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Solo, Women

Date2 – 6 August 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants53 from 22 countries

The favorite was Canadian Sylvie Fréchette, the 1991 World Champion and World Cup Champion. But only a week before the Olympics, she returned to her home to find the body of her boyfriend, Sylvain Lake, who had committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Fréchette had to overcome that, and was expected to be challenged by American Kristin Babb-Sprague, who was stronger in the freestyle final routine. Fréchette was expected to open a lead in the technical figures and had to maintain that lead. But in that segment, Brazilian judge Maria de Silveira gave Fréchette an unaccountably low score of 8.7. De Silveira maintained that she had made a mistake and hit the wrong button, and meant to give her a score of 9.7. But the score could not be changed, per the FINA rules. The Canadians appealed the decision after the technical figures, but this was overturned 11-2, the two dissenting votes coming from the Canadian members of the Jury of Appeal. This let Babb-Sprague take the lead after the technical figures, and Fréchette was unable to overcome that lead, as Babb-Sprague seemingly won the gold medal.

But that would not be the end of it. Dick Pound, powerful Canadian IOC Member, led a further appeal to have the results overturned. FINA eventually caved to the pressure and elected to declare Fréchette and Babb-Sprague as co-champions in October 1993, and the IOC awarded Fréchette a gold medal in December 1993. Though Babb-Sprague was not so popular in Canada, her husband, Ed Sprague, was, as he played major league baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays, and helped the Blue Jays win the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

=1Kristen Babb-SpragueUSA92.808 (1)191.328 (1)191.848 (=1)Gold
=1Sylvie FréchetteCAN92.557 (4)191.077 (2)191.717 (=1)Gold1
3Fumiko OkunoJPN89.016 (7)186.576 (3)187.056 (3)Bronze
4Olga SedakovaEUN88.346 (9)184.866 (4)185.106 (4)
5Anne CapronFRA86.689 (13)181.489 (5)182.449 (5)
6Christina ThalassinidouGRE85.884 (15)179.764 (6)180.244 (6)
7Kerry ShacklockGBR86.799 (12)178.999 (7)179.839 (7)
8Marjolijn BothNED85.834 (16)178.914 (8)179.354 (8)
9María Elena GiustiVEN84.973 (22)178.813 (9)
10Tan MinCHN85.257 (19)178.457 (10)
11Sonia CárdenasMEX84.976 (21)178.336 (11)
12Paola CelliITA83.610 (33)176.250 (12)
13Eva LópezESP84.379 (28)176.099 (13)
14Monika MüllerGER84.147 (29)174.347 (14)
15Claudia PeczinkaSUI84.581 (25)174.341 (15)
16Gláucia SoutinhoBRA83.383 (35)173.063 (16)
17Beatrix MüllnerAUT82.363 (40)172.603 (17)
18Semon RohloffAUS81.769 (44)171.969 (18)
19Liisa LaurilaFIN81.765 (45)169.885 (19)
20Lucie SvrčinováTCH80.755 (46)167.395 (20)
21Marija SenicaIOA68.072 (51)147.152 (21)
AC r1/3Celeste FerrarisAUS82.330 (41)DNQ
AC r1/3Christine MüllnerAUT83.207 (36)DNQ
AC r1/3Fernanda VeiranoBRA82.396 (39)DNQ
AC r1/3Cristiana LoboBRA79.906 (48)DNQ
AC r1/3Penny VilagosCAN89.534 (6)DNQ
AC r1/3Vicky VilagosCAN91.175 (5)DNQ
AC r1/3Guan ZewenCHN84.775 (23)DNQ
AC r1/3Wang XiaojieCHN84.752 (24)DNQ
AC r1/3Marta AmorósESP83.907 (31)DNQ
AC r1/3Núria AyalaESP81.946 (43)DNQ
AC r1/3Anna KozlovaEUN86.540 (14)DNQ
AC r1/3Yelena DolzhenkoEUN87.590 (11)DNQ
AC r1/3Marianne AeschbacherFRA85.702 (18)DNQ
AC r1/3Karine SchulerFRA85.731 (17)DNQ
AC r1/3Laila VakilGBR83.934 (30)DNQ
AC r1/3Natasha HaynesGBR84.495 (27)DNQ
AC r1/3Margit SchreibGER80.594 (47)DNQ
AC r1/3Maja KosIOA67.174 (52)DNQ
AC r1/3Vanja MičetaIOA64.865 (53)DNQ
AC r1/3Giovanna BurlandoITA82.525 (38)DNQ
AC r1/3Mikako KotaniJPN88.590 (8)DNQ
AC r1/3Aki TakayamaJPN87.920 (10)DNQ
AC r1/3Elizabeth CervantesMEX84.538 (26)DNQ
AC r1/3Lourdes OliveraMEX82.686 (37)DNQ
AC r1/3Frouke van BeekNED83.495 (34)DNQ
AC r1/3Tamara ZwartNED85.016 (20)DNQ
AC r1/3Amanda TaylorRSA75.821 (49)DNQ
AC r1/3Loren WulfsohnRSA72.633 (50)DNQ
AC r1/3Caroline ImoberdorfSUI82.043 (42)DNQ
AC r1/3Rahel HobiSUI83.723 (32)DNQ
AC r1/3Karen JosephsonUSA92.564 (3)DNQ
AC r1/3Sarah JosephsonUSA92.587 (2)DNQ


