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Downhill, Women

Date17 February 1952 — 13:00
Participants42 from 13 countries
Course SetterEinar BergslandNOR
DetailsGates: 28
Length: 1400 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 500 m

The favorite was the 1948 silver medalist, Trude Jochum-Beiser of Austria, who had won the 1950 World Championships. As the third skier off, she posted 1:47.1 and watched as the time held up for a gold medal. Germany’s Mirl Buchner placed second, one of three Alpine medals she won in Oslo, with bronzes in the slalom and giant slalom. The bronze medalist was Italy’s Giuliana Minuzzo who in 1956 at Cortina, would become the first woman to take the Oath of the Athletes at the Opening Ceremony.

13Trude Jochum-BeiserAUT1:47.1Gold
25Mirl BuchnerGER1:48.0Silver
313Giuliana MinuzzoITA1:49.0Bronze
42Erika MahringerAUT1:49.5
58Dagmar RomAUT1:49.8
67Madeleine BerthodSUI1:50.7
724Margit HvammenNOR1:50.9
834Joanne HewsonCAN1:51.3
930Evi LanigGER1:52.9
=1018Ida SchöpferSUI1:53.0
=1019Hannelore FrankeGER1:53.0
1214Idly WalpothSUI1:53.8
1327Barbara GrocholskaPOL1:54.1
1433Rosemarie SchutzCAN1:54.6
=156Celina SeghiITA1:54.9
=1523Silvia GlatthardSUI1:54.9
174Andrea Mead-LawrenceUSA1:55.3
1828Sarah ThomassonSWE1:55.5
1921Betty WeirUSA1:55.7
2012Rhoda Wurtele-EavesCAN1:56.4
2138Dagny JørgensenNOR1:56.5
2229Marysette AgnelFRA1:56.8
2315Katy RodolphUSA1:57.4
2416Trude KleckerAUT1:57.9
2525Margareta JacobssonSWE1:58.2
2641Sheena MackintoshGBR1:58.6
2735Lucile WheelerCAN1:59.5
2831Ana María DellaiARG2:00.3
2940Ingrid EnglundSWE2:01.3
301Andrée BermondFRA2:03.1
3126Karen-Sofie StyrmoeNOR2:15.5
3243Ildikó SzendrődiHUN2:18.5
3342Fiona CampbellGBR2:26.11
3437Maria KowalskaPOL2:27.4
3511Lia LeismüllerGER2:37.6
DQ9Jacqueline MartelFRA
DQ10Borghild NiskinNOR
DQ17Jannette BurrUSA[1:59.1]
DQ22Maria Grazia MarchelliITA
DQ36Hilary LaingGBR
DQ44Teresa KodelskaPOL
DQ45Vora MackintoshGBR