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4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date28 – 29 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants72 from 15 countries

The longer free relay was expected to be a three-way battle between Australia, China, and the United States. Contested at the Olympics since 1996, the USA had won five of the previous six gold medals, with Australia winning in 2008. At the World Championships, the United States had won 8 of the 10 4 x 200 gold medals since 2001, with China triumphing in 2009 and Australia in 2019.

All three qualified easily as Australia cruised in the preliminary round, winning by almost three seconds over the USA with China third. Australia would use an entirely new squad in the final, while the United States subbed in two swimmers and China one.

The biggest surprise of the event happened on the first leg as Yang Junxuan came home in the lead over Australia’s Ariarne Titmus, who had won the 200 free the day before, in which Yang finished only fourth. China was never headed, maintaining the lead after every leg, with Li Bingjie coming home for the gold medal.

Australia was second after three legs, but Leah Neale could not hold off Katie Ledecky on the anchor as Ledecky swam the fastest leg of the competition in 1:53.76 to get the United States the silver medal.

1People's Republic of ChinaCHN7:48.98 (2 h1)7:40.33 (1)Gold
Yang JunxuanTang MuhanZhang YufeiLi BingjieZhang YifanDong Jie
2United StatesUSA7:47.57 (1 h1)7:40.73 (2)Silver
Allison SchmittPaige MaddenKatie McLaughlinKatie LedeckyBella SimsBrooke Forde
3AustraliaAUS7:44.61 (1 h2)7:41.29 (3)Bronze
Ariarne TitmusEmma McKeonMadi WilsonLeah NealeMollie O'CallaghanMeg HarrisBrianna ThrossellTamsin Cook
4CanadaCAN7:51.52 (2 h2)7:43.77 (4)
Summer McIntoshRebecca SmithKayla SanchezPenny OleksiakKaterine SavardMary-Sophie HarveySydney Pickrem
5ROCROC7:52.04 (3 h2)7:52.15 (5)
Anna YegorovaValeriya SalamatinaVeronika AndrusenkoAnastasiya Guzhenkova
6GermanyGER7:52.06 (3 h1)7:53.89 (6)
Isabel GoseLeonie KullmannMarie PietruschkaAnnika Bruhn
7HungaryHUN7:56.16 (4 h2)7:56.62 (7)
Zsu JakabosLaura VeresAjna KéselyBoglárka KapásEvelyn Verrasztó
8FranceFRA7:55.05 (4 h1)7:58.15 (8)
Charlotte BonnetAssia TouatiLucile TessariolMargaux Fabre
9JapanJPN7:58.39 (5 h1)
Chihiro IgarashiRio ShiraiNagisa IkemotoAoi Masuda
10BrazilBRA7:59.50 (5 h2)
Aline RodriguesLarissa OliveiraNaná AlmeidaGabi Roncatto
11South AfricaRSA8:01.56 (6 h1)
Aimee CannyRebecca MederDuné CoetzeeErin Gallagher
12New ZealandNZL8:06.16 (6 h2)
Erika FairweatherCarina DoyleEve ThomasAli Galyer
13TurkeyTUR8:10.96 (7 h1)
Viktoria Zeynep GüneşBeril BöceklerDeniz ErtanMerve Tuncel
14Republic of KoreaKOR8:11.16 (8 h1)
Jeong Hyun-YeongKim Seo-YeongHan Da-GyeongAn Se-Hyeon
DQItalyITA– (DQ h2)
Stefania PirozziAnna Chiara MascoloGiulia VetranoFederica Pellegrini
DNSHong Kong, ChinaHKG– (DNS h2)

Round One (28 July 2021 — 20:17)

