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Double Trap, Men

Date24 July 1996
LocationWolf Creek Shooting Complex, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants35 from 25 countries

This was the first time that double trap was shot at the Olympics since a somewhat similar event in 1906. The leaders with 141 in the preliminary round were Russell Mark (AUS) and Chinese Taipei’s Huang I-Chien. In the final round, Mark had 48 of 50 scores to win the gold medal by six shots. Huang hit only 37 of 50 to finish last of the six finalists.

1Russell MarkAUS189Gold
2Albano PeraITA183Silver
3Zhang BingCHN183Bronze
4Park Cheol-SeungKOR183
5Richard FauldsGBR180
6Huang I-ChienTPE178
7Li BoCHN138
8David AlcorizaUSA138
9Mirco CenciITA137
=10Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW136
=10Lance BadeUSA136
=12Francisco BozaPER135
=12Jean-Paul GrosFRA135
=12Kirk ReynoldsCAN135
=15Karsten BindrichGER133
=15Raimo KauppilaFIN133
=17Steve HabermanAUS131
=17Marc MennessierFRA131
=19Rod BollCAN130
=19Philippe DupontBEL130
=19Jiří GachCZE130
=22Frans PeetersBEL128
=22Waldemar SchanzGER128
24Károly GombosHUN127
=25Thomas AllenIRL126
=25Vladimír SlamkaSVK126
=27Zoltán BodóHUN125
=27George EarnshawPHI125
=27Kevin GillGBR125
30Khristos SotiropoulosGRE124
31Alp KızılsuTUR123
32Frans PaceMLT121
=33José ArteconaPUR120
=33Armand DousemontLUX120
35Michel DaouAHO113

Preliminary Round (24 July 1996 — 09:00)

150 targets in three series of 50. 150 possible. Top six advanced to 50-target final round.

=1Russell MarkAUS141474648
=1Huang I-ChienTPE141494646
3Zhang BingCHN140494546
=4Albano PeraITA139455044
=4Richard FauldsGBR139474646
6Park Cheol-SeungKOR1384743486
7Li BoCHN1384747445
8David AlcorizaUSA1384645471
9Mirco CenciITA137464744
=10Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW136484741
=10Lance BadeUSA136434548
=12Francisco BozaPER135454842
=12Jean-Paul GrosFRA135474345
=12Kirk ReynoldsCAN135434547
=15Karsten BindrichGER133464542
=15Raimo KauppilaFIN133424447
=17Steve HabermanAUS131454145
=17Marc MennessierFRA131424742
=19Rod BollCAN130404545
=19Philippe DupontBEL130474340
=19Jiří GachCZE130424741
=22Frans PeetersBEL128414245
=22Waldemar SchanzGER128424244
24Károly GombosHUN127404443
=25Thomas AllenIRL126414441
=25Vladimír SlamkaSVK126414441
=27Zoltán BodóHUN125424142
=27George EarnshawPHI125444140
=27Kevin GillGBR125434537
30Khristos SotiropoulosGRE124404539
31Alp KızılsuTUR123374640
32Frans PaceMLT121374143
=33José ArteconaPUR120434037
=33Armand DousemontLUX120423741
35Michel DaouAHO113423437

Final Round (24 July 1996 — 14:30)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Russell MarkAUS18914148
2Albano PeraITA183139447
3Zhang BingCHN183140436
4Park Cheol-SeungKOR183138452
5Richard FauldsGBR18013941
6Huang I-ChienTPE17814137