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1,000 metres, Men

Date18 February 2006 — 17:00
LocationOval Lingotto, Torino
Participants41 from 13 countries
StarterRob HemmesNED
RefereeTore RamtonNOR

Although not the first black skater to compete in the Olympics, Shani Davis was expected to do much better than his 1984 predecessor, Errol Fraser. Davis had won the 2005 World Allround Championships, and in 2004 he had won the 1500 m world title as well. His 2005/2006 record in the 1,000 m was superb, making him the top favorite for the gold. He had taken part in six of nine World Cup races, and won them all (taking the rest off to try and qualify for the US Olympic short track team). In passing, Davis also bettered the world record, which dated from the 2002 Olympics and set it at 1:07.03. The only question mark was his performance at the recent World Sprint Championships, where he had “only” placed 6th and 3rd in the 1000 ms. Races there were won by two-time Olympic runner-up Jan Bos and 2001 World Champion Jeremy Wotherspoon. Other contenders were World Sprint Champion and 500 m winner Joey Cheek and 2003 and 2004 World Champion Erben Wennemars.

Davis was the first of the favorites to skate, with 5,000 m champion Chad Hedrick leading at that moment. Skating behind Wotherspoon for the first lap and a half, Davis unleashed his usual fast final lap, to finish in 1:08.89. Davis’s relatively slow start left room for Cheek and former world record holder Lee Gyu-Hyeok, as both went neck-on-neck for the first 600 m. But neither could match Davis’s closing 26.6 lap, and finished at 1:09.16 and 1:09.37. The remaining pair featured two Dutchmen, Bos and Wennemars. The two went off more conservatively, but met with the same fate as Cheek, losing time in the final lap. Eventually, Wennemars edged ahead of Bos and narrowly took the bronze medal ahead of Lee. Cheek announced he would donate his silver medal bonus ($15,000) to the “Right to Play” charity, which he had also done with his 500 m bonus.

119IShani DavisUSA1:08.89Gold
220IJoey CheekUSA1:09.16Silver
321IErben WennemarsNED1:09.32Bronze
420OLee Gyu-HyeokKOR1:09.37
521OJan BosNED1:09.42
64IChad HedrickUSA1:09.45
716IYevgeny LalenkovRUS1:09.46
818OStefan GroothuisNED1:09.57
918ICasey FitzRandolphUSA1:09.59
106ODmitry DorofeyevRUS1:09.74
1119OJeremy WotherspoonCAN1:09.76
129OBeorn NijenhuisNED1:09.85
134OKonrad NiedźwiedzkiPOL1:09.95
1416OMikael Flygind LarsenNOR1:10.13
1513IAleksey ProshinRUS1:10.14
167IFrançois-Olivier RobergeCAN1:10.20
1711IChoi Jae-BongKOR1:10.23
1812IPetter AndersenNOR1:10.38
1917IDenny MorrisonCAN1:10.44
2015IYusuke ImaiJPN1:10.48
2115OAleksandr KibalkoRUS1:10.50
2210ILee Gang-SeokKOR1:10.52
2314OEven WettenNOR1:10.57
2417OMun JunKOR1:10.66
2510OJanne HänninenFIN1:10.83
262OMika PoutalaFIN1:11.03
2714ITakaharu NakajimaJPN1:11.10
283ITakahiro UshiyamaJPN1:11.21
2912OSteven ElmCAN1:11.36
308OMaurizio CarninoITA1:11.44
311IPekka KoskelaFIN1:11.45
3211OKeiichiro NagashimaJPN1:11.78
333OAn WeijiangCHN1:11.80
3413OYu FengtongCHN1:11.90
357OZhang ZhongqiCHN1:12.29
368IAleksandr ZhiginKAZ1:12.36
379IRisto RosendahlFIN1:12.60
385OLu ZhuoCHN1:12.691
DQ5IMaciej UstynowiczPOL
DQ6IEric ZachrissonSWE[1:11.17]
DQ2IErmanno IoriattiITA[1:45.84]