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Super-Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤130 kilograms), Men

Date29 September – 1 October 2000 — 09:30-17:00 (all days)
LocationSydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales (Halls 1 & 2)
Participants18 from 18 countries
FormatRound-robin pools, winner of each pool advanced to single-elimination tournament.

The defending World Champion was American Stephen Neal, but he did not make the US Team for Sydney. The class was considered quite wide open as nobody had dominated since the retirement of Bruce Baumgartner of the United States. The final came down to Russian David Musulbes against Uzbeki Artur Taymazov. Of the two finalists, their only close match had come when Taymazov won his quarter-final against the American entrant, Kerry McCoy, but only after a review of the tapes when the Americans protested. The original score was 8-7 for Taymazov but the tape review revealed 2 more points for McCoy, but also 3 more for Taymazov, who thus won, 11-9. In the final Musulbes handled Taymazov comfortably, winning 5-2. Taymazov would return and win the gold medal at Athina in 2004. Musulbes would not be chosen for the 2004 Russian Olympic team, despite winning two World Championships in 2001-02. After feeling he had been dissed, he switched allegiance and won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics representing Slovakia.

1David MusulbesRUSGold
2Artur TaymazovUZBSilver
3Alexis RodríguezCUBBronze
4Abbas JadidiIRI
5Kerry McCoyUSA
6Aliaksei MiadzvedzeuBLR
7Sven ThieleGER410
8Aleksandr KovalevskyKGZ46
9Rəcəb ƏshəbəliyevAZE44
10Alex ModebadzeGEO35
11Aydın PolatçıTUR33
12Krasimir KochevBUL31
13Dolgorsürengiin SumyaabazarMGL22
14Chen XingqiangCHN12
15Efstathios TopalidisGRE11
16Peter PechaSVK00
17Zsolt GombosHUN00
18Merab ValiyevUKR00

Round One (29 – 30 September 2000)

Round One Pool One (—)

1Alexis RodríguezCUB2063Q
2Krasimir KochevBUL1131
3Dolgorsürengiin SumyaabazarMGL0222

Match #1 Alexis RodríguezCUB
decision (2-0) (9:00)
Krasimir KochevBUL
Match #2 Alexis RodríguezCUB
decision (1-1) (6:00)
Dolgorsürengiin SumyaabazarMGL
Match #3 Krasimir KochevBUL
decision (1-1) (9:00)
Dolgorsürengiin SumyaabazarMGL

Round One Pool Two (—)

1Aliaksei MiadzvedzeuBLR2066Q
2Aleksandr KovalevskyKGZ1146
3Chen XingqiangCHN0212

Match #1 Aliaksei MiadzvedzeuBLR
decision (3-2) (6:00)
Aleksandr KovalevskyKGZ
Match #2 Aliaksei MiadzvedzeuBLR
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Chen XingqiangCHN
Match #3 Aleksandr KovalevskyKGZ
decision (4-2) (6:00)
Chen XingqiangCHN

Round One Pool Three (—)

1Kerry McCoyUSA20713Q
2Rəcəb ƏshəbəliyevAZE1144
3Merab ValiyevUKR0200

Match #1 Kerry McCoyUSA
grand superiority (10-0) (4:52)
Rəcəb ƏshəbəliyevAZE
Match #2 Kerry McCoyUSA
decision (3-0) (8:33)
Merab ValiyevUKR
Match #3 Rəcəb ƏshəbəliyevAZE
fall (4-0) (3:13)
Merab ValiyevUKR

Round One Pool Four (—)

1Artur TaymazovUZB20713Q
2Aydın PolatçıTUR1133
3Zsolt GombosHUN0200

Match #1 Artur TaymazovUZB
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Aydın PolatçıTUR
Match #2 Artur TaymazovUZB
grand superiority (10-0) (3:32)
Zsolt GombosHUN
Match #3 Aydın PolatçıTUR
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Zsolt GombosHUN

Round One Pool Five (—)

1David MusulbesRUS2075Q
2Sven ThieleGER11410
3Peter PechaSVK0200

Match #1 David MusulbesRUS
decision (5-0) (6:00)
Sven ThieleGER
Match #2 David MusulbesRUS
default (injury) (0-0) (0:00)
Peter PechaSVK
Match #3 Sven ThieleGER
grand superiority (10-0) (4:34)
Peter PechaSVK

Round One Pool Six (—)

1Abbas JadidiIRI20613Q
2Alex ModebadzeGEO1135
3Efstathios TopalidisGRE0211

Match #1 Abbas JadidiIRI
decision (4-0) (6:00)
Alex ModebadzeGEO
Match #2 Abbas JadidiIRI
decision (9-1) (6:00)
Efstathios TopalidisGRE
Match #3 Alex ModebadzeGEO
decision (5-0) (6:00)
Efstathios TopalidisGRE

Quarter-finals (1 October 2000)

Match #1 Alexis RodríguezCUB
decision (4-0) (8:59)
Aliaksei MiadzvedzeuBLR
Match #2 Artur TaymazovUZB
decision (11-9) (6:00)
Kerry McCoyUSA
Match #3 David MusulbesRUS bye
Match #4 Abbas JadidiIRI bye

Semi-finals (1 October 2000)

Match #1 Artur TaymazovUZB
fall (4-0) (0:37)
Alexis RodríguezCUB
Match #2 David MusulbesRUS
decision (3-0) (7:37)
Abbas JadidiIRI

Final Round (1 October 2000)

Match 1/2 David MusulbesRUS
decision (5-2) (6:00)
Artur TaymazovUZB
Match 3/4 Alexis RodríguezCUB
decision (1-0) (9:00)
Abbas JadidiIRI
Match 5/6 Kerry McCoyUSA bye