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Singles, Men

Date3 – 6 February 1964
LocationOlympiaeisstadion, Innsbruck
Participants24 from 11 countries
FormatEach judge ranked each skater by Ordinal Placement from first through last place. The Ordinal Placement for each judge was based on Total Points awarded by that judge to the skaters. The points were based on 60% for Compulsory Figures and 40% for Free Skating, with the tiebreaker for each judge being Compulsory Figure Points. Final placement was determined by a Majority Placement rule. Thus, if a skater was ranked first by a majority of the judges, that skater was placed first overall, and the process was repeated for each place. Ties broken by a Subsequent Majority rule, i.e., if the pairs were ranked for the same position by the same number of judges, Majority Placement for the next higher position for each pair determined who was ranked higher. The tiebreakers were, in order: 1) Number of Majority Placements, 2) Total Ordinals of Majority, 3) Total Ordinals, 2) Total Points, 3) Compulsory Figure Points.
Judge #1Adolf WalkerGER
Judge #2Gérard Rodrigues-HenriguesFRA
Judge #3Geoffrey YatesGBR
Judge #4Sonia BianchettiITA
Judge #5Bill LewisCAN
Judge #6Franz WojtanowskyjAUT
Judge #7Emil SkákalaTCH
Judge #8Ardelle SandersonUSA
Judge #9Sergey VasiliyevURS

The United States had won the last four gold medals in this event, going back to 1948. But the plane crash of the American figure skating team near Brussels, while travelling to the 1961 World Championships, had decimated the US figure skating program. The 1961 Worlds were cancelled but in 1962-63, no American man made the podium, the best finish being fifth in 1963 by Scott Ethan Allen. There was no odds-on favorite in this event in Innsbruck. The last two world titles had been won by two Canadians – Don Jackson in 1962 and Donald McPherson in 1963. At the 1962 Worlds, Jackson had stunned the crowd with one of the great free skate performances ever, including the first clean landings of a triple Lutz and triple Salchow. The slight favorite was France’s Alain Calmat. Calmat had been third at the 1960 Worlds, and runner-up in 1962-63, but was European Champion in 1962-63. In the school figures, Manfred Schnelldorfer (FRG) pulled ahead, followed by compulsory specialist Karol Divín (TCH), who had also been second in 1960. Calmat was third, followed by the surprising Allen in fourth place. Schnelldorfer won the free skate as well, to win the gold medal. Calmat, later Minister of Spors in France, placed only fifth in free skating, but moved up the silver medal, and was even ranked first overall by two judges. Allen placed fourth in the free skate, but hung on to win a surprising, and inspirational, bronze medal for the US team. Described in some sources as “the young millionaire’s son,” he was waving to the audience during his free program, which resulted in a warning. Divín dropped to fourth after placing ninth in the free program.

1Manfred SchnelldorferGER6×1+6.013.01,916.9Gold
2Alain CalmatFRA8×3+18.022.01,876.5Silver
3Scotty AllenUSA7×3+16.026.01,873.6Bronze
4Karol DivínTCH9×4+32.032.01,862.8
5Emmerich DanzerAUT9×5+42.042.01,824.0
6Thomas LitzUSA5×8+32.077.01,764.7
7Peter JonasAUT5×8+33.079.01,752.0
8Nobuo SatoJPN6×9+51.088.01,746.2
9Donald KnightCAN5×9+36.085.01,746.6
10Monty HoytUSA7×10+59.081.01,755.5
11Ralph BorghardGER5×10+41.090.01,742.2
12Sepp SchönmetzlerGER6×11+53.092.01,743.1
13Charles SnellingCAN6×13+69.0117.01,705.5
14Giordano AbbondatiITA7×15+92.0131.01,688.4
15Wolfgang SchwarzAUT7×15+93.0127.01,695.9
16Bill NealeCAN6×16+91.0143.01,667.7
17Robert DurevilleFRA7×17+109.0148.01,660.0
18Hywel EvansGBR7×18+118.0159.01,640.1
19Markus GermannSUI5×20+96.0186.01,578.0
20Malcolm CannonGBR5×20+98.0187.01,587.5
21Jenő ÉbertHUN6×21+121.0188.01,586.9
22Ondrej NepelaTCH7×22+100.0190.01,590.1
23Philippe PélissierFRA6×22+97.0189.01,573.8
24Peter GrütterSUI9×24+208.0208.01,517.2

Compulsory Figures (3 – 6 February 1964 — 08:00-13:00 (3/2) (4/2))

Five Compulsory Figures. Final Compulsory Figure points computed by multiplying score for Figure #1 by four, Figures #2 and #3 by five, and Figures #4 and #5 by six.

