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Bantamweight, Greco-Roman (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date20 – 22 September 1988
LocationSang-mu Che-yuk-gwan, Seongnam
Participants21 from 21 countries
FormatTwo groups (A and B). Double elimination tournament within each group. Top four in each group advance to placement matches for 1st-8th place.

Nobody had distinguished themselves in this class since 1984 so there was no favorite. Bulgaria’s Stoyan Balov had won the 1985 World Championships and went through Group A undefeated to qualify for the final match. In Group B Hungary’s András Sike was little known but also made it through. Balov and Sike met for the title, with Sike winning easily, 9-0, when Balov had to stop the match because of an injury, giving Sike the gold. The bronze medal went to Greek Babis Kholidis, who had also won a bronze medal in this class in Los Angeles.

1András SikeHUNGold
2Stoyan BalovBULSilver
3Babis CholidisGREBronze
4Yang ChanglingCHN
5Heo Byeong-HoKOR
6Ghazi SalahIRQ
7Aleksandr ShestakovURS
8Rifat YildizFRG
ACKeijo PehkonenFINEliminated r4/6 Group A8,0
ACAnthony AmadoUSAEliminated r4/6 Group A7,0
ACRonny SigdeNOREliminated r3/6 Group A5,0
ACKacem BoualloucheMAREliminated r3/6 Group A4,0
ACBenni LjungbeckSWEEliminated r3/6 Group A3,0
ACZoran GalovićYUGEliminated r2/6 Group A1,0
ACAhad PazachIRIEliminated r2/6 Group A0,0
ACShunji NakadomeJPNEliminated r3/5 Group B4,5
ACPatrice MourierFRAEliminated r2/5 Group B7,0
ACMehdi ChaambiTUNEliminated r2/5 Group B3,5
ACRyszard WolnyPOLEliminated r2/5 Group B1,5
ACAdrián PonceMEXEliminated r2/5 Group B1,0
ACRamón MenaPANEliminated r2/5 Group B1,0

Group A - Round One (20 September 1988)

=1Kacem BoualloucheMAR4,0
=1Ronny SigdeNOR4,0
3Stoyan BalovBUL3,5
=4Babis CholidisGRE3,0
=4Heo Byeong-HoKOR3,0
=4Benni LjungbeckSWE3,0
=7Keijo PehkonenFIN0,0
=7Ahad PazachIRI0,0
=7Aleksandr ShestakovURS0,0
=7Anthony AmadoUSA0,0
=7Zoran GalovićYUG0,0

Match #1 Heo Byeong-HoKOR
passivity (6:42)
Anthony AmadoUSA
Match #2 Ronny SigdeNOR
fall (1:36)
Ahad PazachIRI
Match #3 Babis CholidisGRE
passivity (5:07)
Aleksandr ShestakovURS
Match #4 Benni LjungbeckSWE
decision (5-0)
Keijo PehkonenFIN
Match #5 Stoyan BalovBUL
decision (16-0) (2:29)
Zoran GalovićYUG
Match #6 Kacem BoualloucheMAR bye

Group A - Round Two (20 September 1988)

1Stoyan BalovBUL7,5
2Heo Byeong-HoKOR6,5
3Babis CholidisGRE6,0
=4Kacem BoualloucheMAR4,0
=4Ronny SigdeNOR4,0
=4Anthony AmadoUSA4,0
7Aleksandr ShestakovURS3,5
=8Keijo PehkonenFIN3,0
=8Benni LjungbeckSWE3,0
10Zoran GalovićYUG1,0eliminated
11Ahad PazachIRI0,0eliminated

Match #1 Anthony AmadoUSA
fall (1:05)
Kacem BoualloucheMAR
Match #2 Heo Byeong-HoKOR
decision (19-0) (4:33)
Ronny SigdeNOR
Match #3 Aleksandr ShestakovURS
decision (15-0) (1:55)
Ahad PazachIRI
Match #4 Babis CholidisGRE
passivity (5:22)
Benni LjungbeckSWE
Match #5 Keijo PehkonenFIN
decision (6-1)
Zoran GalovićYUG
Match #6 Stoyan BalovBUL bye

Group A - Round Three (21 September 1988)

1Stoyan BalovBUL11,0
2Babis CholidisGRE9,0
3Heo Byeong-HoKOR7,5
=4Keijo PehkonenFIN7,0
=4Anthony AmadoUSA7,0
6Aleksandr ShestakovURS6,5
7Ronny SigdeNOR5,0eliminated
8Kacem BoualloucheMAR4,0eliminated
9Benni LjungbeckSWE3,0eliminated

