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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date20 – 21 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants54 from 49 countries

Inge de Bruijn’s remarkable Sydney Olympic Games continued when she won the 100 metres freestyle. The day after she won the 100 metres butterfly she broke her own record for the equivalent freestyle event and continued in the same vein by winning the margin by exactly half a second from Therese Alshammar of Sweden

There was a rare tie for the bronze medal made more notable for the fact that the two co-winners shared the same coach at Stamford University. Unfortunately there was a mutual antipathy between Dara Torres and Jenny Thompson and the two women would not train at the same time, although their rivalry was suspended for the medal ceremony.

1Inge de BruijnNED54.77 (1 h7)53.77 (1 h2)53.83 (1)Gold
2Therèse AlshammarSWE55.59 (3 h7)55.31 (4 h1)54.33 (2)Silver
=3Jenny ThompsonUSA55.22 (1 h6)54.40 (2 h2)54.43 (=3)Bronze
=3Dara TorresUSA55.12 (1 h5)55.02 (1 h1)54.43 (=3)Bronze
5Martina MoravcováSVK55.42 (2 h6)55.06 (2 h1)54.72 (5)
6Heleen MullerRSA55.45 (2 h7)55.24 (3 h2)55.19 (6)
7Sumika MinamotoJPN55.80 (3 h5)55.62 (4 h2)55.53 (7)
8Wilma van RijnNED55.82 (4 h7)55.28 (3 h1)55.58 (8)
9Sue RolphGBR55.77 (3 h6)55.69 (5 h1)
10Karen PickeringGBR56.08 (4 h5)55.71 (5 h2)
11Rania El-WaniEGY56.31 (1 h4)55.85 (6 h2)
12Sarah RyanAUS56.05 (5 h6)55.93 (6 h1)
13Louise JöhnckeSWE55.91 (4 h6)55.94 (7 h2)
14Laura NichollsCAN56.30 (5 h7)55.94 (7 h1)
15Sandra VölkerGER55.54 (2 h5)55.97 (8 h2)
16Alena PopchankaBLR56.33 (5 h5)56.40 (8 h1)
17Olha MukomolUKR56.59 (1 h3)
18Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN56.68 (2 h4)
19Han XueCHN56.72 (6 h7)
20Yekaterina KibaloRUS56.97 (6 h6)
21Cristina ChiusoITA57.09 (3 h4)
22Joscelin YeoSGP57.15 (7 h6)
23Florencia SzigetiARG57.20 (4 h4)
24Leah MartindaleBAR57.21 (1 h2)
25Tonia MachairaGRE57.24 (6 h5)
26Ilona HlaváčkováCZE57.37 (8 h6)
27Judith DraxlerAUT57.40 (7 h5)
28Kirsty CoventryZIM57.47 (2 h3)
=29Gyöngyvér LakosHUN57.71 (3 h3)
=29Elina PartõkaEST57.71 (2 h2)
31Susie O'NeillAUS57.78 (7 h7)
32Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN57.82 (5 h4)
33Monique RobinsNZL57.85 (6 h4)
34Siobhan CropperTTO57.91 (3 h2)
35Tine BossuytBEL58.02 (7 h4)
36Lára Hrund BjargardóttirISL58.44 (4 h2)
37Lara HeinzLUX58.55 (4 h3)
38Caroline PickeringFIJ58.62 (5 h2)
39Pilin TachakittirananTHA58.69 (5 h3)
40Jang Hui-JinKOR58.77 (8 h4)
41Jūratė LadavičiūtėLTU58.78 (6 h3)
42Chantal GibneyIRL58.79 (7 h3)
43Yekaterina TochenayaKGZ58.80 (6 h2)
44Anna StylianouCYP59.08 (7 h2)
45Agnese OzoliņaLAT59.28 (8 h2)
46Tsai Shu-MinTPE59.39 (8 h3)
47Nicole HayesPLW1:00.89 (1 h1)
48Rola El-HaressLBN1:03.26 (2 h1)
49Maria AworiKEN1:06.23 (3 h1)
50Nathalie Lee BawMRI1:06.67 (4 h1)
51Zeïna SahéliSEN1:07.37 (5 h1)
52Supra SinghalUGA1:08.15 (6 h1)
53Sanjaajamtsyn AltantuyaaMGL1:10.22 (7 h1)
54Katerina IzmaylovaTJK1:19.12 (8 h1)
DNSMarianne LimpertCAN– (DNS h7)
DNSAntje BuschschulteGER– (DNS h5)

