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Lightweight, Greco-Roman (≤66.6 kilograms), Men

Date23 – 25 July 1908 — 10:00-18:00 (23 July), 10:00 (25 July)
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants25 from 10 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

This was the largest class of the 1908 Olympic wrestling competition. Gustaf Malmström (SWE) was European champion in 1907 at 75 kg., and he would win again in 1909 at 67 kg., but at London he lost in the quarter-finals to the Italian, Enrico Porro. Porro went on to win the gold medal. He competed at the Olympics again, in both 1920 and 1924, failing to medal both times. But none of the three medalists ever competed at a world or European championship.

1Enrico PorroITAGold
2Nikolay OrlovRUSSilver
3Arvo LindénFINBronze
4Gunnar PerssonSWE
=5Anders MøllerDEN
=5Ödön RadványHUN
=5Gustaf MalmströmSWE
=5József MaróthyHUN
=9Carl CarlsenDEN
=9George FaulknerGBR
=9Carl Erik LundSWE
=9Albert HawkinsGBR
=9József TégerHUN
=9Frits BrusekerNED
=9Ernest BlountGBR
=9Billy WoodGBR
=17Léon HanssenBEL
=17Fernand SteensBEL
=17Albert WhittingstallGBR
=17William RuffGBR
=17Christian CarlsenDEN
=17Jacob van MoppesNED
=17George MacKenzieGBR
=17Albert RoseGBR
=17Karel HalíkBOH

Round One (23 July 1908)

Match #1 Arvo LindénFIN
fall (2:33)
Léon HanssenBEL
Match #2 Carl CarlsenDEN
fall (9:00)
Fernand SteensBEL
Match #3 Anders MøllerDEN
fall (3:59)
Albert WhittingstallGBR
Match #4 George FaulknerGBR bye
Match #5 Nikolay OrlovRUS bye
Match #6 Carl Erik LundSWE bye
Match #7 Ödön RadványHUN
fall (18:35)
William RuffGBR
Match #8 Albert HawkinsGBR
fall (1:10)
Christian CarlsenDEN
Match #9 Enrico PorroITA bye
Match #10 József TégerHUN
Jacob van MoppesNED
Match #11 Gustaf MalmströmSWE
fall (3:35)
George MacKenzieGBR
Match #12 Frits BrusekerNED bye
Match #13 Gunnar PerssonSWE bye
Match #14 Ernest BlountGBR bye
Match #15 József MaróthyHUN
fall (14:59)
Albert RoseGBR
Match #16 Billy WoodGBR
Karel HalíkBOH

Round Two (23 July 1908)

Match #1 Arvo LindénFIN
fall (4:15)
Carl CarlsenDEN
Match #2 Anders MøllerDEN
fall (11:18)
George FaulknerGBR
Match #3 Nikolay OrlovRUS
fall (10:46)
Carl Erik LundSWE
Match #4 Ödön RadványHUN
fall (0:17)
Albert HawkinsGBR
Match #5 Enrico PorroITA
József TégerHUN
Match #6 Gustaf MalmströmSWE
fall (3:20)
Frits BrusekerNED
Match #7 Gunnar PerssonSWE
fall (7:06)
Ernest BlountGBR
Match #8 József MaróthyHUN
Billy WoodGBR

Quarter-Finals (23 July 1908)

Match #1 Arvo LindénFIN
fall (13:32)
Anders MøllerDEN
Match #2 Nikolay OrlovRUS
fall (7:16)
Ödön RadványHUN
Match #3 Enrico PorroITA
Gustaf MalmströmSWE
Match #4 Gunnar PerssonSWE walkover

Semi-Finals (25 July 1908 — 10:00)

Match #1 Nikolay OrlovRUS
Arvo LindénFIN
Match #2 Enrico PorroITA
fall (2:05)
Gunnar PerssonSWE

Final Round (25 July 1908)

Match 1/2 Enrico PorroITA
2-0 (decision/decision)
Nikolay OrlovRUS
Match 3/4 Arvo LindénFIN Gunnar PerssonSWE