Willi Daume

Biographical information

RolesNon-starter • Other • Administrator
Full nameWilhelm Karl August Ferdinand "Willi"•Daume
Used nameWilli•Daume
Born24 May 1913 in Hückeswagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (GER)
Died20 May 1996 in München (Munich), Bayern (GER)
NOC Germany West Germany


Willi Daume was on the German basketball team at the 1936 Olympic Games, although he did not play in any games. He was also considered one of the top handball players in the country. Daume studied law at the Universities of Köln (Cologne), Leipzig, and München, and then became a wealthy industrialist, owning several countries including a steel factory in Dortmund.

From 1949-55 Daume headed the German Handball Federation and from 1950-70 was in charge of the German Sports Federation. In 1961 he became President of the German Olympic Committee, he was President of the Organizing Committee for the 1972 München Olympic Games, and for the 1981 Olympic Congress held in Baden-Baden. In 1980 Daume stood for the IOC Presidency but lost in the first round to Juan Antonio Samaranch. His most difficult time was during the 1972 Olympics where he was in charge of the failed negotiations to help free the Israeli hostages that had been abducted by the Black September terrorist group, and were eventually all killed.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1936 Summer Olympics Basketball (Basketball) GER Willi Daume
Basketball, Men (Olympic) Germany DNS

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
Member International Olympic Committee 1956—1966 GER Willi Daume
President Nationales Olympisches Komitee der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1961—1990 FRG Willi Daume
President Organisationskomitee für die Spiele der XX. Olympiade München 1972 1966— FRG Willi Daume
Member International Olympic Committee 1966—1990 FRG Willi Daume
3rd Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1972—1974 FRG Willi Daume
2nd Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1974—1975 FRG Willi Daume
1st Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1975—1976 FRG Willi Daume
President International Fair Play Committee 1988—1996 FRG Willi Daume
President Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund 1990—1992 GER Willi Daume
Member International Olympic Committee 1990—1991 GER Willi Daume
Honorary International Olympic Committee 1991—1996 GER Willi Daume

Other participations

Games Role NOC As
Other GER Willi Daume

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