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Foil, Individual, Women

Date18 August 2004
LocationAithousa Ksifaskias, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
Participants25 from 20 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Italy’s Valentina Vezzali had made her reputation as the finest female foil fencer of her generation. By the age of 30 she had both won and lost an individual Olympic final and was a two-time team gold medallist. She had also won seven World Championship gold medals and was a seven-time winner of the World Cup series. It came as no surprise when Vezzali and her friend and teammate Giovanna Trillini advanced to the final and only once, when Trillini defeated world silver medallist Sylwia Gruchała in the semi-final, was either of them put under pressure. Trillini took an early lead as the pair made a cautious start to the final before Vezzali recovered to draw level and finally pull away in the last third of the bout. Vezzali would return to defend her title again in 2008 then join a rare collection of Olympians who have won a medal in the same event at five successive celebrations when she won bronze in London.

1Valentina VezzaliITAGold
2Giovanna TrilliniITASilver
3Sylwia GruchałaPOLBronze
4Aida MohamedHUN
5Laura Cârlescu-BadeaROU
6Gabriella VargaHUN
7Adeline WuillèmeFRA
8Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR
9Roxana ScarlatROU
10Margherita GranbassiITA
11Svetlana BoykoRUS
12Yekaterina YushevaRUS
13Meng JieCHN
14Simone BauerGER
15Chieko SugawaraJPN
16Mariana GonzálezVEN
17Erinn SmartUSA
18Alejandra CarboneARG
19Ayelet OhayonISR
20Maju HerklotzBRA
21Wassila Rédouane-Saïd-GuerniALG
22Maria RentoumiGRE
23Shaimaa El-GammalEGY
24Vita SilchankaBLR
25Chan Ying ManHKG

Round One (18 August 2004 — 10:00-10:30-11:00)

Winner of each match advanced to round two.

Bout #1 Chieko SugawaraJPN 15 – 6Alejandra CarboneARG
Bout #2 Svetlana BoykoRUS 13 – 7Shaimaa El-GammalEGY
Bout #3 Gabriella VargaHUN 15 – 3Chan Ying ManHKG
Bout #4 Yekaterina YushevaRUS 15 – 4Maria RentoumiGRE
Bout #5 Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR 15 – 6Maju HerklotzBRA
Bout #6 Simone BauerGER 15 – 10Ayelet OhayonISR
Bout #7 Meng JieCHN 15 – 12Wassila Rédouane-Saïd-GuerniALG
Bout #8 Adeline WuillèmeFRA 15 – 4Vita SilchankaBLR
Bout #9 Mariana GonzálezVEN 14 – 12Erinn SmartUSA

Round Two (18 August 2004 — 11:30-12:00)

Winner of each match advanced to round three.

Bout #1 Giovanna TrilliniITA 15 – 2Chieko SugawaraJPN
Bout #2 Gabriella VargaHUN 15 – 9Svetlana BoykoRUS
Bout #3 Aida MohamedHUN 14 – 9Yekaterina YushevaRUS
Bout #4 Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR 15 – 7Roxana ScarlatROU
Bout #5 Sylwia GruchałaPOL 15 – 9Simone BauerGER
Bout #6 Laura Cârlescu-BadeaROU 15 – 11Meng JieCHN
Bout #7 Adeline WuillèmeFRA 15 – 9Margherita GranbassiITA
Bout #8 Valentina VezzaliITA 15 – 4Mariana GonzálezVEN

Quarter-Finals (18 August 2004 — 12:40)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Bout #1 Giovanna TrilliniITA 15 – 11Gabriella VargaHUN
Bout #2 Aida MohamedHUN 15 – 5Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR
Bout #3 Sylwia GruchałaPOL 15 – 7Laura Cârlescu-BadeaROU
Bout #4 Valentina VezzaliITA 15 – 8Adeline WuillèmeFRA

Semi-Finals (18 August 2004 — 18:30-19:00)

Winner of each match advanced to final.

Bout #1 Valentina VezzaliITA 15 – 7Aida MohamedHUN
Bout #2 Giovanna TrilliniITA 15 – 13Sylwia GruchałaPOL

Final Pool (18 August 2004 — 19:30)

Bout for 1/2 Valentina VezzaliITA 15 – 11Giovanna TrilliniITA
Bout for 3/4 Sylwia GruchałaPOL 15 – 9Aida MohamedHUN