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Slalom, Men

Date21 February 1998
LocationMt. Yakebitai, Shiga Kogen, Yamanouchi
Participants65 from 31 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 65
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1890 m
Vertical Drop: 220 m

The men’s slalom was definitely affected by the weather as the two runs were conducted during a snowstorm, and midway thru the first run, a mild earthquake (Richter scale of 5.0) struck Mt. Yakebitai. The event came down to a virtual team battle between the Austrians and Norwegians. Austrian Thomas Sykora had led the 1997 World Cup and was leading in the 1997-98 season as well, and came from an athletic family, his mother, Liesel Prokop, having won an Olympic silver medal in athletics in the 1968 pentathlon. Sykora led on the first run, followed by Norwegians Hans Petter Buraas and Ole Kristian Furuseth. In fourth was Thomas Stangassinger of Austria, the defending champion, followed by two more sons of Norway, Tom Stiansen and Finn Christian Jagge. The second run was dominated by Buraas who moved up to win the gold medal, his run 0.69 seconds ahead of another Austrian Christian Mayer, who had only been equal eighth on the first run, and could move up only to fifth place overall. Sykora and Stangassinger both skied poorly on the second run, finishing in a tie for 12th, and would drop down. Sykora hung on to win a bronze medal, while Stangassinger dropped to sixth. Furuseth placed fourth on the second run to win the silver medal. In all, the first seven places were taken by Austrians and Norwegians, the first finisher from another country was Joël Chenal of France, in eighth.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
17Hans Petter BuraasNOR1:49.3155.28 (2)54.03 (1)Gold
25Ole Kristian FurusethNOR1:50.6455.53 (3)55.11 (4)Silver
33Thomas SykoraAUT1:50.6855.06 (1)55.62 (=12)Bronze
412Tom StiansenNOR1:50.9055.70 (5)55.20 (5)
516Christian MayerAUT1:51.0956.37 (=8)54.72 (2)
64Thomas StangassingerAUT1:51.2555.63 (4)55.62 (=12)
71Finn Christian JaggeNOR1:51.3956.06 (6)55.33 (7)
813Joël ChenalFRA1:51.5156.68 (14)54.83 (3)
933Kalle PalanderFIN1:51.8156.37 (=8)55.44 (10)
109Pierrick BourgeatFRA1:51.8256.28 (7)55.54 (11)
1127Matteo NanaITA1:51.9656.59 (12)55.37 (9)
1229Didier PlaschySUI1:52.0356.67 (13)55.36 (8)
132Kiminobu KimuraJPN1:52.1556.53 (10)55.62 (=12)
148Sébastien AmiezFRA1:52.1956.96 (16)55.23 (6)
1525Matt GrosjeanUSA1:52.5656.58 (11)55.98 (16)
1632Angelo WeissITA1:52.8056.87 (15)55.93 (15)
1726Matjaž VrhovnikSLO1:54.6557.36 (20)57.29 (18)
1817Paul AccolaSUI1:54.9157.56 (23)57.35 (19)
1915Michael von GrünigenSUI1:54.9657.33 (19)57.63 (21)
2031Gaku HirasawaJPN1:55.2457.74 (24)57.50 (20)
2135Takuya IshiokaJPN1:55.6958.85 (28)56.84 (17)
2252Stefan GeorgievBUL1:56.1257.95 (27)58.17 (23)
2346Hur Seung-WookKOR1:58.0159.94 (30)58.07 (22)
2458Gabriel HottegindreURU2:03.271:01.98 (31)1:01.29 (24)
2556Sveinn BrynjólfssonISL2:06.181:03.52 (32)1:02.66 (25)
2657Alex HeathRSA2:14.441:06.82 (33)1:07.62 (27)
2762Arsen HarutyunyanARM2:15.111:07.51 (34)1:07.60 (26)
2859Komil UrunbayevUZB2:18.851:09.55 (35)1:09.30 (28)
2965Arif AlaftargilTUR2:25.091:12.36 (36)1:12.73 (29)
3064Hassan ShemshakiIRI2:26.991:13.59 (38)1:13.40 (30)
3163William SchenkerPUR2:28.881:12.95 (37)1:15.93 (31)
DNF38Andrzej Bachleda-CuruśPOL57.45 (21)– (DNF)
DNF39Bode MillerUSA57.52 (22)– (DNF)
DNF43Marcel MaxaCZE57.81 (25)– (DNF)
DNF42Thomas LodlerCRO57.91 (26)– (DNF)
DNF51Petar DichevBUL59.62 (29)– (DNF)
DNF6Alberto TombaITA57.00 (17)– (DNS)
DNF10Fabrizio TescariITA– (DNF)
DNF11Andrej MiklavcSLO– (DNF)
DNF14Jure KoširSLO– (DNF)
DNF18Kristinn BjörnssonISL– (DNF)
DNF20Martin HanssonSWE– (DNF)
DNF21Mario ReiterAUT– (DNF)
DNF22Markus EberleGER– (DNF)
DNF23Thomas GrandiCAN– (DNF)
DNF24François SimondFRA– (DNF)
DNF28Marco CasanovaSUI– (DNF)
DNF30Mika MarilaFIN– (DNF)
DNF34Chip KnightUSA– (DNF)
DNF37Andy LeRoyUSA– (DNF)
DNF40Kentaro MinagawaJPN– (DNF)
DNF44Haukur ArnórssonISL– (DNF)
DNF45Gerard EscodaAND– (DNF)
DNF47Arnór GunnarssonISL– (DNF)
DNF48Lyubomir PopovBUL– (DNF)
DNF49Sami UotilaFIN– (DNF)
DNF50Víctor GómezAND– (DNF)
DNF53Byun Jong-MoonKOR– (DNF)
DNF54Angel PumpalovBUL– (DNF)
DNF55Arne HardenbergDEN– (DNF)
DNF60Vasilios DimitriadisGRE– (DNF)
DNF61Levan AbramishviliGEO– (DNF)
DNF66Andreas VasiliCYP– (DNF)
DQ41Alain BaxterGBR[57.83] (DQ)
DQ36Drago GrubelnikSLO57.06 (18)– (DQ)
DNS19Alois VoglGER– (DNS)