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Rapid-Fire Pistol, 25 metres, Men

Date 4 August 1948 — 8:00
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants59 from 22 countries
Format25 metres. 60 shots in two courses of 30.

A new format was used, replacing the 1932/1936 style of shooting. Each shooter took 60 shots from 25 metres, in two courses of 30. Each course consisted of six series of 5 shots fired while the target was in view. There were two series with the target in view for 8 seconds, two series with it in view for 6 seconds, and two series with it in view for 4 seconds. Scoring was first by number of targets hit, and then by score. The target was a silhouette figure of a man, 160 cm. in height and 45 cm. wide, with 10 scoring rings. The pistol or revolver had to be of .22 calibre. Most shooters used the Walther Olympia as in 1936, but the Italian Beretta was also popular. The top 22 shooters succeeded in hitting all targets so the competition came down to points scored. The event was won by Károly Takács of Hungary, who scored 580 points. In second was Carlos Enrique Díaz of Argentina, who was the reigning world champion and used a Colt Woodsman pistol, equipped with a compensator to reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Takács had been a top shooter before the War, and was a member of the Hungarian team that won the world team title at Luzern in 1939. He was on the national team from 1929 thru 1938 as a right-handed shooter. But in September 1938, during Army maneuvers, a grenade blew off his right hand. He taught himself to shoot left-handed and was good enough by 1939 to re-make the national team.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTargets HitRound 1 PointsRound 2 Points10s
1Károly TakácsHUN58060286294GoldWR
2Carlos Enrique Díaz Sáenz ValienteARG57160285286Silver
3Sven LundquistSWE56960282287Bronze
4Torsten UllmanSWE56460286278
5Leo RaviloFIN5636028028336
6Väinö HeusalaFIN5636028328034
7Lajos BörzsönyiHUN56260280282
8Birger Bühring-AndersenNOR55960276283
9Michelangelo BorrielloITA55760275282
10Charles des JamonièresFRA55560280275
11Konstantinos MylonasGRE5546027927528
12Charles WillottGBR5546027328126
13Bob ChowUSA55360277276
14Ernesto Montemayor, Sr.MEX55060278272
15Walter BoninsegniITA54960274275
16Odd Bonde NielsenNOR5466027027623
17Luis PalomoESP5466027227420
18Francisco BustamenteMEX53960267272
19Hernando HernándezCUB53260273259
20Rudolf SchnyderSUI53160262269
21Roberto MüllerCHI52860261267
22José Maria FerreiraPOR52460253271
23Philip RoettingerUSA55459267287
24Claes EgnellSWE5485927627235
25John LaytonUSA5485928026826
26Rafael CadalsoCUB5485927327525
27Henry SteeleGBR54559268277
28Hans AasnæsNOR54459274270
29Jaakko RintanenFIN54359263280
30Pedro SimãoBRA5405926427623
31Axel, Baron LercheDEN5405927326721
32R. BouilletFRA53459260274
33Didier HesseFRA53359260273
34Álvaro dos Santos JúniorBRA52759250277
35Froilán TantaleánPER52059263257
36Georgios VichosGRE51859269249
37Raúl ValderramaPER50659257249
38Ambrus BaloghHUN55558268287
39Henry SwireGBR53858267271
40Martin GisonPHI53058259271
41Charles VillholthDEN52358265258
42Ignacio CruzatCHI49658236260
43Carlos Rodríguez-FeoCUB53357278255
44Guadalupe AlanísMEX52957268261
45José RogerARG51357243270
46José AlonsoESP50057268232
47Pedro Peña y LilloCHI49657258238
48Enrique MendizábalPER48057230250
49Fernando BerniniITA52856281247
50Dionisio FernándezARG51156236275
51Gregers MünterDEN49856270228
52Paulus KesselsNED47956252227
53Vangelis ChrysafisGRE51155271240
54Carlos QueirozPOR48955235254
55Moysés CardosoPOR46455226238
56Alan SobocinskiBRA49054262228
57Khalil HilmiLBN42353228195
58Pelegrín EsteveESP44752238209
59Walter LienhardSUI41650213203