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Pole Vault, Men

Date24 – 26 July 1976
LocationStade olympique, Parc olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants27 from 13 countries

There were three favorites in 1976 – Americans Dave Roberts and Earl Bell, and Poland’s Władysław Kozakiewicz. But Kozakiewicz struggled, could only clear 5.25 (17-2¾), and finished 11th. Six vaulters remained in the competition after 5.45 (17-10½) – Roberts, Bell, Poland’s Tadeusz Ślusarski and Wojciech Buciarski, Finland’s Antti Kalliomäki, and France’s Patrick Abada. At 5.50 (18-0½), Abada and Bell passed. Ślusarski, Kalliomäki, and Roberts cleared that height on their first try, and Buciarski missed once and passed to 5.55 (18-2½). That was the end of the clearances. Roberts passed to 5.60 (18-4½) where he missed three times, while the other vaulters all missed at 5.55 (18-2½). Ślusarski won the gold on countback, using the fewest vaults tie-breaker, over Kalliomäki, as both had no misses thru 5.50 (18-0½). Roberts was bronze medalist as he had missed once at 5.35 (17-6½).

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1734Tadeusz ŚlusarskiPOL5.10 (=16)5.50 (1)Gold
2280Antti KalliomäkiFIN5.10 (=1)5.50 (2)Silver
3952Dave RobertsUSA5.10 (=1)5.50 (3)Bronze
4302Patrick AbadaFRA5.10 (=1)5.45 (4)
5705Wojciech BuciarskiPOL5.10 (=1)5.45 (5)
6910Earl BellUSA5.10 (=1)5.45 (6)
7307Jean-Michel BellotFRA5.10 (=19)5.40 (7)
8586Itsuo TakanezawaJPN5.10 (=12)5.40 (8)
9430Günther LohreFRG5.10 (=1)5.35 (9)
10898Yury ProkhorenkoURS5.10 (=1)5.25 (10)
11719Władysław KozakiewiczPOL5.10 (=1)5.25 (11)
1247Don BairdAUS5.10 (=19)5.25 (12)
=13885Vladimir KishkunURS5.10 (=16)5.20 (=13)
=13948Terry PorterUSA5.10 (=1)5.20 (=13)
15276Tapani HaapakoskiFIN5.10 (=12)5.20 (15)
16367Brian HooperGBR5.10 (18)5.00 (16)
AC r2/2173Bruce SimpsonCAN5.10 (=12)– (NH)
AC r2/2226Roberto MoréCUB5.10 (=12)– (NH)
AC r2/2341François TracanelliFRA5.10 (=1)– (NH)
AC r2/2818Kjell IsakssonSWE5.10 (=1)– (NH)
21 r1/249Ray BoydAUS5.00 (21)
22 r1/2177Ken WenmanCAN5.00 (22)
23 r1/2466Dimitrios KyteasGRE5.00 (23)
24 r1/2365Jeff GutteridgeGBR4.80 (24)
AC r1/2577Yoshiomi IwamaJPN– (NH)
AC r1/2820Ingemar JernbergSWE– (NH)
AC r1/2884Yury IsakovURS– (NH)
DNS42Rihan ObaidKSA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (24 July 1976 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 5.10 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts
=1Antti KalliomäkiFIN5.10001Q
=1Patrick AbadaFRA5.10001Q
=1François TracanelliFRA5.10001Q
=1Günther LohreFRG5.10001Q
=1Wojciech BuciarskiPOL5.10001Q
=1Władysław KozakiewiczPOL5.10001Q
=1Kjell IsakssonSWE5.10001Q
=1Yury ProkhorenkoURS5.10001Q
=1Earl BellUSA5.10001Q
=1Terry PorterUSA5.10001Q
=1Dave RobertsUSA5.10001Q
=12Bruce SimpsonCAN5.10002Q
=12Roberto MoréCUB5.10002Q
=12Tapani HaapakoskiFIN5.10002Q
=12Itsuo TakanezawaJPN5.10002Q
=16Tadeusz ŚlusarskiPOL5.10112Q
=16Vladimir KishkunURS5.10112Q
18Brian HooperGBR5.10124Q
=19Don BairdAUS5.10223Q
=19Jean-Michel BellotFRA5.10223Q
21Ray BoydAUS5.00001
22Ken WenmanCAN5.00002
23Dimitrios KyteasGRE5.00112
24Jeff GutteridgeGBR4.80001
NHYoshiomi IwamaJPN
NHIngemar JernbergSWE
NHYury IsakovURS
DNSRihan ObaidKSA

Qualifying Round, Group A (24 July 1976)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts4.80 m5.00 m5.10 m
=1Antti KalliomäkiFIN5.10001--o
=1Günther LohreFRG5.10001--o
=1Wojciech BuciarskiPOL5.10001--o
=1Władysław KozakiewiczPOL5.10001--o
=1Kjell IsakssonSWE5.10001--o
=1Yury ProkhorenkoURS5.10001--o
=1Earl BellUSA5.10001--o
=1Terry PorterUSA5.10001--o
=1Dave RobertsUSA5.10001--o
=10Tadeusz ŚlusarskiPOL5.10112--xo
=10Vladimir KishkunURS5.10112--xo
=12Don BairdAUS5.10223--xxo
=12Jean-Michel BellotFRA5.10223--xxo
NHYury IsakovURS

Qualifying Round, Group B (24 July 1976)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts4.80 m5.00 m5.10 m
=1Patrick AbadaFRA5.10001--o
=1François TracanelliFRA5.10001--o
=3Bruce SimpsonCAN5.10002-oo
=3Roberto MoréCUB5.10002-oo
=3Tapani HaapakoskiFIN5.10002-oo
=3Itsuo TakanezawaJPN5.10002-oo
7Brian HooperGBR5.10124-xoxo
8Ray BoydAUS5.00001-oxxx
9Ken WenmanCAN5.00002ooxxx
10Dimitrios KyteasGRE5.00112-xoxxx
11Jeff GutteridgeGBR4.80001oxxx
NHYoshiomi IwamaJPN
NHIngemar JernbergSWE
DNSRihan ObaidKSA

Final Round (26 July 1976 — 12:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts5.00 m5.10 m5.20 m5.25 m5.30 m5.35 m5.40 m5.45 m5.50 m5.55 m5.60 m
1Tadeusz ŚlusarskiPOL5.50003--o---o-oxxx=OR
2Antti KalliomäkiFIN5.50005-o--o-oooxxx=OR
3Dave RobertsUSA5.50013-----xo--o-xxx=OR
4Patrick AbadaFRA5.45124----xo--xo-xxx
5Wojciech BuciarskiPOL5.45125--o--xo-xox--xx-
6Earl BellUSA5.45225--o--o-xxo-xxx
7Jean-Michel BellotFRA5.40002---o--o-xxx
8Itsuo TakanezawaJPN5.40259xo-xo-xo-xxoxxx
9Günther LohreFRG5.35247-xo-xo-xxo-xxx
10Yury ProkhorenkoURS5.25001---o-xxx
11Władysław KozakiewiczPOL5.25112---xo---xxx
12Don BairdAUS5.25113-o-xo-xxx
=13Vladimir KishkunURS5.20001--o---xxx
=13Terry PorterUSA5.20001--o--xxx
15Tapani HaapakoskiFIN5.20013xo-o-xxx
16Brian HooperGBR5.00112xo-xxx
NHBruce SimpsonCAN
NHRoberto MoréCUB
NHFrançois TracanelliFRA
NHKjell IsakssonSWE