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Team, Men

Date 3 August 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants45 from 15 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Three rider teams, all three scores to count. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The event consisted of two rounds with each team having three riders, all three scores in both rounds to count towards the team score. The gold medal in this event came down to Great Britain against the surprising team from Chile, led by Óscar Cristi, who won a silver medal in individual jumping. In the second round of jumping the final rider for Britain was Harry Llewellyn aboard Foxhunter. Llewellyn needed a ride with only 4.00 faults for Great Britain to win gold, but Foxhunter was perfect and they rode a clean round. Chile’s silver medal, along with Cristi’s silver in the individual, are the only Olympic equestrian medals won by Chile through 2012. The bronze medal went to the United States, which had never before won a medal in this event.

Llewellyn was feted in Britain for his efforts, as this was the only gold medal Great Britain won in 1952, in the final medal event on the last day of competition at Helsinki, but Foxhunter was the real star. He won the King George V Gold Cup three times in his career (1948, 1950, 1953), and was on 12 winning Nations’ Cup Teams. Llewellyn often received autograph requests for Foxhunter. After his death, the Foxhunter Jumping Championship was started to introduce young riders in Britain to show jumping. His skeleton was preserved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

1Great BritainGBR40.75Gold
Wilf WhiteNizefela8.00
Duggie StewartAherlow16.00
Harry LlewellynFoxhunter16.75
Óscar CristiBambi8.00
César MendozaPollan12.00
Ricardo EcheverríaLindo Peal25.75
3United StatesUSA52.25Bronze
Bill SteinkrausHollandia13.25
Arthur McCashinMiss Budweiser16.00
John RussellDemocrat23.00
Eloy de MenezesBiguá8.00
Renyldo FerreiraBibelot20.50
Alvaro de ToledoEldorado28.00
Pierre Jonquères d'OriolaAli Baba8.00
Bertrand Pernot du BreuilTourbillon20.00
Jean, Marquis d'OrgeixArlequin D31.00
6Unified Team of GermanyGER60.00
Fritz ThiedemannMeteor8.00
Georg HöltigFink20.00
Hans-Hermann EversBaden32.00
Argentino Molinuevo, Sr.Discutido12.00
Sergio DellacháSanta Fe12.00
Julio César SagastaDon Juan36.75
Henrique CalladoCaramulo20.00
João LopesRaso20.00
José CarvalhosaMondina24.00
Humberto MarilesPetrolero8.75
Víctor SaucedoResorte II24.00
Roberto ViñalsAlteño32.00
Jaime GarcíaQuorum20.00
Manuel OrdovasBohemio20.00
Marcelino GavilánQuoniam27.25
Gunnar PalmLurifax20.00
Börje JeppsonSpitfire28.00
Carl-Jan HamiltonHalali32.00
Hussain KhairyInch'Allah16.00
Gamal HaressHaress Sakr24.00
Mohamed Selim ZakiSali al Nabi40.25
Gheorghe AntohiHaimana38.25
Ion JipaTroika39.00
Ion ConstantinVagabond103.00
14Soviet UnionURS201.75
Mikhail VlasovRota56.00
Nikolay ShelenkovAtiger62.50
Gavriil BudyonnyYeger83.25
Henrik LavoniusLassiDNFDNF
Mauno RoihaRoaDNFDNF
Viktor JanssonJessaDNFDNF

Round One (3 August 1952)

1United StatesUSA23.00
Bill SteinkrausHollandia4.00
John RussellDemocrat7.00
Arthur McCashinMiss Budweiser12.00
José CarvalhosaMondina4.00
Henrique CalladoCaramulo8.00
João LopesRaso12.00
Argentino Molinuevo, Sr.Discutido4.00
Sergio DellacháSanta Fe8.00
Julio César SagastaDon Juan16.00
Eloy de MenezesBiguá4.00
Alvaro de ToledoEldorado12.00
Renyldo FerreiraBibelot12.50
5Unified Team of GermanyGER32.00
Fritz ThiedemannMeteor32.00
Georg HöltigFink8.00
Hans-Hermann EversBaden24.00
6Great BritainGBR32.75
Wilf WhiteNizefela4.00
Duggie StewartAherlow12.00
Harry LlewellynFoxhunter16.75
Óscar CristiBambi4.00
César MendozaPollan12.00
Ricardo EcheverríaLindo Peal17.75
Pierre Jonquères d'OriolaAli Baba8.00
Bertrand Pernot du BreuilTourbillon12.00
Jean, Marquis d'OrgeixArlequin D16.00
Humberto MarilesPetrolero4.00
Víctor SaucedoResorte II12.00
Roberto ViñalsAlteño20.00
Carl-Jan HamiltonHalali12.00
Börje JeppsonSpitfire12.00
Gunnar PalmLurifax12.00
Manuel OrdovasBohemio8.00
Jaime GarcíaQuorum12.00
Marcelino GavilánQuoniam20.25
Gamal HaressSakr8.00
Hussain KhairyInch'Allah8.00
Mohamed Selim ZakiSali al Nabi28.25
Ion JipaTroika8.00
Gheorghe AntohiHaimana16.00
Ion ConstantinVagabond70.00
14Soviet UnionURS104.75
Gavriil BudyonnyYeger23.00
Mikhail VlasovRota40.00
Nikolay ShelenkovAtiger41.75
Henrik LavoniusLassiDNF
Mauno RoihaRoaDNF
Viktor JanssonJessaDNF

Round Two (3 August 1952)

1Great BritainGBR8.00
Harry LlewellynFoxhunter0.00
Duggie StewartAherlow4.00
Wilf WhiteNizefela4.00
César MendozaPollan0.00
Óscar CristiBambi4.00
Ricardo EcheverríaLindo Peal8.00
Pierre Jonquères d'OriolaAli Baba0.00
Bertrand Pernot du BreuilTourbillon8.00
Jean, Marquis d'OrgeixArlequin D15.00
Marcelino GavilánQuoniam7.00
Jaime GarcíaQuorum8.00
Manuel OrdovasBohemio12.00
Eloy de MenezesBiguá4.00
Renyldo FerreiraBibelot8.00
Alvaro de ToledoEldorado16.00
=5Unified Team of GermanyGER28.00
Hans-Hermann EversBaden8.00
Fritz ThiedemannMeteor8.00
Georg HöltigFink12.00
Humberto MarilesPetrolero4.75
Víctor SaucedoResorte II12.00
Roberto ViñalsAlteño12.00
8United StatesUSA29.25
Arthur McCashinMiss Budweiser4.00
Bill SteinkrausHollandia9.25
John RussellDemocrat16.00
Sergio DellacháSanta Fe4.00
Argentino Molinuevo, Sr.Discutido8.00
Julio César SagastaDon Juan20.75
Hussain KhairyInch'Allah8.00
Mohamed Selim ZakiSali al Nabi12.00
Gamal HaressSakr16.00
João LopesRaso8.00
Henrique CalladoCaramulo12.00
José CarvalhosaMondina20.00
Gunnar PalmLurifax8.00
Börje JeppsonSpitfire16.00
Carl-Jan HamiltonHalali20.00
Gheorghe AntohiHaimana22.25
Ion JipaTroika31.00
Ion ConstantinVagabond33.00
14Soviet UnionURS97.00
Mikhail VlasovRota16.00
Nikolay ShelenkovAtiger20.75
Gavriil BudyonnyYeger60.25