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Light-Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤90 kilograms), Men

Date7 – 9 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants16 from 16 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

The world’s top wrestlers in this class were not present due to the Soviet-led boycott. In their absence the groups were won by American Ed Banach and Japan’s Akira Ota, who went through undefeated. The final lasted only 4:02 when it was stopped with Banach ahead, 15-3, winning the gold medal on technical superiority. Banach’s twin brother, Lou, also won a gold medal in Los Angeles, winning the heavyweight division two nights later. Ota never medalled at the World Championships, but he would return in 1988 at Seoul and repeat as Olympic silver medalist.

1Ed BanachUSAGold
2Akira OtaJPNSilver
3Noel LobanGBRBronze
4Clark DavisCAN
5Macauley AppahNGR
6İsmail TemizTUR
7Abdul MajeedPAK
8Michele AzzolaITA
ACFrank AnderssonSWEEliminated r4/4 Group A12,0
ACEdwin LinsAUTEliminated r2/4 Group A1,0
ACAmadou Katy DiopSENEliminated r2/4 Group A0,0
ACIlie MateiROUWithdrew r2/4 Group A0,0
ACBodo LukowskiFRGEliminated r3/3 Group B4,0
ACJai PrakashINDEliminated r2/3 Group B3,0
ACAbdul Rahman Bressam MohammedIRQEliminated r2/3 Group B1,0
ACMamadou DialloMTNEliminated r2/3 Group B1,0

Group A - Round One (7 August 1984)

=1Clark DavisCAN4,0
=1Abdul MajeedPAK4,0
=1Ed BanachUSA4,0
4İsmail TemizTUR3,0
5Frank AnderssonSWE1,0
=6Edwin LinsAUT0,0
=6Ilie MateiROU0,0
=6Amadou Katy DiopSEN0,0

Match #1 Ed BanachUSA
decision (15-2) (3:42)
Edwin LinsAUT
Match #2 Abdul MajeedPAK
decision (12-0) (3:37)
Ilie MateiROU
Match #3 İsmail TemizTUR
decision (6-5)
Frank AnderssonSWE
Match #4 Clark DavisCAN
fall (2:05)
Amadou Katy DiopSEN

Group A - Round Two (7 August 1984)

1Frank AnderssonSWE9,0
2Ed BanachUSA7,5
3Abdul MajeedPAK7,0
4Clark DavisCAN4,0
5İsmail TemizTUR3,0
6Edwin LinsAUT1,0eliminated
7Amadou Katy DiopSEN0,0eliminated

Match #1 Abdul MajeedPAK
decision (11-6)
Edwin LinsAUT
Match #2 Ed BanachUSA
decision (11-0)
İsmail TemizTUR
Match #3 Frank AnderssonSWE
fall (1:17)
Amadou Katy DiopSEN
Match #4 Clark DavisCAN bye

Group A - Round Three (7 August 1984)

1Frank AnderssonSWE13,0
2Ed BanachUSA11,0
3Abdul MajeedPAK8,0
4İsmail TemizTUR6,0
5Clark DavisCAN4,5

Match #1 Ed BanachUSA
decision (11-2)
Clark DavisCAN
Match #2 İsmail TemizTUR
decision (3-3)
Abdul MajeedPAK
Match #3 Frank AnderssonSWE bye

Group A - Round Four (8 August 1984)

1Ed BanachUSA15,0
2Frank AnderssonSWE12,0eliminated
3Abdul MajeedPAK8,0
4Clark DavisCAN7,5

Match #1 Clark DavisCAN
decision (8-5)
Frank AnderssonSWE
Match #2 Ed BanachUSA
fall (0:48)
Abdul MajeedPAK

Group A - Final (8 August 1984)

1Ed BanachUSA7,0
2Clark DavisCAN4,5
3İsmail TemizTUR0,0

Match #1 Clark DavisCAN
fall (5:05)
İsmail TemizTUR
Match #2 Ed BanachUSA İsmail TemizTUR
Match #3 Ed BanachUSA Clark DavisCAN

Group B - Round One (7 August 1984)

=1Noel LobanGBR3,0
=1Jai PrakashIND3,0
=1Akira OtaJPN3,0
=1Macauley AppahNGR3,0
=5Abdul Rahman Bressam MohammedIRQ1,0
=5Michele AzzolaITA1,0
=5Mamadou DialloMTN1,0
8Bodo LukowskiFRG0,0

Match #1 Akira OtaJPN
decision (7-1)
Michele AzzolaITA
Match #2 Jai PrakashIND
decision (9-2)
Abdul Rahman Bressam MohammedIRQ
Match #3 Noel LobanGBR
passivity (5:45)
Bodo LukowskiFRG
Match #4 Macauley AppahNGR
decision (6-5)
Mamadou DialloMTN

Group B - Round Two (7 August 1984)

=1Noel LobanGBR7,0
=1Akira OtaJPN7,0
3Michele AzzolaITA5,0
4Bodo LukowskiFRG4,0
=5Jai PrakashIND3,0eliminated
=5Macauley AppahNGR3,0
=7Abdul Rahman Bressam MohammedIRQ1,0eliminated
=7Mamadou DialloMTN1,0eliminated

Match #1 Akira OtaJPN
fall (1:15)
Abdul Rahman Bressam MohammedIRQ
Match #2 Michele AzzolaITA
fall (0:47)
Jai PrakashIND
Match #3 Bodo LukowskiFRG
fall (4:01)
Macauley AppahNGR
Match #4 Noel LobanGBR
fall (1:37)
Mamadou DialloMTN

Group B - Round Three (7 August 1984)

=1Noel LobanGBR11,0
=1Akira OtaJPN11,0
3Michele AzzolaITA5,0eliminated
4Bodo LukowskiFRG4,0eliminated
5Macauley AppahNGR3,0

Match #1 Akira OtaJPN
fall (2:09)
Bodo LukowskiFRG
Match #2 Noel LobanGBR
fall (4:22)
Michele AzzolaITA
Match #3 Macauley AppahNGR bye

Group B - Final (8 August 1984)

1Akira OtaJPN7,0
2Noel LobanGBR5,0
3Macauley AppahNGR0,0

Match #1 Akira OtaJPN
decision (13-0) (3:48)
Macauley AppahNGR
Match #2 Noel LobanGBR
fall (1:59)
Macauley AppahNGR
Match #3 Akira OtaJPN
decision (4-2)
Noel LobanGBR

Final Round (9 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Ed BanachUSA
decision (15-3) (4:02)
Akira OtaJPN
Match 3/4 Noel LobanGBR
decision (5-1)
Clark DavisCAN
Match 5/6 Macauley AppahNGR walkover