 (=10)
=101279Iryna HerashchenkoUKR1.94 (13)1.93 (=10)
=13987Airinė PalšytėLTU1.94 (11)1.88 (=13)
=131390Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.94 (=1)1.88 (=13)
=131334Vashti CunninghamUSA1.94 (=15)1.88 (=13)
16871Desiree RossitITA1.94 (=15)1.88 (16)
17498Alyxandria TreasureCAN1.94 (14)1.88 (17)
18 r1/2592Michaela HrubáCZE1.92 (18)
19 r1/21289Yuliya LevchenkoUKR1.92 (19)
20 r1/21386Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.92 (20)
21 r1/21182Maruša ČernjulSLO1.92 (21)
=22 r1/2335Eleanor PattersonAUS1.89 (=22)
=22 r1/2565Ana ŠimićCRO1.89 (=22)
=22 r1/21297Oksana OkunievaUKR1.89 (=22)
25 r1/2980Jeannelle ScheperLCA1.89 (25)
26 r1/2662Linda SandblomFIN1.89 (26)
27 r1/21050Doreen AmataNGR1.89 (27)
28 r1/2306Priscilla FrederickANT1.89 (28)
=29 r1/21226Erika KinseySWE1.85 (=29)
=29 r1/21178Lissa LabicheSEY1.85 (=29)
31 r1/2368Akela JonesBAR1.85 (31)
=32 r1/2588Leontia KallenouCYP1.80 (=32)
=32 r1/2735Valentina LiashenkoGEO1.80 (=32)
=32 r1/21067Tonje AngelsenNOR1.80 (=32)
=32 r1/2820Barbara SzabóHUN1.80 (=32)
DNS380Nafi ThiamBEL– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (18 August 2016 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.94 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Chaunté LoweUSA1.9400Q
=1Levern SpencerLCA1.9400Q
=1Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.9400Q
=1Blanka VlašićCRO1.9400Q
=1Ruth BeitíaESP1.9400Q
=1Inika McPhersonUSA1.9400Q
=7Sofie SkoogSWE1.9401Q
=7Alessia TrostITA1.9401Q
=9Mirela DemirevaBUL1.9402Q
=9Kamila LićwinkoPOL1.9402Q
11Airinė PalšytėLTU1.9412Q
12Marie-Laurence JungfleischGER1.9413Q
13Iryna HerashchenkoUKR1.9422Q
14Alyxandria TreasureCAN1.9423Q
=15Morgan LakeGBR1.9424Q
=15Desiree RossitITA1.9424Q
=15Vashti CunninghamUSA1.9424Q
18Michaela HrubáCZE1.9200
19Yuliya LevchenkoUKR1.9201
20Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.9212
21Maruša ČernjulSLO1.9222
=22Eleanor PattersonAUS1.8900
=22Ana ŠimićCRO1.8900
=22Oksana OkunievaUKR1.8900
25Jeannelle ScheperLCA1.8901
26Linda SandblomFIN1.8912
27Doreen AmataNGR1.8913
28Priscilla FrederickANT1.8924
=29Erika KinseySWE1.8500
=29Lissa LabicheSEY1.8500
31Akela JonesBAR1.8511
=32Leontia KallenouCYP1.8011
=32Valentina LiashenkoGEO1.8011
=32Tonje AngelsenNOR1.8011
=32Barbara SzabóHUN1.8011
DNSNafi ThiamBEL

Qualifying Round, Group A (18 August 2016 — 10:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.85 m1.85 m1.89 m1.92 m1.94 m
=1Chaunté LoweUSA1.9400oooooQ
=1Levern SpencerLCA1.9400oooooQ
3Mirela DemirevaBUL1.9402oooxxooQ
4Iryna HerashchenkoUKR1.9422ooooxxoQ
=5Morgan LakeGBR1.9424oooxxoxxoQ
=5Desiree RossitITA1.9424ooxxooxxoQ
=5Vashti CunninghamUSA1.9424--xoxoxxoQ
8Michaela HrubáCZE1.9200ooooxxx
9Yuliya LevchenkoUKR1.9201ooxooxxx
10Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.9212ooxoxoxxx
=11Eleanor PattersonAUS1.8900--oxxx
=11Ana ŠimićCRO1.8900--oxxx
13Doreen AmataNGR1.8913ooxoxxx
14Priscilla FrederickANT1.8924ooxxoxxx
15Erika KinseySWE1.8500ooxxx
16Akela JonesBAR1.8511ooxxx
=17Leontia KallenouCYP1.8011xoxo
=17Valentina LiashenkoGEO1.8011xoxo

Qualifying Round, Group B (18 August 2016)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.85 m1.85 m1.89 m1.92 m1.94 m
=1Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.9400oooooQ
=1Blanka VlašićCRO1.9400--oooQ
=1Ruth BeitíaESP1.9400--oooQ
=1Inika McPhersonUSA1.9400---ooQ
=5Sofie SkoogSWE1.9401ooxoooQ
=5Alessia TrostITA1.9401ooxoooQ
7Kamila LićwinkoPOL1.9402--xoxooQ
8Airinė PalšytėLTU1.9412oooxoxoQ
9Marie-Laurence JungfleischGER1.9413oooxxoxoQ
10Alyxandria TreasureCAN1.9423oooxoxxoQ
11Maruša ČernjulSLO1.9222oooxxoxxx
12Oksana OkunievaUKR1.8900oooxxx
13Jeannelle ScheperLCA1.8901xoxooxxx
14Linda SandblomFIN1.8912ooxoxxx
15Lissa LabicheSEY1.8500ooxxx
=16Tonje AngelsenNOR1.8011xoxo
=16Barbara SzabóHUN1.8011xoxo
DNSNafi ThiamBEL

Final Round (20 August 2016 — 20:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.88 m1.93 m1.97 m2.00 m
1Ruth BeitíaESP1.9700oooxxx
2Mirela DemirevaBUL1.9701xoooxxx
3Blanka VlašićCRO1.9713xoxoxoxxx
4Chaunté LoweUSA1.9722ooxxoxxx
5Alessia TrostITA1.9300ooxxx
6Levern SpencerLCA1.9301xooxxx
=7Sofie SkoogSWE1.9311oxoxxx
=7Marie-Laurence JungfleischGER1.9311oxoxxx
9Kamila LićwinkoPOL1.9312xoxoxxx
=10Morgan LakeGBR1.9322oxxoxxx
=10Inika McPhersonUSA1.9322oxxoxxx
=10Iryna HerashchenkoUKR1.9322oxxoxxx
=13Airinė PalšytėLTU1.8800oxxx
=13Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.8800oxxx
=13Vashti CunninghamUSA1.8800oxxx
16Desiree RossitITA1.8811xoxxx
17Alyxandria TreasureCAN1.8822xxoxxx