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Running Target, Double Shot, Men

Date 3 July 1912 — 9:00
LocationEllenhill, Råsunda, Solna
Participants20 from 6 countries
Format100 metres. 20 shots per man, with two shots per run. 100 possible, 30 possible in shoot-offs. Ties decided by shoot-offs of three runs.

Although there were 45 entries for this event, only 20 shooters started, and 12 of the starters were Swedes. Swedish shooters finished in the first nine places and took 12 of the first 14 places. The winner, Åke Lundeberg, won medals in all three running deer events at Stockholm, but never again competed at the Olympics. He also competed in the two clay trap shooting events at Stockholm, but failed to medal in those.

1Åke LundebergSWE79GoldOR
2Edward BenedicksSWE74Silver
3Oscar SwahnSWE72Bronze
4Alf SwahnSWE68
5Per-Olof ArvidssonSWE68
6Anders LindskogSWE67
7Erik Sökjer-PetersénSWE65
8Emil LindewaldSWE64
9Gustaf LymanSWE61
10Charles, Baron de JaubertFRA60
11Walter WinansUSA59
12Hjalmar FrisellSWE58
13Johan EkmanSWE58
14Wilhelm DybäckSWE57
15Bill LeushnerUSA49
16Heinrich ElbogenAUT48
17Erland KochGER47
18Albert PreußGER47
19Dmitry BarkovRUS39
20Vasily SkrotskyRUS32