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400 metres Freestyle, Men

Date24 – 25 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants36 from 31 countries

There was no clear favorite in the 400 free in the absence of China’s Sun Yang, who was out after a doping disqualification. The heats saw both Australians, Jack McLoughlin and Elijah Winnington, and both Americans, Kieran Smith and Jake Mitchell, qualify comfortably. The last qualifier was Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaoui, who set a personal best to get into the final.

Winnington led for the first 150 metres when McLoughlin took over and led through 350 metres of the final. However, out in lane eight, Hafnaoui moved into second at 150 metres and stayed there through 350 metres, when he picked it up and gradually moved past McLoughlin for one of the biggest upsets of the Tokyo Olympics in swimming, as Hafnaoui won gold in 3:43.36, a PR by over two seconds, with McLoughlin taking silver, and Kieran Smith coming on for bronze.

Hafnaoui’s gold medal was the second in the pool for Tunisia after Oussama Mellouli’s gold in the 1,500 freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics – Mellouli also won gold in open water swimming at the 2012 London Olympics. For Hafnaoui gold came in the first major international meet of his career.

1Ahmed HafnaouiTUN3:45.68 (4 h4)3:43.36 (1)Gold
2Jack McLoughlinAUS3:45.20 (=1 h5)3:43.52 (2)Silver
3Kieran SmithUSA3:45.25 (3 h5)3:43.94 (3)Bronze
4Henning MühlleitnerGER3:43.67 (1 h4)3:44.07 (=4)
5Felix AuböckAUT3:43.91 (2 h4)3:44.07 (=4)
6Gabriele DettiITA3:44.67 (3 h4)3:44.88 (6)
7Elijah WinningtonAUS3:45.20 (=1 h5)3:45.20 (7)
8Jake MitchellUSA3:45.38 (4 h5)3:45.39 (8)
9Antonio DjakovicSUI3:45.82 (1 h3)
10Marco De TullioITA3:45.85 (5 h5)
11Guilherme CostaBRA3:45.99 (5 h4)
12Lukas MärtensGER3:46.30 (6 h4)
13Danas RapšysLTU3:46.32 (7 h4)
14Marwan El-KamashEGY3:46.94 (2 h3)
15Kregor ZirkEST3:47.05 (3 h3)
16Alfonso MestreVEN3:47.14 (1 h2)
17Aleksandr YegorovROC3:47.71 (4 h3)
18Gábor ZomboriHUN3:47.99 (6 h5)
19Ji XinjieCHN3:48.27 (7 h5)
20Kieran BirdGBR3:48.55 (8 h4)
21Henrik ChristiansenNOR3:48.88 (5 h3)
22Martin MalyutinROC3:49.49 (8 h5)
23Zac ReidNZL3:49.85 (6 h3)
24Martin BauSLO3:52.56 (2 h2)
25Joaquín VargasPER3:52.94 (3 h2)
26Lee Ho-JunKOR3:53.23 (7 h3)
27Eduardo CisternasCHI3:54.10 (1 h1)
28David AubryFRA3:55.01 (8 h3)
29Aflah PrawiraINA3:55.08 (4 h2)
30Wesley RobertsCOK3:55.65 (5 h2)
31Igor MogneMOZ3:56.56 (2 h1)
32Irak'li RevishviliGEO3:57.49 (3 h1)
33Welson SimMAS3:58.25 (6 h2)
34Alex SobersBAR3:59.14 (7 h2)
35James FreemanBOT4:03.10 (8 h2)
36Filip DerkoskiMKD4:03.34 (4 h1)

Round One (24 July 2021 — 19:38)

12Henning MühlleitnerGER3:43.67Q
23Felix AuböckAUT3:43.91Q
34Gabriele DettiITA3:44.67Q
=45Jack McLoughlinAUS3:45.20Q
=44Elijah WinningtonAUS3:45.20Q
62Kieran SmithUSA3:45.25Q
71Jake MitchellUSA3:45.38Q
88Ahmed HafnaouiTUN3:45.68Q
95Antonio DjakovicSUI3:45.82
106Marco De TullioITA3:45.85
117Guilherme CostaBRA3:45.99
126Lukas MärtensGER3:46.30
135Danas RapšysLTU3:46.32
147Marwan El-KamashEGY3:46.94
151Kregor ZirkEST3:47.05
164Alfonso MestreVEN3:47.14
174Aleksandr YegorovROC3:47.71
188Gábor ZomboriHUN3:47.99
197Ji XinjieCHN3:48.27
201Kieran BirdGBR3:48.55
213Henrik ChristiansenNOR3:48.88
223Martin MalyutinROC3:49.49
232Zac ReidNZL3:49.85
243Martin BauSLO3:52.56
252Joaquín VargasPER3:52.94
268Lee Ho-JunKOR3:53.23
275Eduardo CisternasCHI3:54.10
286David AubryFRA3:55.01
296Aflah PrawiraINA3:55.08
307Wesley RobertsCOK3:55.65
314Igor MogneMOZ3:56.56
323Irak'li RevishviliGEO3:57.49
335Welson SimMAS3:58.25
348Alex SobersBAR3:59.14
351James FreemanBOT4:03.10
366Filip DerkoskiMKD4:03.34

Heat One (19:38)

15Eduardo CisternasCHI3:54.100.67
24Igor MogneMOZ3:56.560.79
33Irak'li RevishviliGEO3:57.490.73
46Filip DerkoskiMKD4:03.340.69

Heat Two (19:44)

14Alfonso MestreVEN3:47.140.75
23Martin BauSLO3:52.560.64
32Joaquín VargasPER3:52.940.68
46Aflah PrawiraINA3:55.080.60
57Wesley RobertsCOK3:55.650.72
65Welson SimMAS3:58.250.63
78Alex SobersBAR3:59.140.69
81James FreemanBOT4:03.100.76

Heat Three (19:50)

15Antonio DjakovicSUI3:45.820.66
27Marwan El-KamashEGY3:46.940.71
31Kregor ZirkEST3:47.050.64
44Aleksandr YegorovROC3:47.710.72
53Henrik ChristiansenNOR3:48.880.72
62Zac ReidNZL3:49.850.68
78Lee Ho-JunKOR3:53.230.62
86David AubryFRA3:55.010.73

Heat Four (20:00)

12Henning MühlleitnerGER3:43.670.74Q
23Felix AuböckAUT3:43.910.78Q
34Gabriele DettiITA3:44.670.72Q
48Ahmed HafnaouiTUN3:45.680.80Q
57Guilherme CostaBRA3:45.990.72
66Lukas MärtensGER3:46.300.67
75Danas RapšysLTU3:46.320.66
81Kieran BirdGBR3:48.550.65

Heat Five (20:06)

=15Jack McLoughlinAUS3:45.200.69Q
=14Elijah WinningtonAUS3:45.200.67Q
32Kieran SmithUSA3:45.250.71Q
41Jake MitchellUSA3:45.380.70Q
56Marco De TullioITA3:45.850.65
68Gábor ZomboriHUN3:47.990.67
77Ji XinjieCHN3:48.270.68
83Martin MalyutinROC3:49.490.69

Final (25 July 2021 — 10:52)

18Ahmed HafnaouiTUN3:43.360.73
22Jack McLoughlinAUS3:43.520.67
37Kieran SmithUSA3:43.940.69
=44Henning MühlleitnerGER3:44.070.71
=45Felix AuböckAUT3:44.070.76
63Gabriele DettiITA3:44.880.73
76Elijah WinningtonAUS3:45.200.66
81Jake MitchellUSA3:45.390.69