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Light-Heavyweight, Greco-Roman (≤93 kilograms), Men

Date22 July 1908 — 10:00-18:00
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants21 from 9 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

This class brought together two recent champions. Verner Weckman (FIN) had been world heavyweight champion in 1905, and Carl Jensen (DEN) was the 1907 European heavyweight champion. In addition, Weckman had won the middleweight gold medal at the 1906 Olympics. Weckman barely escaped with his second gold medal, winning the final over Yrjö Saarela (FIN) by two falls to one, taking the deciding fall in 16:10.

Weckman was not able to see the Finnish flag raised at the awards ceremony, but only a placard bearing the name “Finland”. This was because Finland was still a province of Russia and the Russian authorities refused to allow Finland to display its flag.

1Verner WeckmanFINGold
2Yrjö SaarelaFINSilver
3Carl JensenDENBronze
4Hugó PayrHUN
=5Fritz LarssonSWE
=5Jacob van WestropNED
=5Marcel DuboisBEL
=5Alfred BanbrookGBR
=9Douwe WijbrandsNED
=9William WestGBR
=9Yevgeny ZamotinRUS
=9Jussi KivimäkiFIN
=9Ernest NixsonGBR
=9Cyril BrownGBR
=9Leendert van OostenNED
=9August MeesenBEL
=17Harald ChristensenDEN
=17Miroslav ŠusteraBOH
=17Henri NielsenDEN
=17Henry FoskettGBR
=17György LuntzerHUN

Round One (22 July 1908)

Match #1 Fritz LarssonSWE
Harald ChristensenDEN
Match #2 Douwe WijbrandsNED
fall (5:33)
György LuntzerHUN
Match #3 William WestGBR
fall (7:29)
Miroslav ŠusteraBOH
Match #4 Verner WeckmanFIN bye
Match #5 Hugó PayrHUN bye
Match #6 Yevgeny ZamotinRUS bye
Match #7 Jacob van WestropNED bye
Match #8 Jussi KivimäkiFIN bye
Match #9 Yrjö SaarelaFIN
fall (3:50)
Henri NielsenDEN
Match #10 Ernest NixsonGBR bye
Match #11 Marcel DuboisBEL
fall (1:30)
Henry FoskettGBR
Match #12 Cyril BrownGBR bye
Match #13 Carl JensenDEN bye
Match #14 Leendert van OostenNED bye
Match #15 Alfred BanbrookGBR bye
Match #16 August MeesenBEL bye

Round Two (22 July 1908)

Match #1 Fritz LarssonSWE
Douwe WijbrandsNED
Match #2 Verner WeckmanFIN
fall (1:53)
William WestGBR
Match #3 Hugó PayrHUN
fall (9:08)
Yevgeny ZamotinRUS
Match #4 Jacob van WestropNED
Jussi KivimäkiFIN
Match #5 Yrjö SaarelaFIN
fall (2:31)
Ernest NixsonGBR
Match #6 Marcel DuboisBEL
fall (1:35)
Cyril BrownGBR
Match #7 Carl JensenDEN
fall (8:41)
Leendert van OostenNED
Match #8 Alfred BanbrookGBR
fall (7:11)
August MeesenBEL

Quarter-Finals (22 July 1908)

Match #1 Verner WeckmanFIN
fall (4:10)
Fritz LarssonSWE
Match #2 Hugó PayrHUN
Jacob van WestropNED
Match #3 Yrjö SaarelaFIN
fall (12:24)
Marcel DuboisBEL
Match #4 Carl JensenDEN
fall (2:28)
Alfred BanbrookGBR

Semi-Finals (22 July 1908)

Match #1 Yrjö SaarelaFIN
fall (11:36)
Carl JensenDEN
Match #2 Verner WeckmanFIN
fall (5:35)
Hugó PayrHUN

Final Round (22 July 1908)

Match 1/2 Verner WeckmanFIN
2-1 (fall by (4:22)/fall (5:07)/fall (16:10))
Yrjö SaarelaFIN
Match 3/4 Carl JensenDEN
2-0 (falls 2:04/1:40)
Hugó PayrHUN