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Hammer Throw, Men

Date30 July 1928
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Participants16 from 11 countries

Pat O’Callaghan had only been throwing the hammer for a bit over a year in 1928. But he continued the Irish tradition of winning gold medals in this event, coming thru with his fifth throw to surpass Sweden’s Ossian Skiöld. Although an American had won the hammer throw at every previous Olympics, the winners in 1900-1920 were all born in Ireland. O’Callaghan would return in 1932 and defend his title.

1218Pat O'CallaghanIRL47.49 (3)51.39 (1)Gold
2864Ossian SkiöldSWE51.29 (1)51.29 (2)Silver
3502Ed BlackUSA49.03 (2)49.03 (3)Bronze
4236Armando PoggioliITA46.96 (5)48.37 (4)
5531Don GwinnUSA47.15 (4)47.15 (5)
6514Frank ConnerUSA46.75 (6)46.75 (6)
7 r1/2592Federico KlegerARG46.61 (7)
8 r1/2682Ricardo BayerCHI46.34 (8)
9 r1/2770Erik ErikssonFIN46.22 (9)
10 r1/2309Henk KamerbeekNED46.02 (10)
11 r1/2475Malcolm NokesGBR45.37 (11)
12 r1/2513Ken CaskeyUSA44.80 (12)
13 r1/2242Camillo ZemiITA44.47 (13)
14 r1/2855Carl Johan LindSWE44.46 (14)
15 r1/2258Yoshio OkitaJPN44.41 (15)
16 r1/2199Harald StenerudNOR41.06 (16)
DNS824Ðuro GašparYUG– (DNS)
DNS167Jesús AguirreMEX– (DNS)
DNS306Wim de HeusNED– (DNS)
DNS774Paavo HildénFIN– (DNS)
DNS107Robert Saint-PéFRA– (DNS)
DNS104Louis RaimbourgFRA– (DNS)
DNS113Pierre ZaïdinFRA– (DNS)
DNS93Charles LagardeFRA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (30 July 1928)

Top six (and ties) advanced to the final.

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup AGroup B
1864Ossian SkiöldSWE51.2951.29Q
2502Ed BlackUSA49.0349.03Q
3218Pat O'CallaghanIRL47.4947.49Q
4531Don GwinnUSA47.1547.15Q
5236Armando PoggioliITA46.9646.96Q
6514Frank ConnerUSA46.7546.75Q
7592Federico KlegerARG46.6146.61
8682Ricardo BayerCHI46.3446.34
9770Erik ErikssonFIN46.2246.22
10309Henk KamerbeekNED46.0246.02
11475Malcolm NokesGBR45.3745.37
12513Ken CaskeyUSA44.8044.80
13242Camillo ZemiITA44.4744.47
14855Carl Johan LindSWE44.4644.46
15258Yoshio OkitaJPN44.4144.41
16199Harald StenerudNOR41.0641.06
DNS824Ðuro GašparYUG
DNS167Jesús AguirreMEX
DNS306Wim de HeusNED
DNS774Paavo HildénFIN
DNS107Robert Saint-PéFRA
DNS104Louis RaimbourgFRA
DNS113Pierre ZaïdinFRA
DNS93Charles LagardeFRA

Final Round (30 July 1928 — 14:00)

1Pat O'CallaghanIRL51.39
2Ossian SkiöldSWE51.29
3Ed BlackUSA49.03
4Armando PoggioliITA48.37
5Don GwinnUSA47.15
6Frank ConnerUSA46.75