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500 metres, Men

Date14 February 1994 — 14:00
LocationOlympiahall, Hamar
Participants40 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 36.45 WR / Uwe-Jens Mey GDR / 14 February 1988
StarterSvein Inge StrugstadNOR
RefereeKnut LudahlNOR

After three attempts to win an Olympic medal in the 500 m, it seemed that Dan Jansen finally had his best chance to do so. At the World Cup in Hamar, in December 1993, he had improved his own world record to 35.92, becoming the first man to go below 36 seconds. He nearly copied that race the next day, skating 35.96. In addition to a few more World Cup wins, he had won both 500 ms at the World Sprint Championships just weeks before the Olympics, winning the overall title as well. His previous rival, 1988 and 1992 champion Uwe-Jens Mey had retired, but he did face strong opposition from Japan and Russia. Of these, Sergey Klevchenya and Yasunori Miyabe had also won World Cup races, with the Russian finishing second at the World Sprint Championships.

With all favourites skating early in the program, Jansen was drawn in the inner lane of the second pair. This meant he had the final outer curve, considered an advantage. Still, he was unable to keep his speed, Jansen needed to correct and briefly touched the ice. He finished in 36.66, already the second time behind Liu Hongbo, and his Olympic dreams seemed over. This left chances for the others. Manabu Horii narrowly beat Liu’s leading time with 36.53. Then Klevchenya took the ice. He eliminated co-favorite Miyabe in a direct confrontation, also lowering the Olympic Record to 36.39. The only outsider left then was Klevchenya’s compatriot, Aleksandr Golubev. Known for his quick starts, he departed in 9.58, the best opener of the field. Unlike his races at the World Sprints, Golubev held on the pace and crossed the line a bit sooner than Klevchenya (36.33). The 1-2 by Golubev and Klevchenya meant the first Olympic speed skating medals won by Russia as a separate nation.

19IAleksandr GolubevRUS36.33GoldOR
26ISergey KlevchenyaRUS36.39SilverOR
34OManabu HoriiJPN36.53Bronze
41ILiu HongboCHN36.54
58OHiroyasu ShimizuJPN36.60
65IJunichi InoueJPN36.63
79OGrunde NjøsNOR36.66
82IDan JansenUSA36.68
96OYasunori MiyabeJPN36.72
105OIhar ZhaliasouskiBLR36.73
111OSylvain BouchardCAN37.01
=124IPat KellyCAN37.07
=1211IVadim ShakshakbayevKAZ37.07
143OKim Yun-ManKOR37.10
158IMikhail VostroknutovRUS37.15
167IAndrey BakhvalovRUS37.24
172OSean IrelandCAN37.30
1814OPeter AdebergGER37.35
1910IDave CruikshankUSA37.37
2020ONathaniel MillsUSA37.41
217OGerard van VeldeNED37.45
2212IRoland BrunnerAUT37.47
2320IOleh KostromitinUKR37.50
2411OArie LoefNED37.52
2515OHans MarkströmSWE37.53
2613IMike IrelandCAN37.67
2718IDave BestemanUSA37.68
2810OLars FunkeGER37.80
2919IAlessandro De TaddeiITA37.87
3013OJegar Seong-RyeolKOR37.90
3119ONico van der VliesNED37.94
3217ODavide CartaITA37.98
3316OVladimir KlepininKAZ38.09
=3416IMagnus EnfeldtSWE38.10
=3418OLee Jae-SikKOR38.10
3612OLee Gyu-HyeokKOR38.13
3714IArjan SchreuderNED38.33
3815IZsolt BalóROU38.56
3917IMichael SpielmannGER38.58
DNF3IRoger StrømNORfall