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Solo, Women

Date8 – 12 August 1984 — 10:00-14:00-13:30-14:30 (all days)
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants50 from 21 countries

The heavy favorite was American Tracie Ruiz, winner of the 1982 World Championships and 1983 Pan-American Games. Her competition was expected to come from one of two Canadians, either Sharon Hambrook, runner-up at the 1983 Pan-American Games, or Kelly Kryczka, who was runner-up at the 1982 World Championships. But Hambrook and Kryczka competed at Los Angeles and did not qualify for the finals, as only one swimmer from each nation could advance to the final. Ruiz dominated the competition, easily winning both the preliminary round and the finals. The silver medal went to Carolyn Waldo, teammate of Hambrook and Kryczka, who previously had no significant international record. A few days before the solo final, Ruiz had paired with Candy Costie to win the duet.

1Tracie RuizUSAGold
2Carolyn WaldoCANSilver
3Miwako MotoyoshiJPNBronze
4Marijke EngelenNED
5Gudrun HänischFRG
6Caroline HolmyardGBR
7Muriel HermineFRA
8Karin SingerSUI
9Ana AmicarellaVEN
10Alexandra WorischAUT
11Chemene SinsónBAR
12Donella BurridgeAUS
13Paula CarvalhoBRA
14Antonella TerenziITA
15Patricia SerneelsBEL
16Dahlia MokbelEGY
17Rosa CostaESP
DNS r2/3Esther CroesAHODNQ
AC r1/3Sharon HambrookCANDNQ
AC r1/3Kelly KryczkaCANDNQ
AC r1/3Candy CostieUSADNQ
AC r1/3Sarah JosephsonUSADNQ
AC r1/3Carolyn WilsonGBRDNQ
AC r1/3Saeko KimuraJPNDNQ
AC r1/3Kazuno FujiwaraJPNDNQ
AC r1/3Amanda DoddGBRDNQ
AC r1/3Edith BossSUIDNQ
AC r1/3Pilar RamírezMEXDNQ
AC r1/3Caroline SturzeneggerSUIDNQ
AC r1/3Claudia NoveloMEXDNQ
AC r1/3Catrien EijkenNEDDNQ
AC r1/3Marjolein PhilipsenNEDDNQ
AC r1/3Pascale BessonFRADNQ
AC r1/3 TessaBRADNQ
AC r1/3Christine LangFRGDNQ
AC r1/3Odile PetitFRADNQ
AC r1/3Gerlind SchellerFRGDNQ
AC r1/3Eva-Maria EdingerAUTDNQ
AC r1/3Lourdes CandiniMEXDNQ
AC r1/3Lynette SadleirNZLDNQ
AC r1/3Maribel SolísDOMDNQ
AC r1/3Katie SadleirNZLDNQ
AC r1/3Lisa SteanesAUSDNQ
AC r1/3Mónica AntichESPDNQ
AC r1/3Ximena CariasDOMDNQ
AC r1/3Katia OverfeldtBELDNQ
AC r1/3Sahar HelalEGYDNQ
AC r1/3Ana TarrésESPDNQ
AC r1/3Sahar YoussefEGYDNQ
AC r1/3Nicole HoevertszAHODNQ

Figures (8 August 1984 — 10:00-12:00-13:30-14:30)

The technical figure competition served as a qualifying round for the solo and duet event. The top 18, one per nation, from the technical figures advanced to the qualifying round of the solo event. The figure scores counted towards the qualifying and the final score.

1Tracie RuizUSA99.467Q
2Carolyn WaldoCAN96.700Q
3Sharon HambrookCAN96.233
4Kelly KryczkaCAN95.834
5Candy CostieUSA93.700
6Sarah JosephsonUSA93.267
7Carolyn WilsonGBR91.900
8Saeko KimuraJPN91.733
9Kazuno FujiwaraJPN91.566
10Amanda DoddGBR90.466
11Miwako MotoyoshiJPN90.250Q
12Marijke EngelenNED89.232Q
13Gudrun HänischFRG87.817Q
14Caroline HolmyardGBR87.400Q
15Muriel HermineFRA87.334Q
16Karin SingerSUI87.183Q
17Edith BossSUI87.034
18Pilar RamírezMEX85.434
19Caroline SturzeneggerSUI85.184
20Ana AmicarellaVEN85.100Q
21Claudia NoveloMEX84.983
22Catrien EijkenNED84.883
23Marjolein PhilipsenNED84.867
24Pascale BessonFRA84.484
25Alexandra WorischAUT84.383Q
26 TessaBRA84.284
27Christine LangFRG83.966
28Odile PetitFRA81.433
29Gerlind SchellerFRG81.317
30Eva-Maria EdingerAUT81.150
31Paula CarvalhoBRA79.900Q
32Donella BurridgeAUS79.883Q
33Chemene SinsónBAR79.584Q
34Lourdes CandiniMEX79.550
35Lynette SadleirNZL79.500
36Maribel SolísDOM79.434
37Katie SadleirNZL79.383
38Antonella TerenziITA78.833Q
39Lisa SteanesAUS78.500
40Mónica AntichESP77.867
41Ximena CariasDOM76.199
42Katia OverfeldtBEL75.666
43Patricia SerneelsBEL75.066Q
44Dahlia MokbelEGY73.367Q
45Sahar HelalEGY70.049
46Ana TarrésESP69.234
47Rosa CostaESP69.083Q
48Sahar YoussefEGY67.165
49Esther CroesAHO66.067Q
50Nicole HoevertszAHO64.900

Qualifying (10 August 1984)

Top eight advanced to the final, based on score from the musical routine and technical figure round.

1Tracie RuizUSA197.66798.2099.467Q
2Carolyn WaldoCAN194.50097.8096.700Q
3Miwako MotoyoshiJPN185.85095.6090.250Q
4Marijke EngelenNED181.03291.8089.232Q
5Caroline HolmyardGBR180.40093.0087.400Q
6Gudrun HänischFRG180.21792.4087.817Q
7Muriel HermineFRA179.53492.2087.334Q
8Karin SingerSUI177.98390.8087.183Q
9Ana AmicarellaVEN173.70088.6085.100
10Alexandra WorischAUT173.38389.0084.383
11Chemene SinsónBAR167.18487.6079.584
12Donella BurridgeAUS166.28386.4079.883
13Paula CarvalhoBRA165.70085.8079.900
14Antonella TerenziITA165.03386.2078.833
15Patricia SerneelsBEL160.66685.6075.066
16Dahlia MokbelEGY155.76782.4073.367
17Rosa CostaESP149.88380.8069.083

Final (12 August 1984)

Score composed of scores from the musical routine and technical figure round.

1Tracie RuizUSA198.46799.0099.467
2Carolyn WaldoCAN195.30098.6096.700
3Miwako MotoyoshiJPN187.05096.8090.250
4Marijke EngelenNED182.63293.4089.232
5Gudrun HänischFRG182.01794.2087.817
6Caroline HolmyardGBR182.00094.6087.400
7Muriel HermineFRA180.53493.2087.334
8Karin SingerSUI178.38391.2087.183