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Lightweight, Greco-Roman (≤68 kilograms), Men

Date20 – 24 July 1976
LocationCentre Pierre-Charbonneau, Parc olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants21 from 21 countries
FormatScoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler.

Suren Nalbandyan had been 1975 World Youth Champion but was unknown at the senior level prior to 1976. He made the Soviet team early in the year, however, by winning the Soviet Championships. He went on to win the gold medal in this class but did not dominate, winning only one match by fall. He won his last three matches by close decisions over Romanian Ştefan Rusu, Poland’s Andrzej Supron, and East German Heinz-Helmut Wehling, silver medalist in 1972 as a featherweight. Nalbandyan would also compete at the 1980 Olympics, placing fourth, but he never competed at the World Championships on the senior level. He was the first Armenian Soviet to win an Olympic wrestling gold medal. Rusu would return to the 1980 Olympics and win the gold medal in this class, completing his set with a bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics as a welterweight.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Suren NalbandyanURSGold
2Ștefan RusuROUSilver
3Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDRBronze
4Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
5Andrzej SupronPOL
6Manfred SchöndorferFRG
7Erol MutluTUR
8Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN
ACKim Hae-MyeongKOREliminated r4/68,0
ACGian Matteo RanziITAEliminated r4/69,0
ACNedelcho NedevBULEliminated r3/67,0
ACPat MarcyUSAEliminated r3/67,0
ACFerenc TomaHUNEliminated r3/67,5
ACJacques Van LanckerBELEliminated r3/68,0
ACJa'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRIEliminated r3/68,0
ACTakeshi KobayashiJPNEliminated r3/68,0
ACSergio FiszmanARGEliminated r2/68,0
ACJohn McPhedranCANEliminated r2/68,0
ACErasmo EstradaCUBEliminated r2/68,0
ACArona ManéSENEliminated r2/68,0
ACMohamed BahamouMARWithdrew r2/64,0

Round One (20 July 1976 — 12:28)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Jacques Van LanckerBEL0,0
=1Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN0,0
=1Ferenc TomaHUN0,0
=1Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI0,0
=1Gian Matteo RanziITA0,0
=1Kim Hae-MyeongKOR0,0
=1Ștefan RusuROU0,0
=1Erol MutluTUR0,0
=1Suren NalbandyanURS0,0
=1Pat MarcyUSA0,0
11Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR1,0
12Manfred SchöndorferFRG3,0
=13Sergio FiszmanARG4,0
=13Nedelcho NedevBUL4,0
=13John McPhedranCAN4,0
=13Erasmo EstradaCUB4,0
=13Takeshi KobayashiJPN4,0
=13Mohamed BahamouMAR4,0withdrew
=13Andrzej SupronPOL4,0
=13Arona ManéSEN4,0
=13Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE4,0

Match #1 Pat MarcyUSA
fall (5:00)
Mohamed BahamouMAR
Match #2 Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
decision (6-4)
Manfred SchöndorferFRG
Match #3 Erol MutluTUR
DQ (5:10)
Erasmo EstradaCUB
Match #4 Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN
fall (5:32)
Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
Match #5 Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI
fall (1:55)
Arona ManéSEN
Match #6 Ferenc TomaHUN
fall (5:26)
Sergio FiszmanARG
Match #7 Suren NalbandyanURS
DQ (7:23)
Nedelcho NedevBUL
Match #8 Ștefan RusuROU
decision (13-1)
Andrzej SupronPOL
Match #9 Jacques Van LanckerBEL
fall (2:04)
John McPhedranCAN
Match #10 Kim Hae-MyeongKOR
fall (6:25)
Takeshi KobayashiJPN
Match #11 Gian Matteo RanziITA bye

Round Two (21 July 1976 — 12:30)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN0,0
=1Ștefan RusuROU0,0
=1Suren NalbandyanURS0,0
=4Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR1,0
=4Gian Matteo RanziITA1,0
=6Erol MutluTUR3,0
=6Pat MarcyUSA3,0
=8Jacques Van LanckerBEL4,0
=8Nedelcho NedevBUL4,0
=8Manfred SchöndorferFRG4,0
=8Ferenc TomaHUN4,0
=8Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI4,0
=8Takeshi KobayashiJPN4,0
=8Kim Hae-MyeongKOR4,0
=8Andrzej SupronPOL4,0
=8Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE4,0
=17Sergio FiszmanARG8,0eliminated
=17John McPhedranCAN8,0eliminated
=17Erasmo EstradaCUB8,0eliminated
=17Arona ManéSEN8,0eliminated