Mollie O'CallaghanMeg HarrisBrianna ThrossellTamsin Cook
24United StatesUSA7:47.57Q
Bella SimsPaige MaddenKatie McLaughlinBrooke Forde
35People's Republic of ChinaCHN7:48.98Q
Tang MuhanZhang YifanDong JieLi Bingjie
Katerine SavardRebecca SmithMary-Sophie HarveySydney Pickrem
Anastasiya GuzhenkovaValeriya SalamatinaVeronika AndrusenkoAnna Yegorova
Isabel GoseLeonie KullmannMarie PietruschkaAnnika Bruhn
Charlotte BonnetAssia TouatiLucile TessariolMargaux Fabre
Zsu JakabosLaura VeresEvelyn VerrasztóAjna Késely
Chihiro IgarashiRio ShiraiNagisa IkemotoAoi Masuda
Aline RodriguesLarissa OliveiraNaná AlmeidaGabi Roncatto
111South AfricaRSA8:01.56
Aimee CannyRebecca MederDuné CoetzeeErin Gallagher
121New ZealandNZL8:06.16
Erika FairweatherCarina DoyleEve ThomasAli Galyer
Viktoria Zeynep GüneşBeril BöceklerDeniz ErtanMerve Tuncel
148Republic of KoreaKOR8:11.16
Jeong Hyun-YeongKim Seo-YeongHan Da-GyeongAn Se-Hyeon
Stefania PirozziAnna Chiara MascoloGiulia VetranoFederica Pellegrini
DNSHong Kong, ChinaHKG

Heat One (20:17)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA7:47.57Q
Bella Sims27.5657.351:28.050.591:58.59 (6)
Paige Madden27.0155.941:25.600.343:54.55 (1)
Katie McLaughlin26.4555.681:25.660.305:50.57 (1)
Brooke Forde27.5256.731:26.750.307:47.57 (1)
25People's Republic of ChinaCHN7:48.98Q
Tang Muhan27.1356.681:26.860.741:57.29 (=1)
Zhang Yifan26.6056.431:27.170.323:54.92 (2)
Dong Jie27.1556.521:26.740.505:52.69 (4)
Li Bingjie26.9256.651:26.760.367:48.98 (2)
Isabel Gose27.5957.131:27.330.741:57.29 (=1)
Leonie Kullmann27.5957.191:27.690.203:56.29 (4)
Marie Pietruschka27.6558.031:28.450.195:55.02 (2)
Annika Bruhn26.5855.711:26.140.247:52.06 (3)
Charlotte Bonnet27.4257.461:27.810.701:57.61 (3)
Assia Touati27.4657.681:28.270.233:56.20 (3)
Lucile Tessariol27.9358.381:28.790.315:55.59 (3)
Margaux Fabre27.0757.071:28.210.217:55.05 (4)
Chihiro Igarashi27.5257.661:28.170.591:57.87 (4)
Rio Shirai27.4558.181:29.100.293:57.81 (5)
Nagisa Ikemoto26.8857.151:28.430.085:58.06 (5)
Aoi Masuda27.0657.221:28.560.077:58.39 (5)
61South AfricaRSA8:01.56
Aimee Canny27.6657.401:27.380.761:58.41 (5)
Rebecca Meder27.3557.761:28.840.343:58.94 (6)
Duné Coetzee27.3257.591:28.460.305:58.69 (6)
Erin Gallagher27.1657.851:29.780.308:01.56 (6)
Viktoria Zeynep Güneş28.3759.391:31.710.742:04.42 (8)
Beril Böcekler28.3359.311:30.910.154:06.45 (8)
Deniz Ertan28.481:00.201:32.340.246:10.60 (8)
Merve Tuncel28.5459.541:30.430.188:10.96 (7)
88Republic of KoreaKOR8:11.16
Jeong Hyun-Yeong28.0958.781:30.080.662:01.27 (7)
Kim Seo-Yeong27.6958.081:28.870.394:01.25 (7)
Han Da-Gyeong28.2159.501:32.010.446:05.63 (7)
An Se-Hyeon28.671:00.601:33.350.308:11.16 (8)

