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Javelin Throw, Men

Date2 – 3 August 1996
LocationCentennial Olympic Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants34 from 21 countries

In May, Ján Železný had broken the world record with 98.48 (323-1¼), still the world’s best thru 2008. He had won the 1993 and 1995 World Champion and was a heavy favorite. In the final, Britain’s Steve Backley, the two-time European Champion, opened with 87.44 (286-10½) to lead. Železný surpassed that in round two with 88.16 (289-3) and those were their best throws, settling the gold and silver medals. Finland’s Seppo Räty came in third with his final toss, winning his third consecutive Olympic medal, but he would never get gold.

11313Jan ŽeleznýCZE86.52 (2)88.16 (1)Gold
21467Steve BackleyGBR84.14 (5)87.44 (2)Silver
31419Seppo RätyFIN83.66 (6)86.98 (3)Bronze
41548Raymond HechtGER83.24 (7)86.88 (4)
51550Boris HenryGER83.22 (8)85.68 (5)
62144Sergey MakarovRUS85.88 (3)85.30 (6)
71410Kimmo KinnunenFIN80.98 (10)84.02 (7)
82390Tom PukstysUSA84.70 (4)83.58 (8)
91530Peter BlankGER82.68 (9)81.82 (9)
101602Kostas GkatsioudisGRE87.12 (1)81.46 (10)
111234Zhang LianbiaoCHN79.88 (12)80.96 (11)
121487Mick HillGBR80.48 (11)78.58 (12)
13 r1/22003Pål Arne FagernesNOR79.78 (13)
14 r1/21406Harri HakkarainenFIN79.34 (14)
15 r1/22399Dave StephensUSA79.18 (15)
16 r1/22150Vladimir OvchinnikovRUS78.20 (16)
17 r1/22393Todd RiechUSA78.02 (17)
18 r1/21274Emeterio GonzálezCUB77.94 (18)
19 r1/21609Dimitrios PolymerouGRE77.82 (19)
20 r1/22029Edgar BaumannPAR77.74 (20)
21 r1/21041Andrew CurreyAUS77.28 (21)
22 r1/22148Andrey MoruyevRUS77.20 (22)
23 r1/22020Gavin LovegroveNZL77.12 (23)
24 r1/22417Sergey VoynovUZB76.30 (24)
25 r1/21501Nick NielandGBR75.74 (25)
26 r1/22260Dag WennlundSWE75.24 (26)
27 r1/22413Vladimir ParfyonovUZB73.96 (27)
28 r1/21279Isbel LuacesCUB73.84 (28)
29 r1/21677Terry McHughIRL72.84 (29)
30 r1/21383Donald-Aik SildEST72.54 (30)
31 r1/21827Chu Gi-YeongKOR71.42 (31)
32 r1/21984Pius BazigheNGR70.78 (32)
33 r1/22292Kirt ThompsonTTO68.02 (33)
AC r1/21137Uladzimir SasimovichBLR– (NM)

Qualifying Round (2 August 1996)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 83.00 metres advanced to the final.

1Kostas GkatsioudisGRE87.12Q
2Jan ŽeleznýCZE86.52Q
3Sergey MakarovRUS85.88Q
4Tom PukstysUSA84.70Q
5Steve BackleyGBR84.14Q
6Seppo RätyFIN83.66Q
7Raymond HechtGER83.24Q
8Boris HenryGER83.22Q
9Peter BlankGER82.68q
10Kimmo KinnunenFIN80.98q
11Mick HillGBR80.48q
12Zhang LianbiaoCHN79.88q
13Pål Arne FagernesNOR79.78
14Harri HakkarainenFIN79.34
15Dave StephensUSA79.18
16Vladimir OvchinnikovRUS78.20
17Todd RiechUSA78.02
18Emeterio GonzálezCUB77.94
19Dimitrios PolymerouGRE77.82
20Edgar BaumannPAR77.74
21Andrew CurreyAUS77.28
22Andrey MoruyevRUS77.20
23Gavin LovegroveNZL77.12
24Sergey VoynovUZB76.30
25Nick NielandGBR75.74
26Dag WennlundSWE75.24
27Vladimir ParfyonovUZB73.96
28Isbel LuacesCUB73.84
29Terry McHughIRL72.84
30Donald-Aik SildEST72.54
31Chu Gi-YeongKOR71.42
32Pius BazigheNGR70.78
33Kirt ThompsonTTO68.02
NMUladzimir SasimovichBLR

Qualifying Round, Group A (2 August 1996 — 9:30)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
110Kostas GkatsioudisGRE87.1287.12--
29Sergey MakarovRUS85.8885.88--
34Seppo RätyFIN83.6683.66--
412Raymond HechtGER83.2483.24--
51Peter BlankGER82.6882.68×-
613Kimmo KinnunenFIN80.987.82×80.98
717Mick HillGBR80.4877.12×80.48
86Pål Arne FagernesNOR79.7878.38×79.78
97Dave StephensUSA79.1877.9879.1879.18
108Emeterio GonzálezCUB77.94×77.9474.42
1111Edgar BaumannPAR77.74×75.9077.74
1215Gavin LovegroveNZL77.12×77.12×
132Sergey VoynovUZB76.3075.5876.3068.50
145Dag WennlundSWE75.2475.24××
153Terry McHughIRL72.8469.72×72.84
1614Chu Gi-YeongKOR71.42×70.3071.42
1716Kirt ThompsonTTO68.0268.02×64.12

Qualifying Round, Group B (2 August 1996 — 11:00)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
11Jan ŽeleznýCZE86.5286.52--
212Tom PukstysUSA84.7080.7081.3484.70
35Steve BackleyGBR84.1484.14--
47Boris HenryGER83.2283.22--
516Zhang LianbiaoCHN79.8876.2476.7679.88
617Harri HakkarainenFIN79.3477.9679.34×
79Vladimir OvchinnikovRUS78.2074.8876.1278.20
811Todd RiechUSA78.02×76.6878.02
915Dimitrios PolymerouGRE77.8276.98×77.82
106Andrew CurreyAUS77.2871.3476.5877.28
1113Andrey MoruyevRUS77.20×76.9677.20
123Nick NielandGBR75.7469.54×75.74
134Vladimir ParfyonovUZB73.9668.5473.9673.28
1410Isbel LuacesCUB73.8473.8473.20×
158Donald-Aik SildEST72.5472.54×68.28
162Pius BazigheNGR70.7868.0270.7865.70
NM14Uladzimir SasimovichBLR×××

Final Round (3 August 1996 — 18:55)

17Jan ŽeleznýCZE88.16×88.1682.6883.8686.0286.12
21Steve BackleyGBR87.4487.4485.66×80.7480.8885.64
38Seppo RätyFIN86.9883.4486.6676.5284.5281.7086.98
410Raymond HechtGER86.8883.8886.88×83.10×85.10
56Boris HenryGER85.6881.2485.68×82.5883.9484.08
64Sergey MakarovRUS85.3082.7285.3081.12×82.2883.78
712Kimmo KinnunenFIN84.0282.7280.26×84.0281.98×
82Tom PukstysUSA83.5878.4880.9083.5881.2882.1881.68
93Peter BlankGER81.8276.6681.82×
1011Kostas GkatsioudisGRE81.46×79.0881.46
115Zhang LianbiaoCHN80.9680.2878.8680.96
129Mick HillGBR78.5878.58××