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Military Ski Patrol, Men

Date29 January 1924 — 08:40-13:15
LocationStade Olympique, Chamonix
Participants24 from 6 countries
Format30 km ski course. Each team had three skiiers fire 18 shots on target, with 30 seconds deducted from ski time for each shot hitting the target.

This event was a variant of the biathlon relay with four cross-country ski runners taking off together and skiing approximately 30 km. in 1924. The team stopped one time in mid-race, near the halfway point, and three of the team members fired 18 shots at a target 250 metres distant. In order to finish officially, all four team members had to finish and the time was taken for the fourth runner to cross the line. For each shot (of the 18) on target, 30 seconds was deducted from the team ski time. The Swiss team had the best ski time of 4-00:06, and with 8 successful shots on target, received 4 bonus minutes for a final time of 3-56:06. Finland had the second best ski time of 4-05:40, but had the most successful shots on target, with 11, for a final time of 4-00:10.

PosNrSkierNOCAdj. TimeTimeTargetsInt (Pos)
16SwitzerlandSUI3-56:064-00:0681-20:40 (2)Gold
Alfred AufdenblattenAlfons JulenAnton JulenDenis Vaucher
21FinlandFIN4-00:104-05:40111-14:00 (1)Silver
August EskelinenHeikki HirvonenVille Mattila 1Väinö Bremer
32FranceFRA4-18:534-19:5321-22:10 (4)Bronze
Adrien VandelleCamille MandrillonGeorges BerthetMaurice Mandrillon
45CzechoslovakiaTCH4-19:544-22:2451-21:40 (3)
Bohuslav JosífekJan MittlöhnerJosef BímKarel Buchta
DNF3ItalyITA1-29:05 (5)
Albino BichGoffredo LaggerPiero DentePaolo Francia
DNF4PolandPOL1-31:50 (6)
Stanisław ChrobakStanisław KądziołkaSzczepan WitkowskiZbigniew Woycicki