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Skeet, Men

Date21 – 22 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants41 from 32 countries

Italy’s Andrea Benelli had been the world record holder since 1996. Considered a favorite at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, he had managed only a single medal, bronze in 1996. The preliminary leader was Finland’s Marko Kemppainen, who was perfect with 125, and led Benelli by one bird. But Benelli shot a 25 possible in the final round to tie Kemppainen and force a shoot-off. In the shoot-off, both missed a target in the second round, but Kemppainen missed another in the third round, giving the gold to Benelli. The 2002 World Champion was Norway’s Harald Jensen. He made the final, surviving two rounds of shoot-offs to get in, but placed sixth with 145 targets.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Andrea BenelliITA149124 (2)149 (1)Gold
2Marko KemppainenFIN149125 (1)149 (2)Silver
3Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB147122 (3)147 (3)Bronze
4Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT147122 (4)147 (4)
5Shawn DuloheryUSA147122 (5)147 (5)
6Harald JensenNOR145122 (6)145 (6)
7Michael NielsenDEN122122 (7)
=8Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW121121 (=8)
=8Todd GravesUSA121121 (=8)
=8Jan SychraCZE121121 (=8)
=8Giorgos AchilleosCYP121121 (=8)
=8Mykola MilchevUKR121121 (=8)
=8Anthony TerrasFRA121121 (=8)
=8Erik WatndalNOR121121 (=8)
=15Jin DiCHN120120 (=15)
=15Sayed Al-MutairiKSA120120 (=15)
=15Sergey AksyutinRUS120120 (=15)
=15Valery ShominRUS120120 (=15)
=15Diego DuarteCOL120120 (=15)
=15Paul RahmanAUS120120 (=15)
=21Julio DujarricDOM119119 (=21)
=21Ennio FalcoITA119119 (=21)
=21Andrei InešinEST119119 (=21)
=21Georgios SalavantakisGRE119119 (=21)
=21Andrzej GłydaPOL119119 (=21)
=21Antonis NikolaidisCYP119119 (=21)
=21Guillermo TorresCUB119119 (=21)
=21Hennie DompelingNED119119 (=21)
=29Moustafa HamdyEGY118118 (=29)
=29George BartonAUS118118 (=29)
=31Jorge AtalahCHI117117 (=31)
=31Axel WegnerGER117117 (=31)
=31Michael MaskellBAR117117 (=31)
=34Amr El-GaiarEGY115115 (=34)
=34Richard BrickellGBR115115 (=34)
=34Jan-Cor van der GreefNED115115 (=34)
=37Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE114114 (=37)
=37Khurram InamPAK114114 (=37)
=37Lee Seok-TaeKOR114114 (=37)
40Ricky TehMAS113113 (40)
41Roger DahiSYR106106 (41)

Preliminary Round

Date21 – 22 August 2004
Format125 targets in five series of 25. 125 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsRound 2 PointsRound 3 PointsRound 4 PointsRound 5 PointsShoot-Off 1/2
1Marko KemppainenFIN1252525252525Q=WR
2Andrea BenelliITA1242425252525Q
3Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB1222325252524+4Q
4Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT1222424252524+4Q
5Shawn DuloheryUSA1222524252325+4Q
6Harald JensenNOR1222424242525+3/+2Q
7Michael NielsenDEN1222523252524+3/+1
=8Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW1212524242424
=8Todd GravesUSA1212525232424
=8Jan SychraCZE1212525242324
=8Giorgos AchilleosCYP1212424252325
=8Mykola MilchevUKR1212325242425
=8Anthony TerrasFRA1212523252325
=8Erik WatndalNOR1212522242525
=15Jin DiCHN1202425242522
=15Sayed Al-MutairiKSA1202425252422
=15Sergey AksyutinRUS1202524252323
=15Valery ShominRUS1202525252223
=15Diego DuarteCOL1202424252324
=15Paul RahmanAUS1202523242424
=21Julio DujarricDOM1192524242422
=21Ennio FalcoITA1192324242523
=21Andrei InešinEST1192425242323
=21Georgios SalavantakisGRE1192225242523
=21Andrzej GłydaPOL1192325232424
=21Antonis NikolaidisCYP1192324252324
=21Guillermo TorresCUB1192425242224
=21Hennie DompelingNED1192324242325
=29Moustafa HamdyEGY1182525212522
=29George BartonAUS1182523242323
=31Jorge AtalahCHI1172424232422
=31Axel WegnerGER1172325242223
=31Michael MaskellBAR1172323232325
=34Amr El-GaiarEGY1152422232323
=34Richard BrickellGBR1152324232124
=34Jan-Cor van der GreefNED1152423242024
=37Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE1142324232222
=37Khurram InamPAK1142424242022
=37Lee Seok-TaeKOR1142224222323
40Ricky TehMAS1132422232123
41Roger DahiSYR1062418232021

Final Round

Date22 August 2004 — 15:30
FormatTop six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round PointsShoot-Off
1Andrea BenelliITA14912425+5
2Marko KemppainenFIN14912524+4
3Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB14712225+10
4Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT14712225+9
5Shawn DuloheryUSA14712225+5
6Harald JensenNOR14512223