Date5 August 1992 — 8:00
FormatThe technical figure competition served as a qualifying round for the solo and duet event. All swimmers performed individually, with scores for the duets being the average of the two swimmers. The figure scores counted towards the qualifying and the final score.
1Kristen Babb-SpragueUSA92.808Q
2Sarah JosephsonUSA92.587
3Karen JosephsonUSA92.564
4Sylvie FréchetteCAN92.557Q
5Vicky VilagosCAN91.175
6Penny VilagosCAN89.534
7Fumiko OkunoJPN89.016Q
8Mikako KotaniJPN88.590
9Olga SedakovaEUN88.346Q
10Aki TakayamaJPN87.920
11Yelena DolzhenkoEUN87.590
12Kerry ShacklockGBR86.799Q
13Anne CapronFRA86.689Q
14Anna KozlovaEUN86.540
15Christina ThalassinidouGRE85.884Q
16Marjolijn BothNED85.834Q
17Karine SchulerFRA85.731
18Marianne AeschbacherFRA85.702
19Tan MinCHN85.257Q
20Tamara ZwartNED85.016
21Sonia CárdenasMEX84.976Q
22María Elena GiustiVEN84.973Q
23Guan ZewenCHN84.775
24Wang XiaojieCHN84.752
25Claudia PeczinkaSUI84.581Q
26Elizabeth CervantesMEX84.538
27Natasha HaynesGBR84.495
28Eva LópezESP84.379Q
29Monika MüllerGER84.147Q
30Laila VakilGBR83.934
31Marta AmorósESP83.907
32Rahel HobiSUI83.723
33Paola CelliITA83.610Q
34Frouke van BeekNED83.495
35Gláucia SoutinhoBRA83.383Q
36Christine MüllnerAUT83.207
37Lourdes OliveraMEX82.686
38Giovanna BurlandoITA82.525
39Fernanda VeiranoBRA82.396
40Beatrix MüllnerAUT82.363Q
41Celeste FerrarisAUS82.330
42Caroline ImoberdorfSUI82.043
43Núria AyalaESP81.946
44Semon RohloffAUS81.769Q
45Liisa LaurilaFIN81.765Q
46Lucie SvrčinováTCH80.755Q
47Margit SchreibGER80.594
48Cristiana LoboBRA79.906
49Amanda TaylorRSA75.821
50Loren WulfsohnRSA72.633
51Marija SenicaIOA68.072Q
52Maja KosIOA67.174
53Vanja MičetaIOA64.865

Qualifying Round

Date2 – 5 August 1992 — 15:00
FormatTop eight advanced to the final, based on score from the musical routine and technical figure round.
PosCompetitorNOCPointsMusical Routine PointsFigure Points
1Kristen Babb-SpragueUSA191.32898.5292.808Q
2Sylvie FréchetteCAN191.07798.5292.557Q
3Fumiko OkunoJPN186.57697.5689.016Q
4Olga SedakovaEUN184.86696.5288.346Q
5Anne CapronFRA181.48994.8086.689Q
6Christina ThalassinidouGRE179.76493.8885.884Q
7Kerry ShacklockGBR178.99992.2086.799Q
8Marjolijn BothNED178.91493.0885.834Q
9María Elena GiustiVEN178.81393.8484.973
10Tan MinCHN178.45793.2085.257
11Sonia CárdenasMEX178.33693.3684.976
12Paola CelliITA176.25092.6483.610
13Eva LópezESP176.09991.7284.379
14Monika MüllerGER174.34790.2084.147
15Claudia PeczinkaSUI174.34189.7684.581
16Gláucia SoutinhoBRA173.06389.6883.383
17Beatrix MüllnerAUT172.60390.2482.363
18Semon RohloffAUS171.96990.2081.769
19Liisa LaurilaFIN169.88588.1281.765
20Lucie SvrčinováTCH167.39586.6480.755
21Marija SenicaIOA147.15279.0868.072


Date6 August 1992 — 15:00
FormatScore composed of scores from the musical routine and technical figure round.
PosCompetitorNOCPointsMusical Routine PointsFigure Points
=1Kristen Babb-SpragueUSA191.84899.0492.808
=1Sylvie FréchetteCAN191.71799.1692.5572
3Fumiko OkunoJPN187.05698.0489.016
4Olga SedakovaEUN185.10696.7688.346
5Anne CapronFRA182.44995.7686.689
6Christina ThalassinidouGRE180.24494.3685.884
7Kerry ShacklockGBR179.83993.0486.799
8Marjolijn BothNED179.35493.5285.834