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Light-Heavyweight, Greco-Roman (≤90 kilograms), Men

Date20 – 22 July 1980
LocationLegkoatletichesky manezh, Legkoatletichesky Futbolny Kompleks CSKA, Moskva
Participants15 from 15 countries
FormatScoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler.

Sweden’s Frank Andersson came in as the favorite, having won the 1979 World Championship and the 1978-79 Europeans. He won his first three matches but then lost on a close decision to Soviet Ivan Kanygin, the 1980 European Champion. Andersson then lost again to Romania’s Petre Dicu, again losing narrowly on points, 3-2, and was eliminated. Dicu and Kanygin made the final round along with Hungarian Norbert Növényi. Kanygin had already faced both finalists, defeating Dicu on a passivity charge, but losing to Növényi, 7-6, in round five. Növényi then faced Dicu, winning by a 4-1 decision to secure the gold medal, with Kanygin taking silver and Dicu bronze. Andersson placed fourth, after finishing fifth in 1976. He would continue to win international meets, including the 1981 Europeans and 1982 Worlds, and improved to a bronze medal in 1984 at Los Angeles. Kanygin was World Champion in 1981 and 1983 but could not compete at the 1984 Olympics.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Norbert NövényiHUNGold
2Igor KanyginURSSilver
3Petre DicuROUBronze
4Frank AnderssonSWE
5Thomas HorschelGDR
6José PollCUB
7Christophe AndansonFRA
8Georgios PozidisGRE
ACStoyan NikolovBULEliminated r3/67,0
ACFranz PitschmannAUTEliminated r3/68,0
ACCzesław KwiecińskiPOLEliminated r3/68,0
ACKeijo ManniFINEliminated r3/69,0
ACDarko NišavićYUGEliminated r2/66,0
ACJamtsyn BorMGLEliminated r2/67,5
ACAtef MahayriSYREliminated r2/68,0

Round One (20 July 1980 — 11:30)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Christophe AndansonFRA0,0
=1Thomas HorschelGDR0,0
=1Norbert NövényiHUN0,0
=1Petre DicuROU0,0
=1Igor KanyginURS0,0
6Czesław KwiecińskiPOL0,5
7Frank AnderssonSWE1,0
8Darko NišavićYUG2,0
9Georgios PozidisGRE3,0
10Jamtsyn BorMGL3,5
=11Franz PitschmannAUT4,0
=11Stoyan NikolovBUL4,0
=11José PollCUB4,0
=11Keijo ManniFIN4,0
=11Atef MahayriSYR4,0

Match #1 Norbert NövényiHUN
fall (2:22)
Keijo ManniFIN
Match #2 Thomas HorschelGDR
fall (5:39)
Atef MahayriSYR
Match #3 Frank AnderssonSWE
decision (16-13)
Georgios PozidisGRE
Match #4 Czesław KwiecińskiPOL
decision (11-3)
Jamtsyn BorMGL
Match #5 Petre DicuROU
DQ (7:50)
Franz PitschmannAUT
Match #6 Igor KanyginURS
DQ (7:09)
Stoyan NikolovBUL
Match #7 Darko NišavićYUG
DQ (4:38)
José PollCUB
Match #8 Christophe AndansonFRA bye

Round Two (20 July 1980 — 18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Norbert NövényiHUN0,0
2Frank AnderssonSWE1,0
3Igor KanyginURS2,0
=4Christophe AndansonFRA3,0
=4Georgios PozidisGRE3,0
=6Franz PitschmannAUT4,0
=6Stoyan NikolovBUL4,0
=6José PollCUB4,0
=6Thomas HorschelGDR4,0
=6Petre DicuROU4,0
11Czesław KwiecińskiPOL4,5
12Keijo ManniFIN5,0
13Darko NišavićYUG6,0eliminated
14Jamtsyn BorMGL7,5eliminated
15Atef MahayriSYR8,0eliminated

Match #1 Keijo ManniFIN
decision (15-9)
Christophe AndansonFRA
Match #2 Norbert NövényiHUN
fall (2:38)
Atef MahayriSYR
Match #3 Georgios PozidisGRE
fall (1:10)
Thomas HorschelGDR
Match #4 Frank AnderssonSWE
decision (19-0)
Czesław KwiecińskiPOL
Match #5 Franz PitschmannAUT
fall (5:53)
Jamtsyn BorMGL
Match #6 Igor KanyginURS
DQ (6:50)
Petre DicuROU
Match #7 Stoyan NikolovBUL
fall (1:05)
Darko NišavićYUG
Match #8 José PollCUB bye

Round Three (20 July 1980)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Norbert NövényiHUN0,0
2Frank AnderssonSWE1,0
3Igor KanyginURS2,5
4Thomas HorschelGDR4,0
5José PollCUB4,5
6Petre DicuROU5,0
7Christophe AndansonFRA6,5eliminated
=8Stoyan NikolovBUL7,0eliminated
=8Georgios PozidisGRE7,0eliminated
=10Franz PitschmannAUT8,0eliminated
=10Czesław KwiecińskiPOL8,0eliminated
12Keijo ManniFIN9,0eliminated

Match #1 José PollCUB
decision (9-1)
Christophe AndansonFRA
Match #2 Thomas HorschelGDR
fall (4:46)
Keijo ManniFIN
Match #3 Norbert NövényiHUN
fall (5:25)
Georgios PozidisGRE
Match #4 Frank AnderssonSWE
fall (1:45)
Franz PitschmannAUT
Match #5 Igor KanyginURS
decision (10-2)
Czesław KwiecińskiPOL
Match #6 Petre DicuROU
decision (6-2)
Stoyan NikolovBUL

Round Four (21 July 1980 — 12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Norbert NövényiHUN0,0
2Igor KanyginURS3,5
3Frank AnderssonSWE4,0
4Petre DicuROU5,0
5Thomas HorschelGDR8,0eliminated
6José PollCUB8,5eliminated

Match #1 Norbert NövényiHUN
fall (5:57)
José PollCUB
Match #2 Petre DicuROU
fall (5:29)
Thomas HorschelGDR
Match #3 Igor KanyginURS
decision (7-5)
Frank AnderssonSWE

Round Five (21 July 1980 — 20:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Norbert NövényiHUN1,0
2Petre DicuROU6,0
3Igor KanyginURS6,5eliminated
4Frank AnderssonSWE7,0eliminated

Match #1 Norbert NövényiHUN
decision (7-6)
Igor KanyginURS
Match #2 Petre DicuROU
decision (3-2)
Frank AnderssonSWE

Final Round (22 July 1980 — 20:00)

Match #1 Norbert NövényiHUN
decision (4-1)
Petre DicuROU
Match #2 Igor KanyginURS bye