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Team, Men

Date13 – 16 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin / Maifeld, Reichssportfeld, Berlin / Truppenübungsplatz, Döberitz, Brandenburg
Participants42 from 14 countries
FormatThree rider teams, all three scores to count. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

Fourteen teams were entered but the cross-country course was so difficult that only four teams had three riders finish the competition. Germany won the gold medal, led by the individual champion Ludwig Stubbendorf, but their hero in this event was Konrad von Wangenheim. In the cross-country section his horse Kurfürst fell and von Wangenheim was injured, breaking his collarbone (clavicle). He managed to finish the course but had to negotiate the jumping course the next day for Germany to win the gold medal. He was lifted onto his horse with his arm tightly strapped but during the jumping ride Kurfürst reared back, throwing von Wangenheim who landed on his broken clavicle. He managed to re-mount the horse and finish the course so that Germany could win the gold medal.

Poland won the silver medal, with Great Britain taking bronze. The course difficulty is highlighted by Britain’s bronze-medal winning score which was over 8,000 points behind the silver medalists’ Polish score, although the British were over 9,000 points ahead of the fourth-placed Czechoslovak team. Britain won the bronze medal despite the fact that their final finisher, Richard Fanshawe, incurred numerous penalty points after having to chase his horse for 4 km before remounting, and he took 1 hour, 26 minutes to finish the course with an optimum time of 17:49. On the Czechoslovak team, Otomar Bureš similarly took 2 hours, 46 minutes to complete the course.

Konrad, Freiherr von Wangenheim served in the Germany Army in World War II, fighting on the Eastern Front. He was taken prisoner by the Soviets in July 1944 and lived out his life in a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp in Volgograd, dying in January 1953. Details are not clear but there are rumors both that he committed suicide and that he was murdered.

Ludwig StubbendorffNurmi-37.70
Rudolf LippertFasan-111.60
Konrad von WangenheimKurfürst-527.35
Henryk Leliwa-RoycewiczArlekin III-253.00
Zdzisław KaweckiBambino-300.70
Seweryn KuleszaTóska-438.00
3Great BritainGBR-9,195.50Bronze
Alec ScottBob Clive-117.30
Ted Howard-VyseBlue Steel-324.00
Dick FanshaweBowie Knife-8,754.20
Václav ProcházkaHarlekýn-324.30
Josef DobešLeskov-497.70
Otomar BurešMirko-18,130.70
Hans LundingJason-102.20
Vincens GrandjeanGrey Friar-104.90
Niels Erik LeschlyWartburgDQ
Ágoston EndrődyPandur-105.70
Lőrinc JankovichIrány-154.30
István VisyLegényDNF
DNFUnited StatesUSA
Earl ThomsonJenny Camp-99.90
Carl RaguseTrailolka-263.70
John WillemsSlippery SlimDNF
Hristo MalakchievMageremlek-156.80
Petar AngelovLiquidator-292.60
Todor SemovLowakDQ
Mario MyliusSaphir-145.00
Hans MoserSergius-490.50
Pierre MangePedigreeDQ
Carl-Adam StjernswärdAltgold-175.60
Henri Saint CyrFun-625.70
Gustaf NyblaeusMonasterDNF
Takeichi, Baron NishiAscot-177.00
Asanosuke MatsuiShiseiDQ
Manabu IwahashiGalloping GhostDQ
Eddy KahnEspoir-217.80
Charles Pahud de MortangesMädel wie DuDQ
Christiaan TonnetHerlekijnDQ
Georges MargotSaydaDNF
Henri Pernot du BreuilBorealDNF
Amaury de la MoussayeIroiseDQ
Dino FerruzziManolaDNF
Giuseppe ChiantiaDardoDQ
Ranieri, Count Di CampelloInnDQ