Match #1 Stoyan BalovBUL
decision (16-0) (3:42)
Kacem BoualloucheMAR
Match #2 Anthony AmadoUSA
decision (10-7)
Ronny SigdeNOR
Match #3 Babis CholidisGRE
decision (7-4)
Heo Byeong-HoKOR
Match #4 Aleksandr ShestakovURS
passivity (3:43)
Benni LjungbeckSWE
Match #5 Keijo PehkonenFIN bye

Group A - Round Four (21 September 1988)

1Stoyan BalovBUL14,0
2Babis CholidisGRE13,0
3Heo Byeong-HoKOR10,5
4Keijo PehkonenFIN8,0eliminated
5Aleksandr ShestakovURS7,5
6Anthony AmadoUSA7,0eliminated

Match #1 Stoyan BalovBUL
decision (3-2)
Keijo PehkonenFIN
Match #2 Babis CholidisGRE
fall (2:49)
Anthony AmadoUSA
Match #3 Heo Byeong-HoKOR
decision (10-9)
Aleksandr ShestakovURS

Group A - Round Five (21 September 1988)

=1Stoyan BalovBUL17,0
=1Babis CholidisGRE17,0
3Heo Byeong-HoKOR11,5

Match #1 Stoyan BalovBUL
decision (5-2)
Heo Byeong-HoKOR
Match #2 Babis CholidisGRE bye

Group A - Round Six (22 September 1988)

1Stoyan BalovBUL20,0
2Babis CholidisGRE17,0

Match #1 Stoyan BalovBUL
decision (8-0)
Babis CholidisGRE

Group B - Round One (20 September 1988)

1Rifat YildizFRG3,5
=2Yang ChanglingCHN3,0
=2Patrice MourierFRA3,0
=2András SikeHUN3,0
=2Ghazi SalahIRQ3,0
=6Adrián PonceMEX1,0
=6Ramón MenaPAN1,0
=6Ryszard WolnyPOL1,0
=9Shunji NakadomeJPN0,0
=9Mehdi ChaambiTUN0,0

Match #1 András SikeHUN
decision (6-0)
Shunji NakadomeJPN
Match #2 Yang ChanglingCHN
decision (3-2)
Ryszard WolnyPOL
Match #3 Patrice MourierFRA
decision (13-2)
Ramón MenaPAN
Match #4 Rifat YildizFRG
decision (12-0)
Mehdi ChaambiTUN
Match #5 Ghazi SalahIRQ
decision (15-8)
Adrián PonceMEX

Group B - Round Two (20 September 1988)

=1Patrice MourierFRA7,0eliminated
=1Rifat YildizFRG7,0
=1András SikeHUN7,0
=4Shunji NakadomeJPN3,5
=4Mehdi ChaambiTUN3,5eliminated
=6Yang ChanglingCHN3,0
=6Ghazi SalahIRQ3,0
8Ryszard WolnyPOL1,5eliminated
=9Adrián PonceMEX1,0eliminated
=9Ramón MenaPAN1,0eliminated

Match #1 András SikeHUN
fall (5:41)
Yang ChanglingCHN
Match #2 Shunji NakadomeJPN
decision (14-1)
Ryszard WolnyPOL
Match #3 Rifat YildizFRG
decision (16-0) (2:22)
Ramón MenaPAN
Match #4 Patrice MourierFRA
injury default (1:13)
Ghazi SalahIRQ
Match #5 Mehdi ChaambiTUN
decision (15-0) (5:16)
Adrián PonceMEX

Group B - Round Three (21 September 1988)

1András SikeHUN10,0
=2Rifat YildizFRG7,0
=2Ghazi SalahIRQ7,0
4Yang ChanglingCHN6,0
5Shunji NakadomeJPN4,5eliminated

Match #1 András SikeHUN
passivity (5:30)
Rifat YildizFRG
Match #2 Yang ChanglingCHN
decision (11-8)
Shunji NakadomeJPN
Match #3 Ghazi SalahIRQ bye

Group B - Round Four (21 September 1988)

1András SikeHUN13,5
2Yang ChanglingCHN9,0
3Rifat YildizFRG8,0
4Ghazi SalahIRQ7,0

Match #1 András SikeHUN
decision (16-0) (1:41)
Ghazi SalahIRQ
Match #2 Yang ChanglingCHN
decision (8-5)
Rifat YildizFRG

Group B - Round Five (21 September 1988)

1Yang ChanglingCHN12,0
2Ghazi SalahIRQ8,0

Match #1 Yang ChanglingCHN
decision (10-2)
Ghazi SalahIRQ

Final Round (22 September 1988)

Match 1/2 András SikeHUN
default (3:38)
Stoyan BalovBUL
Match 3/4 Babis CholidisGRE
decision (6-1)
Yang ChanglingCHN
Match 5/6 Heo Byeong-HoKOR
fall (1:44)
Ghazi SalahIRQ
Match 7/8 Aleksandr ShestakovURS walkover