Heat Two (20:27)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Mollie O'Callaghan27.2556.941:26.700.701:55.11 (–)
Meg Harris25.8755.031:25.700.383:52.12 (–)
Brianna Throssell26.1155.611:25.910.345:48.58 (–)
Tamsin Cook26.7756.141:26.080.167:44.61 (–)
Katerine Savard27.3857.311:27.280.661:58.18 (–)
Rebecca Smith26.5955.931:25.870.413:54.17 (–)
Mary-Sophie Harvey26.6556.281:26.660.365:51.70 (–)
Sydney Pickrem27.2757.861:29.540.037:51.52 (–)
Anastasiya Guzhenkova27.7357.451:27.360.781:57.26 (–)
Valeriya Salamatina27.7057.841:28.780.253:56.13 (–)
Veronika Andrusenko27.3457.131:27.810.195:53.90 (–)
Anna Yegorova27.2457.241:27.560.307:52.04 (–)
Zsu Jakabos28.1858.471:28.780.731:59.19 (–)
Laura Veres27.1756.741:27.110.313:57.07 (–)
Evelyn Verrasztó27.9458.621:29.560.335:57.42 (–)
Ajna Késely26.7956.521:27.170.247:56.16 (–)
Aline Rodrigues28.0457.991:29.130.662:00.15 (–)
Larissa Oliveira27.2957.281:28.930.324:01.65 (–)
Naná Almeida27.6257.441:28.390.346:00.83 (–)
Gabi Roncatto27.5357.711:28.310.517:59.50 (–)
61New ZealandNZL8:06.16
Erika Fairweather27.3056.971:27.340.711:57.38 (–)
Carina Doyle28.0159.131:30.570.253:59.56 (–)
Eve Thomas28.6459.871:30.620.046:00.31 (–)
Ali Galyer28.441:00.451:33.230.128:06.16 (–)
Stefania Pirozzi28.1658.361:29.740.682:01.64 (–)
Anna Chiara Mascolo27.0957.861:29.20-0.054:01.45 (–)
Giulia Vetrano[27.97][58.72][1:29.86][6:02.36] (–)
Federica Pellegrini[26.86][56.53][1:26.76][7:59.17] (–)
DNSHong Kong, ChinaHKG

Final (29 July 2021 — 12:31)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
13People's Republic of ChinaCHN7:40.33WR
Yang Junxuan26.9956.021:25.150.651:54.37 (1)
Tang Muhan26.8856.811:26.330.333:49.37 (1)
Zhang Yufei26.8156.741:27.030.485:45.03 (1)
Li Bingjie26.7356.231:25.680.287:40.33 (1)
25United StatesUSA7:40.73
Allison Schmitt27.7056.701:26.210.711:56.34 (4)
Paige Madden27.0056.171:25.570.313:51.59 (3)
Katie McLaughlin26.8156.121:25.840.365:46.97 (3)
Katie Ledecky26.3055.001:24.400.237:40.73 (2)
Ariarne Titmus27.0556.181:25.650.721:54.51 (2)
Emma McKeon26.6256.201:25.830.363:49.82 (2)
Madi Wilson26.4856.091:25.800.285:45.44 (2)
Leah Neale26.7156.361:26.310.197:41.29 (3)
Summer McIntosh27.0556.101:25.860.781:55.74 (3)
Rebecca Smith26.9056.411:26.850.323:53.04 (4)
Kayla Sanchez26.6355.491:25.410.175:48.63 (4)
Penny Oleksiak25.6754.621:24.640.237:43.77 (4)
Anna Yegorova28.0058.111:28.200.681:58.22 (6)
Valeriya Salamatina27.4157.431:27.950.273:56.53 (5)
Veronika Andrusenko27.4857.721:28.170.165:54.70 (5)
Anastasiya Guzhenkova26.9056.811:27.090.187:52.15 (5)
Isabel Gose27.7857.341:27.810.751:58.63 (8)
Leonie Kullmann27.9557.941:28.610.083:57.82 (7)
Marie Pietruschka26.9957.131:27.600.315:56.18 (6)
Annika Bruhn27.1456.601:27.150.357:53.89 (6)
Zsu Jakabos28.1258.171:28.520.721:58.61 (7)
Laura Veres27.6357.931:29.050.283:58.32 (8)
Ajna Késely27.2456.861:27.430.195:56.46 (7)
Boglárka Kapás27.8158.091:29.370.307:56.62 (7)
Charlotte Bonnet27.6857.571:28.230.701:58.08 (5)
Assia Touati27.4257.511:28.340.303:56.90 (6)
Lucile Tessariol27.6558.321:29.370.265:57.76 (8)
Margaux Fabre27.8058.151:29.710.337:58.15 (8)