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1,000 metres, Men

Date22 February 1994
LocationOL-Amfi, Hamar
Participants31 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 1:30.76 WR / Kim Gi-Hun KOR / 20 February 1992

Although 1992 winner Kim Gi-Hun had lost the World Record he skated in the Albertville final, he was favoured to retain the title, with his compatriots Lee and Chae present as “back-up”. The South Koreans were expected to be challenged by the Canadians, notably World Champion Marc Gagnon.

Kim indeed reached the final, together with his younger team mate Chae. Gagnon crashed out in the semi-finals, European Champion Nicky Gooch (Britain) taking advantage. Canada was still represented in the final, by Derrick Campbell, who led a large part of the race. With three laps left, Gooch made his move and overtook the Canadian on the inside. But there was no room, and the two touched, leaving Campbell in the sideboards. This left room for Kim to make his move, and he easily defended his title, finishing ahead of Gooch and Chae. But the judges ruled that Gooch had obstructed Campbell, and he was disqualified, so that Chae moved up to the silver medal. The bronze medal was though to go to Campbell, who had gotten up and finished the race, until it was found that he had finished one lap too early, and was classified as a non-finisher. This left the bronze for the surprised winner of the B-final, Marc Gagnon.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
133Kim Gi-HunKORGold
232Chae Ji-HunKORSilver
310Marc GagnonCANBronze
430Satoru TeraoJPN
534Lee Jun-HoKOR
69Derrick CampbellCAN11DNF
720Nicky GoochGBR9DQ
88Frédéric BlackburnCAN12DQ
954Andy GabelUSA71:33.59
1053Eric FlaimUSA51:29.70
1139Bjørnar ElgetunNOR51:30.96
122Kieran HansenAUS51:32.34
135Richard NizielskiAUS41:29.93
1415Li LianliCHN41:32.16
1524Orazio FagoneITA31:32.19
1614Li JiajunCHN31:33.14
1750Martin JohanssonSWE21:32.50
1831Jun UematsuJPN21:32.67
1952John CoyleUSA21:32.92
2048Sergey KobyzevRUS21:33.07
2126Mirko VuillerminITA21:33.51
2221Wilf O'ReillyGBR21:33.57
2337Erik DuyvelshoffNED21:34.37
241Steven BradburyAUS22:01.89
2544Mike McMillenNZL11:32.65
2618Bruno LoscosFRA11:33.93
2745Andrew NicholsonNZL11:34.18
2846Chris NicholsonNZL11:34.91
2936Batchuluuny Bat-OrgilMGL11:40.41
3049Igor OzerovRUS11:44.38
316Geert BlanchartBEL0DQ

Round One (22 February 1994 — 19:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

14Marc GagnonCAN1:32.525Q
23Kieran HansenAUS1:32.963Q
31Mirko VuillerminITA1:33.512
42Batchuluuny Bat-OrgilMGL1:40.411

Heat Two

13Andy GabelUSA1:32.325Q
24Richard NizielskiAUS1:32.423Q
32Martin JohanssonSWE1:32.502
41Mike McMillenNZL1:32.651

Heat Three

11Satoru TeraoJPN1:31.115Q
22Nicky GoochGBR1:32.053Q
34John CoyleUSA1:32.922
43Igor OzerovRUS1:44.381

Heat Four

13Kim Gi-HunKOR1:33.635Q
21Eric FlaimUSA1:33.713Q
32Erik DuyvelshoffNED1:34.372

Heat Five

11Frédéric BlackburnCAN1:32.115Q
24Orazio FagoneITA1:32.193Q
32Sergey KobyzevRUS1:33.072
43Andrew NicholsonNZL1:34.181

Heat Six

14Lee Jun-HoKOR1:33.675Q
23Li LianliCHN1:34.523Q
31Steven BradburyAUS2:01.892
DQ2Geert BlanchartBEL

Heat Seven

13Derrick CampbellCAN1:33.005Q
21Li JiajunCHN1:33.143Q
34Wilf O'ReillyGBR1:33.572
42Bruno LoscosFRA1:33.931

Heat Eight

11Chae Ji-HunKOR1:32.115Q
22Bjørnar ElgetunNOR1:32.353Q
33Jun UematsuJPN1:32.672
44Chris NicholsonNZL1:34.911

Quarter-Finals (22 February 1994 — ca. 20:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

11Chae Ji-HunKOR1:31.405Q
22Derrick CampbellCAN1:31.823Q
34Kieran HansenAUS1:32.342
DQ3Orazio FagoneITA

Heat Two

12Lee Jun-HoKOR1:29.585QOR
21Satoru TeraoJPN1:29.643Q
34Eric FlaimUSA1:29.702
43Richard NizielskiAUS1:29.931

Heat Three

11Frédéric BlackburnCAN1:30.835Q
22Kim Gi-HunKOR1:30.893Q
33Bjørnar ElgetunNOR1:30.962
44Li LianliCHN1:32.161

Heat Four

12Marc GagnonCAN1:31.935Q
23Nicky GoochGBR1:32.003Q
31Andy GabelUSA1:33.592
DQ4Li JiajunCHN

Semi-Finals (22 February 1994)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

13Kim Gi-HunKOR1:31.695Q
24Nicky GoochGBR1:31.773Q
31Lee Jun-HoKOR1:31.932QB
42Marc GagnonCAN2:16.271QB

Heat Two

12Chae Ji-HunKOR1:31.565Q
24Derrick CampbellCAN1:36.123Q
31Frédéric BlackburnCAN1:41.712QB
43Satoru TeraoJPN1:43.581QB

Final Round (22 February 1994 — ca. 21:40)

B Final (ca. 21:30)

14Marc GagnonCAN1:33.03
22Satoru TeraoJPN1:33.39
33Lee Jun-HoKOR1:44.99
DQ1Frédéric BlackburnCAN

A Final (ca. 21:40)

11Kim Gi-HunKOR1:34.57
23Chae Ji-HunKOR1:34.92
DNF4Derrick CampbellCAN
DQ2Nicky GoochGBR