Match #1 Gian Matteo RanziITA
decision (10-4)
Pat MarcyUSA
Match #2 Manfred SchöndorferFRG
decision (7-6)
Erol MutluTUR
Match #3 Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
fall (2:22)
Erasmo EstradaCUB
Match #4 Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN
fall (0:44)
Arona ManéSEN
Match #5 Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
decision (22-8)
Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI
Match #6 Suren NalbandyanURS
DQ (6:56)
Ferenc TomaHUN
Match #7 Nedelcho NedevBUL
fall (1:30)
Sergio FiszmanARG
Match #8 Andrzej SupronPOL
fall (5:04)
Jacques Van LanckerBEL
Match #9 Ștefan RusuROU
fall (2:49)
Kim Hae-MyeongKOR
Match #10 Takeshi KobayashiJPN
decision (18-2)
John McPhedranCAN

Round Three (22 July 1976 — 11:51)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Ștefan RusuROU0,0
=1Suren NalbandyanURS0,0
3Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR1,0
4Erol MutluTUR3,0
=5Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN4,0
=5Manfred SchöndorferFRG4,0
=5Kim Hae-MyeongKOR4,0
8Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE4,5
=9Gian Matteo RanziITA5,0
=9Andrzej SupronPOL5,0
=11Nedelcho NedevBUL7,0eliminated
=11Pat MarcyUSA7,0eliminated
13Ferenc TomaHUN7,5eliminated
=14Jacques Van LanckerBEL8,0eliminated
=14Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI8,0eliminated
=14Takeshi KobayashiJPN8,0eliminated

Match #1 Manfred SchöndorferFRG
fall (7:14)
Gian Matteo RanziITA
Match #2 Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
DQ (4:01)
Pat MarcyUSA
Match #3 Erol MutluTUR
DQ (7:08)
Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN
Match #4 Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
decision (13-2)
Ferenc TomaHUN
Match #5 Suren NalbandyanURS
fall (2:50)
Ja'far Alizadeh KoldkeshiIRI
Match #6 Andrzej SupronPOL
decision (9-7)
Nedelcho NedevBUL
Match #7 Ștefan RusuROU
DQ (3:45)
Takeshi KobayashiJPN
Match #8 Kim Hae-MyeongKOR
fall (0:18)
Jacques Van LanckerBEL

Round Four (23 July 1976 — 12:15)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR1,0
=1Suren NalbandyanURS1,0
3Ștefan RusuROU3,0
=4Manfred SchöndorferFRG5,0
=4Andrzej SupronPOL5,0
6Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE5,5
7Erol MutluTUR6,0eliminated
8Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN7,0eliminated
9Kim Hae-MyeongKOR8,0eliminated
10Gian Matteo RanziITA9,0eliminated

Match #1 Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
DQ (7:40)
Gian Matteo RanziITA
Match #2 Manfred SchöndorferFRG
decision (9-3)
Markku Yli-IsotaloFIN
Match #3 Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
decision (10-7)
Erol MutluTUR
Match #4 Suren NalbandyanURS
decision (5-3)
Ștefan RusuROU
Match #5 Andrzej SupronPOL
fall (1:47)
Kim Hae-MyeongKOR

Round Five (23 July 1976 — 20:56)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Suren NalbandyanURS2,0
2Ștefan RusuROU3,0
3Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR5,0
4Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE5,5
5Andrzej SupronPOL8,0eliminated
6Manfred SchöndorferFRG9,0eliminated

Match #1 Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE
fall (4:54)
Manfred SchöndorferFRG
Match #2 Ștefan RusuROU
DQ (7:54)
Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
Match #3 Suren NalbandyanURS
decision (7-4)
Andrzej SupronPOL

Final Round (24 July 1976 — 10:45)

Match #1 Suren NalbandyanURS
decision (12-9)
Heinz-Helmut WehlingGDR
Match #2 Ștefan RusuROU
DQ (6:53)
Lars-Erik SkiöldSWE