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Sculpturing, Medals, Open1

Date1 – 16 August 1936
LocationAusstellungsgelände Halle VI, Kaiserdamm, Berlin
Participants22 from 7 countries
JudgeAdolf ZieglerGER
JudgeHans SchweitzerGER
JudgeWalter HoffmannGER
JudgeJohn LundqvistSWE
JudgeAntonio MarainiITA
JudgeLudwig IsenbeckGER
JudgeFerdinand LiebermannGER
JudgeGeorg KolbeGER

The medals and reliefs event, held in 1932, had been split up in two separate events. Apparently, this did not leave enough quality to award a gold medal, but works were given silver and bronze medals. The silver medal was awarded to Luciano Mercante. Educated as an architect, he had become a noted sculptor and medal designer, earning the Olympic accolade for an entry with several medals. The bronze went to Belgium’s Jozuë Dupon. He had entered six separate works, but the Official Report seems to credit the bronze medal to all six of them, which is not strictly according to the rules. Either way, Dupon was not awarded the medals in person, as he had died almost a year earlier, on 13 October 1935.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
2305Luciano MercanteITAMedalsMedagliereMedaillen ("Medagliere"). 1935Silver
332-37Jozuë DuponBELEquestrian plaques32: L'obstacle, 33: Le Saut en couple, 34: Attention, Teddy, 35: La caresse, 36: Devant l'obstacle, 37: Le vainqueur de la coupe32: Hindernis ("L'obstacle"). 1934, 33: Doppelsprung ("Le Saut en couple"). 1934, 34: Achtung, Teddy! ("Attention, Teddy"). 1934. , …Bronze2
HM159Günther von SchevenGERHurdlerHürdenläuferHürdenläufer. 1935
HM315Omero TaddeiniITAMedalsMedagliereMedaillen ("Medagliere"). 1935
AC25Victor DemanetBELPerch ShootingTir à la percheKleinkaliberschießen ("Tir à la perche"). Medaille
AC26Victor DemanetBELRifle ShootingTir à la carabineKarabinerschießen ("Tir à la carabine"). Medaille
AC44Willy KreitzBELIce hockey playerJoueur de hockey sur glaceEishockeyspieler ("Joueur de hockey s. glace"). 1935
AC55Joseph WitterwulgheBELThirteen sports medals and plaquesDreizehn Sportmedaillen und -plaketten
AC141Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: Wrestler (1934)Plakette: Ringer (1934)Plakette "Ringer". 1934
AC142Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: HurdlerPlakette: HürdenläuferPlakette "Hürdenläufer". 1933
AC143Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: FootballPlakette: FußballPlakette "Fußball". 1933
AC144Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: Wrestler (1935)Plakette: Ringer (1935)Plakette "Ringer". 1935
AC145Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: RunnerPlakette: LäuferPlakette "Läufer". 1935
AC146Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: PoloPlakette: PoloPlakette "Polo". 1935
AC147Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: BoxerPlakette: BoxerPlakette "Boxer". 1935
AC148Ludwig KunstmannGERPlaque: TrottingPlakette: TrabrennenPlakette "Trabrennen". 1935
AC151aOtto PlaczekGERThe commemorative plaque of the OlympiadDie Erinnerungs-Plakette der OlympiadeDie Erinnerungs-Plakette der Olympiade. 1935/36
AC167Hermann WandingerGERPure gold plaqueFeingoldplaketteFeingoldplakette. 1936
AC168Hermann WandingerGERPure gold plaqueFeingoldplaketteFeingoldplakette. 1936
AC170Harold WinterGERSkier plaqueSkiläuferplaketteSkiläuferplakette. 1936
AC308Publio MorbiducciITAMedal for C.O.N.I.Medaglia del C. O. N. I.Medaille des C. O. N. I. ("Medaglia del C. O. N. I."). 1935
AC309Mario MoschiITAMedalsMedagliereMedaillen ("Medagliere"). 1935
AC394Jitsuzo HinagoJPNYabusame (Archery from horseback), national sport流鏑馬"Yabusame-cheval", Nationalsport. 1935
AC395Jitsuzo HinagoJPNPriest木練坊Priester. 1936
AC404Tait McKenzieCANStrength and SpeedStrength and SpeedKraft und Geschwindigkeit ("Strength and speed"). 1936
AC575Simon GateSWEGlass plaque IZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC576Simon GateSWEGlass plaque IIZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC577Edward HaldSWEGlass plaque IZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC578Edward HaldSWEGlass plaque IIZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC581Vicke LindstrandSWEGlass plaque IZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC582Vicke LindstrandSWEGlass plaque IIZwei Plaketten in Glas. 1936
AC620Pietro BorsariSUIMedal IMedaille IFünf Medaillen. 1932 u. 1936
AC621Pietro BorsariSUIMedal IIMedaille IIFünf Medaillen. 1932 u. 1936
AC622Pietro BorsariSUIMedal IIIMedaille IIIFünf Medaillen. 1932 u. 1936
AC623Pietro BorsariSUIMedal IVMedaille IVFünf Medaillen. 1932 u. 1936
AC624Pietro BorsariSUIMedal VMedaille VFünf Medaillen. 1932 u. 1936
AC627Robert FrankSUIMedal IMedaille ISechs Medaillen. 1934/35
AC628Robert FrankSUIMedal IIMedaille IISechs Medaillen. 1934/35
AC629Robert FrankSUIMedal IIIMedaille IIISechs Medaillen. 1934/35
AC630Robert FrankSUIMedal IVMedaille IVSechs Medaillen. 1934/35
AC631Robert FrankSUIMedal VMedaille VSechs Medaillen. 1934/35
AC632Robert FrankSUIMedal VIMedaille VISechs Medaillen. 1934/35
HC27Godefroid DevreeseBELPastoralePastoralePastorale
HC28Godefroid DevreeseBELThe runnerLe coureurDer Läufer ("Le coureur")
HC31Godefroid DevreeseBELThe throw-inLe Throw-inDer Einwurf ("Le Throw-in")
HC45Willy KreitzBELIce hockey goal keeperGoal Keeper Hockey sur glaceEishockey-Torwächter ("Goal Keeper Hockey s. glace"). 1930
HC46Willy KreitzBELFencerEscrimeurFechter ("Escrimeur"). 1930
HC54Paul WissaertBELSports charmsBreloques sportivesSport-Berlocken ("Breloques sportives")
HC406Tait McKenzieCANPunters, a medaillonPunters, a medaillonMedaille ("Punters, a medallion")