Round One (20 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:02)

18Nicole HayesPLW1:00.890.81
25Rola El-HaressLBN1:03.260.93
32Maria AworiKEN1:06.230.83
43Nathalie Lee BawMRI1:06.670.85
57Zeïna SahéliSEN1:07.370.87
64Supra SinghalUGA1:08.150.81
76Sanjaajamtsyn AltantuyaaMGL1:10.221.13
81Katerina IzmaylovaTJK1:19.120.91

Heat Two (10:05)

16Leah MartindaleBAR57.210.87
24Elina PartõkaEST57.710.84
32Siobhan CropperTTO57.910.81
41Lára Hrund BjargardóttirISL58.440.82
57Caroline PickeringFIJ58.620.91
68Yekaterina TochenayaKGZ58.800.89
73Anna StylianouCYP59.080.81
85Agnese OzoliņaLAT59.280.84

Heat Three (10:08)

16Olha MukomolUKR56.590.86
24Kirsty CoventryZIM57.470.78
35Gyöngyvér LakosHUN57.710.78
42Lara HeinzLUX58.550.85
58Pilin TachakittirananTHA58.690.76
61Jūratė LadavičiūtėLTU58.780.84
73Chantal GibneyIRL58.790.83
87Tsai Shu-MinTPE59.390.77

Heat Four (10:11)

11Rania El-WaniEGY56.310.74Q
23Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN56.680.76
34Cristina ChiusoITA57.090.75
42Florencia SzigetiARG57.200.77
58Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN57.820.77
66Monique RobinsNZL57.850.83
75Tine BossuytBEL58.020.92
87Jang Hui-JinKOR58.770.76

Heat Five (10:14)

15Dara TorresUSA55.120.74Q
22Sandra VölkerGER55.540.76Q
33Sumika MinamotoJPN55.800.66Q
46Karen PickeringGBR56.080.79Q
57Alena PopchankaBLR56.330.87Q
61Tonia MachairaGRE57.240.77
78Judith DraxlerAUT57.400.87
DNS4Antje BuschschulteGER

Heat Six (10:18)

14Jenny ThompsonUSA55.220.83Q
25Martina MoravcováSVK55.420.80Q
33Sue RolphGBR55.770.80Q
42Louise JöhnckeSWE55.910.81Q
56Sarah RyanAUS56.050.73Q
67Yekaterina KibaloRUS56.970.82
71Joscelin YeoSGP57.150.74
88Ilona HlaváčkováCZE57.370.80

Heat Seven (10:22)

14Inge de BruijnNED54.770.77Q
22Heleen MullerRSA55.450.70Q
35Therèse AlshammarSWE55.590.83Q
46Wilma van RijnNED55.820.83Q
57Laura NichollsCAN56.300.85Q
68Han XueCHN56.720.72
73Susie O'NeillAUS57.780.82
DNS1Marianne LimpertCAN

Semi-Finals (20 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:09)

14Dara TorresUSA55.020.75Q
25Martina MoravcováSVK55.060.82Q
32Wilma van RijnNED55.280.81Q
43Therèse AlshammarSWE55.310.84Q
56Sue RolphGBR55.690.81
67Sarah RyanAUS55.930.76
71Laura NichollsCAN55.940.84
88Alena PopchankaBLR56.400.88

Heat Two (19:14)

14Inge de BruijnNED53.770.74QWR
25Jenny ThompsonUSA54.400.76Q
33Heleen MullerRSA55.240.70Q
42Sumika MinamotoJPN55.620.66Q
51Karen PickeringGBR55.710.78
68Rania El-WaniEGY55.850.78
77Louise JöhnckeSWE55.940.81
86Sandra VölkerGER55.970.77

Final (21 September 2000 — 20:15)

14Inge de BruijnNED53.830.70
21Therèse AlshammarSWE54.330.79
=33Dara TorresUSA54.430.73
=35Jenny ThompsonUSA54.430.78
56Martina MoravcováSVK54.720.78
62Heleen MullerRSA55.190.68
78Sumika MinamotoJPN55.530.66
87Wilma van RijnNED55.580.82