Judge #1Adolf WalkerGER
Judge #2Gérard Rodrigues-HenriguesFRA
Judge #3Geoffrey YatesGBR
Judge #4Sonia BianchettiITA
Judge #5Bill LewisCAN
Judge #6Franz WojtanowskyjAUT
Judge #7Emil SkákalaTCH
Judge #8Ardelle SandersonUSA
Judge #9Sergey VasiliyevURS
1Manfred SchnelldorferGER7×2+11.017.01,027.1
2Karol DivínTCH5×2+7.020.01,018.6
3Alain CalmatFRA7×3+15.023.01,008.3
4Scotty AllenUSA7×4+22.032.0990.8
5Emmerich DanzerAUT6×5+28.049.0941.2
6Monty HoytUSA8×7+52.060.0923.5
7Donald KnightCAN5×7+30.081.5911.9
8Nobuo SatoJPN6×8+44.081.5912.4
9Peter JonasAUT5×10+47.5105.5891.6
10Ralph BorghardGER5×11+46.0102.0892.1
11Giordano AbbondatiITA6×12+60.0106.5888.9
12Sepp SchönmetzlerGER5×12+49.0107.0891.9
13Thomas LitzUSA5×12+49.5112.5886.9
14Robert DurevilleFRA5×13+55.0117.5880.3
15Hywel EvansGBR6×15+55.0120.5882.0
16Charles SnellingCAN5×14+54.5124.5883.7
17Wolfgang SchwarzAUT5×16+68.0144.0863.6
18Malcolm CannonGBR5×17+75.5150.0861.2
19Bill NealeCAN7×19+123.0163.0851.0
20Markus GermannSUI6×20+116.0179.5823.2
21Philippe PélissierFRA6×21+121.0189.0813.8
22Jenő ÉbertHUN5×22+109.0201.5797.1
23Ondrej NepelaTCH6×22.5+129.5198.5796.6
24Peter GrütterSUI9×24+214.5214.5755.6

Free Skating (6 February 1964 — 19:00-22:30)

Free Skating points computed by multiplying Free Skating score by 8.6 (rounded to one decimal place).

Judge #1Adolf WalkerGER
Judge #2Gérard Rodrigues-HenriguesFRA
Judge #3Geoffrey YatesGBR
Judge #4Sonia BianchettiITA
Judge #5Bill LewisCAN
Judge #6Franz WojtanowskyjAUT
Judge #7Emil SkákalaTCH
Judge #8Ardelle SandersonUSA
Judge #9Sergey VasiliyevURS
1Manfred SchnelldorferGER6×2+9.022.5889.8
2Thomas LitzUSA6×3+11.035.0877.8
3Emmerich DanzerAUT6×3+13.526.5882.8
4Scotty AllenUSA6×3.5+14.027.5882.8
5Alain CalmatFRA5×4.5+16.547.0868.2
6Peter JonasAUT5×6+26.059.5860.4
7Ralph BorghardGER5×7.5+32.572.5850.1
8Sepp SchönmetzlerGER5×7.5+33.071.5851.2
9Karol DivínTCH6×9+48.586.0844.2
10Nobuo SatoJPN6×11+55.597.5833.8
11Donald KnightCAN5×11+44.096.5834.7
12Monty HoytUSA5×12+48.5106.5832.0
13Wolfgang SchwarzAUT6×13.5+66.5111.5832.3
14Bill NealeCAN5×13.5+60.0129.5816.7
15Charles SnellingCAN6×15+73.5124.0821.8
16Giordano AbbondatiITA5×15+69.0145.0799.5
17Ondrej NepelaTCH6×18.5+104.0161.5793.5
18Jenő ÉbertHUN5×18.5+75.0158.0789.8
19Robert DurevilleFRA5×19+85.0168.5779.7
20Peter GrütterSUI5×21+90.0183.0761.6
21Philippe PélissierFRA5×21+93.0185.5760.0
22Hywel EvansGBR5×21+95.0184.5758.1
23Markus GermannSUI5×21+103.0192.0754.8
24Malcolm CannonGBR9×24+208.5208.5726.3