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Double Sculls, Men

Date12 – 14 August 1936
LocationRegattabahn, Grünau, Berlin
Participants24 from 12 countries

The United States was undefeated in the Olympic double sculls and their entry, Bill Dugan and John Houser, was considered a favorite in the event. Canada, one of their traditional rivals, did not compete, leaving the German duo of Willi Kaidel and Joachim Pirsch (coached by Briton Eric Phelps) as America’s strongest challengers. Yet Great Britain could not be overlooked, as its crew consisted of Dick Southwood and the legendary Jack Beresford, Jr., the latter of whom had medaled at the last four editions of the Olympics (albeit never in the double sculls). In the opening round Germany and Great Britain were in the same heat, with the former coming out on top by a comfortable margin of nearly four seconds. The other heat was won by France, in a time slower than Germany and Great Britain, but over nine seconds faster than the United States, who finished fifth.

In the semi-finals, which essentially served as a repêchage, as round one’s winners did not compete, Great Britain qualified over 10 seconds ahead of its nearest competitor, Australia, with Poland (the 1935 European champions) and the United States surviving to the final as well. In the final, Great Britain surprised the crowd by keeping pace with the Germans and then, after the race was approximately two-thirds over, pulling ahead to win the gold medal by over a length. This followed from the advice of the German coach Phelps, who had revealed the strengths and strategies of the opposing crew to Beresford and Southwood. Germany had to be content with silver, making the double sculls one of only two rowing events that the nation did not win in 1936, while Poland came in for an easy bronze medal 10 seconds later.

1Jack Beresford / Dick SouthwoodGBRGold
2Willi Kaidel / Joachim PirschGERSilver
3Roger Verey / Jerzy UstupskiPOLBronze
4André Giriat / Robert JacquetFRA
5John Houser / Bill DuganUSA
6Bill Dixon / Herb TurnerAUS
3 h1 r2/3Károly Bazini / Egon BaziniHUN
3 h2 r2/3Vladimír Vaina / Josef Straka, Sr.TCH
4 h1 r2/3Kurt Haas / Eugen StudachSUI
4 h2 r2/3Vid Fašaić / Drago MatulajYUG
5 h1 r2/3Adamor Gonçalves / Paschoal RapuanoBRA
5 h2 r2/3Fritz Moser / Hermann KubickAUT

Round One

Date12 August 1936 — 16:30
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat #1

PosLanePairNOCTime1,000 m1,000-2,000 m
14André Giriat / Robert JacquetFRA6:46.53:16.4 (1)3:30.1 (2)Q
22Roger Verey / Jerzy UstupskiPOL6:50.03:18.8 (2)3:31.2 (3)
36Károly Bazini / Egon BaziniHUN6:51.93:22.8 (5)3:29.1 (1)
41Bill Dixon / Herb TurnerAUS6:55.63:20.4 (4)3:35.2 (4)
53John Houser / Bill DuganUSA6:55.63:19.9 (3)3:35.7 (5)
65Vladimír Vaina / Josef Straka, Sr.TCH7:07.23:26.9 (6)3:40.3 (6)

Heat #2

PosLanePairNOCTime1,000 m1,000-2,000 m
11Willi Kaidel / Joachim PirschGER6:41.03:11.4 (1)3:29.6 (1)Q
22Jack Beresford / Dick SouthwoodGBR6:44.93:13.7 (2)3:31.2 (2)
36Kurt Haas / Eugen StudachSUI6:56.93:23.8 (3)3:33.1 (3)
45Vid Fašaić / Drago MatulajYUG7:17.73:31.8 (5)3:45.9 (4)
53Fritz Moser / Hermann KubickAUT7:21.13:34.5 (6)3:46.6 (5)
64Adamor Gonçalves / Paschoal RapuanoBRA7:26.33:29.9 (4)3:56.4 (6)


Date13 August 1936 — 17:30
FormatTop two in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat #1

PosLanePairNOCTime1,000 m1,000-2,000 m
12Bill Dixon / Herb TurnerAUS7:58.83:56.3 (1)4:02.5 (2)Q
25Roger Verey / Jerzy UstupskiPOL8:02.83:56.8 (2)4:06.0 (3)Q
34Károly Bazini / Egon BaziniHUN8:05.23:57.8 (3)4:07.4 (4)
43Kurt Haas / Eugen StudachSUI8:06.24:05.3 (4)4:00.9 (1)
51Adamor Gonçalves / Paschoal RapuanoBRA8:30.24:09.3 (5)4:20.9 (5)

Heat #2

PosLanePairNOCTime1,000 m1,000-2,000 m
11Jack Beresford / Dick SouthwoodGBR7:48.03:43.6 (1)4:04.4 (1)Q
25John Houser / Bill DuganUSA8:02.83:57.9 (2)4:04.9 (2)Q
34Vladimír Vaina / Josef Straka, Sr.TCH8:07.23:58.6 (3)4:08.6 (3)
42Vid Fašaić / Drago MatulajYUG8:22.84:05.3 (4)4:17.5 (4)
53Fritz Moser / Hermann KubickAUT8:29.14:09.4 (5)4:19.7 (5)

Final Round

Date14 August 1936 — 16:00
PosLanePairNOCTime1,000 m1,000-2,000 m
12Jack Beresford / Dick SouthwoodGBR7:20.83:33.8 (2)3:47.0 (1)
24Willi Kaidel / Joachim PirschGER7:26.23:31.6 (1)3:54.6 (2)
31Roger Verey / Jerzy UstupskiPOL7:36.23:37.9 (3)3:58.3 (3)
45André Giriat / Robert JacquetFRA7:42.33:42.4 (4)3:59.9 (5)
53John Houser / Bill DuganUSA7:44.83:45.7 (6)3:59.1 (4)
66Bill Dixon / Herb TurnerAUS7:45.13:44.5 (5)4:00.6 (6)